Philippine International Driving Permit Application
If you’ve ever been driven around by family or friends when traveling abroad, you know that it doesn’t provide much opportunity for you to take your time. The tendency is that you try to cram as many sights as you can into a few days.
You’d love to drive around yourself, and spend as much time taking in the sights as you like right? Or you’d love to be able to drive around without having to bother your friends or relatives for a ride. There is a way you can do this: get an international driving permit.

For purposes of driving through international thoroughfares, you can acquire an international driving permit through the Automotive Association of the Philippines (AAP).

Why get one?

A driver’s license is essentially only meant to be used within the bounds of the country where it was issued. An international permit will allow you to drive private and rental vehicles outside of your home country.

Not all countries require an IDP, but rental companies might, and a few countries – like Cambodia – require that the IDP be exchanged for a local license should you wish to actually drive in the country. Others may require payment of special fees to be issued a license to drive in the country.

Having one will let you get around – especially if you happen to be traveling on business – without having to wait on cabs or other people to pick you up.

What do I need to get one?

First of all, you’ll need your driver’s license. If it hasn’t been renewed, it’ll be ideal that you go through that before applying for an international permit.

License in hand, head on over to AAP with the following, and note that you’ll need to register for AAP membership, which will cost PHP 2,000:

  • Original and photocopy of valid Philippine Driving License
  • Two pieces 2”x2” or passport size color ID picture, white background
  • Foreign nationals, dual citizens must present the original passport, photocopies of pages showing date of last arrival. Permanent residents must present passport and Alien Certificate.
  • Authorization, and any valid ID of representative (in case of non-appearance)

There is also a processing fee of PHP 500 apart from the AAP membership fee. OFWs can enjoy a 20% discount on membership fees if they present a valid OFW ID and an official receipt from the POEA that includes their OWWA membership fee. 

How long does it last?

The IDP’s validity is tied to the validity of your driver’s license, so a license that won’t expire until next year also means that your IDP won’t expire until then.

In cases where your IDP expires while still abroad, you can have it renewed via representative in the Philippines, or through AAP’s website here. Note that a representative will still need to visit an AAP office to complete the process and submit the requirements needed should you apply online.

Also, should the aforementioned case occur and your driver’s license is still valid, you will need to send a photocopy of it when you have the IDP renewed.

Getting an IDP when you travel abroad will definitely help when you want to get around, don’t forget to look up traffic laws and guidelines for the place you plan on driving around in as well so that you’re fully prepared when you first take that car out of the driveway in a different country.
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