Which Websites Offer the Cheapest Flights?
Travel tends to be one of the big-ticket items for a lot of people. Flying out of the country to destinations you’ve always wanted to means planning thoroughly and doing a lot of research to make the most out of the trip.

You’ll want to know what the country you’re visiting has to offer, one of the things being sampling the local food, because it’ll be a waste to eat at the same fast food places all the time. But before you go about planning the food you want to eat, there’s the small matter of finding a flight to get there.

There are some secrets to finding these flights on the less expensive side, but when you’re looking, you’ll eventually find yourself online. Which websites offer the cheapest flights? Here are four websites that cater to the Filipino wanderlust.

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor[1] – founded in 2000 – offers more than just a look at round-trip airfare; the site also provides services that allow travelers to compare hotels at their destination, along with reviews of said accommodations. Carriers on the website sort it all by price, so you immediately know how much it’s going to cost you to get from here to your destination.

Being a one-stop shop, you can also book hotels, find out where the nightlife is, or which tourist spots and attractions to hit when you get to your destination.

Perhaps one of the biggest lures for TripAdvisor is that you can see user reviews and ratings for locations – letting you plan your getaways accordingly.


Where TripAdvisor prides itself on being very detailed in its user interface, Cheapflights[2] prefers to simplify things, while also including the ability to book your accommodation and transportation along with your tickets.

Established in 1996, it expanded operations out from the US to across the world and is constantly updating its partner carriers and car rental services.

The website also boasts an array of local partner carriers, which automatically go to the top of your list, depending on where you’re flying out from. Another feature that Cheapflights has is postings for travel deals and news for the avid jet setter.


Detourista[3] is a local travel website that spiraled out from their founder’s – Marcos Detourist – love for travel and blogging. While it’s more of a portal and aggregator for flight comparison sites, its draw is the fact that it has step-by-step guides to booking flights and accommodation. It also provides in-depth guides to traveling to destinations both in and out of the country.

Perhaps its biggest draw is a section dedicated wholly to promos, which lets you track the airlines you prefer and inform you when there are airfare discounts or deals via e-mail.


As the name might suggest, CheapOair[4] is a gateway not just for flights, but also hotels, rental cars, and straight up vacation packages. They offer discounts on bookings for more than three people, alongside low-priced flights.

They also offer cruises, in case you fancy a sea voyage kind of vacation over a flight. In case you plan on giving travel as a gift, this site also provides gift cards that come with discounts on flights booked using it.

Final thoughts

Traveling with the mindset of still saving money on the trip is what should drive your search for flights. Whether it’s with your family, or with friends, the ideal vacation is best made with a group that’s definitely willing to try new experiences, sample local cuisine, and have fun doing it.