Signs You’re on the Right Track in Life

Published: July 15, 2014 | Updated: July 30, 2020 | Posted by: Moneymax | Lifestyle

There is a certain point in life where you feel a slight impression of contentment because you sense that everything is going the way you planned it to be. Well, congratulations! To keep you more aware, here are some signals that you really are on the right track:

  1. Your finances are stable.

You have a good income stream enough to cover all your expenses to pay your bills and your mortgages. You have a healthy savings account that can sustain months of unemployment. Building this little blanket for your future may just be the beginning, but it’s a good start. And most importantly, you have enough knowledge to manage all these cash flow of finances.

  1. You accept the things you cannot change.

You have come to a point where you can accept your flaws and weaknesses, your irresoluble past and things which are out of your control, and people’s attitudes towards you and one another. You are now focused on your strengths and how are you able to improve yourself.

  1. You understand that it’s okay to fail.

Rejection and failure has become a door to more opportunities and better experience. Sometimes, the more ‘No’s’ you get, the better because you get closer to the ‘Yes’ that could come to you because of the previous failure and rejection. Now, you fully understand that these blessings in disguise like failures and rejections are just part of the process for what’s really in for you. But…

  1. You try not to make the same mistakes twice.

Making the same mistakes when you’re supposed to learn the lesson on the first instance is such a redundancy. If so far, you have overcome it, you’re good to go because you are fully aware of what you’re doing.  Mistakes should be life lessons that only need to be taught once.

  1. You have full control over your attitude.

You have matured enough that you are the captain of your attitude – good for you. Managing your emotions is not imposable by other people but a natural push within you that can only be mastered over time.

  1. You can take care of yourself.

Sure, “No man is an island” but you’re ahead of a lot of people if you can take of yourself by your means – on all aspects. You don’t need other people to be really happy because you can find joy and fulfillment within yourself.
If you think these signs resemble your current state, the challenge is to keep up and improve yourself for future trials that may come your way.