Get Your Finances in Order with the Best Budget Apps in the Philippines

Ricky Publico

Ricky Publico

Last updated September 09, 2022

Admit it: money management isn’t easy. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to save money or maintain a budget, you still end up splurging after a while. Whether it’s for an emergency, a night out with friends, or a flash sale you can’t resist, the temptation to spend your hard-earned cash and commit a few questionable financial decisions will always sneak in and drain your wallet.

It’s frustrating, especially if you’re trying to achieve a personal financial goal. But if you’re having a hard time practicing discipline and perseverance, your smartphone could help you out. How? By providing you with an array of the best budget apps in the Philippines. Save up, maintain a budget, and make 2022 your best financial year with the best expense-tracking apps.

Best Budgeting Apps in the Philippines 2022

1. Monefy

budget app philippines - monefy

Budgeting can be confusing if you’ve never tried tracking your expenses before. The Monefy app[1] can help by breaking it all down in a simple way. 

It summarizes your expenses with an easy-to-understand pie chart, so it’s perfect if you’re more of a visual person. This also helps you quickly identify your spending patterns. Aside from tracking your daily spending, you can view your expenses in weekly, monthly, and yearly charts. 

2. Monny

budget app philippines - monny

Monny’s[2] interface, decorated with pleasing pastel colors and its trademark bunny mascot, is easy to navigate–perfect for budgeting newbies. 

Its daily notification alerts remind users to track their expenses. Just type in your monthly income and expenses by clicking the big + sign at the bottom of the page. The app will then automatically compute your remaining balance. 

You can also categorize each expenditure, so you can check if you’re allocating too much of your budget to unnecessary stuff. 

3. Fortune City

budget app philippines - fortune city

Dreading the very idea of budgeting? Fortune City,[3] a gamified budgeting app, makes tracking your expenses more fun! 

As Fortune City’s mayor, you build a bigger and better city each time you add an expense or income. This fun app’s carefully designed charts show your books at a glance, so you can track your personal spending with ease. You can also categorize expenses under Want and Need. 

4. Money Lover

budget app philippines - moneylover

Have you ever checked your bank account and wondered where all your money went? Stop living from paycheck to paycheck and smarten up by tracking your transactions with Money Lover.[4] 

This free budget tracker can help you fix your spending habits to ensure that no peso goes to waste. It can also help you plan budgets, forecast future expenses, and manage your bills.

5. You Need a Budget

budget app philippines - you need a budget

You Need a Budget[5] is the best budget-tracking app for individuals who, well, really need to keep a budget. As its name implies, this free budget app helps users take control of their finances with features such as Bank Syncing, Debt Paydown, and Goal Tracking. It’s an all-in-one money management app to help you get rid of debt and save more money.

6. Daily Expenses

budget app philippines - daily expenses

There’s no need to write down your everyday expenses once you download Daily Expenses.[6] Designed to organize your income and expenses, this application allows users to record their money movements by date and view them in weekly, monthly, or yearly reports. This simple budget app is perfect for busy individuals who wish to be smarter with money.

7. Home Budget

budget app philippines - home budget

Home Budget[7] is the ultimate #adulting app for your smartphone. Available on Android and iOS, the app will help you track your expenses, bills, and account balances. It also provides financial analyses in graphs and charts to ensure that you’re not exceeding your monthly household budget. 

8. Ipon: 52 Weeks Challenge

budget app philippines - ipon 52 weeks challenge

If you’ve always wanted to try the 52-week money challenge, this application is perfect for you. Ipon: 52 Weeks Challenge[8] is one of the best budget apps in the Philippines. It encourages users to set financial goals and stick to their schedules. 

Apart from helping you track your savings through charts and progress records, it also notifies you when it’s time to save some cold, hard cash.

9. Splitwise

budget app philippines - splitwise

Dining out with family and friends can get tricky, especially when the bill arrives. Splitwise[9] solves that problem by allowing multiple individuals to track a certain expense. It ensures that every member of a group pays their dues equally (and on time!) through an easy-to-navigate interface. It’s the best way to split the bill among your roommates or travel buddies.

10. Money Manager

budget app philippines - money manager

Money Manager[10] helps keep track of all your expenses. You can review your financial data on a weekly or monthly basis. It also works as a budget planner where you can see your income and expenses in graph form. Its card management function reminds you when a credit card bill is due and how much you’re supposed to pay. You can even set an auto-debit arrangement with your debit card to pay your credit card bills. You can also customize your categories and your app's design!

11. BillTracker

budget app philippines - bill tracker

BillTracker[11] works by helping you keep track of all your bills’ due dates and updating each bill once you’ve settled it. There’s nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than paying your bills one by one and seeing no unpaid bills left for the month. 

The tedious part is keying in all your bills’ account numbers, amounts due, and due dates. But once you’ve entered all the information and set the billing frequency, you only need to click Add Payment and the amount, or just tap Mark as Paid.

Final Thoughts

But you're probably wondering: are budget apps safe? As long as you’re using your gadgets responsibly (setting very strong passwords and regularly changing them, not clicking on suspicious links, etc.), budget apps are safe to use.

If you need to work on growing your savings this 2022, pick any of the best budget apps in the Philippines from the list above. It can work wonders for your saving and spending habits

It can help you develop better organizational skills, paint a clearer picture of your financial status, help you consider finding more ways to earn money, and of course, teach you how to value money. Isn’t it satisfying to see yourself improve?

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