On a Budget: Airline Promos for the Summer
Summer has begun, and the heat is starting to become unbearable. If only you were on a beach, dipping your feet in the water with a glass of fruit shake in one hand. Or if you were only in a colder place overseas to escape the summer heat for a short while.

For today’s Deals of the Week, here are different international and domestic airline promos for the summer. If you’re the type who enjoys travelling and believes in spending on experiences instead of material things, jetting out to a new place, whether local or overseas, is a good way to spend your hard-earned cash. You can expose yourself to different cultures, cuisines, places, and meet new people.

SkyJet Airlines

If you book a SkyJet flight, you can explore the different places in the Philippines. With the summer at its peak, you can enjoy a beach trip to Boracay for only Php 1,600 (Caticlan) or Coron, Palawan for Php 4,400. If you want to fly up north, you can book a flight to Batanes for Php 9,900. Take note that prices vary depending on travel dates and times. The prices above are for weekday flights for the month of May.

Jetstar Airways

If you prefer travelling abroad instead of exploring the various islands of the Philippines, Jetstar Airways offers discounted fares to Japan and Singapore. You can book a roundtrip flight to sunny Singapore for Php 5,500 this May. If you want a much cooler destination, you can opt for Japan. Through Jetstar, you can book a flight to Osaka for Php 8,700 (August) and Tokyo for Php 9,000 (August). As mentioned above, the fares will vary depending on the day and times you fly out. Weekday flights in the evening usually come at a lower price than weekend flights and those earlier in the day.

Regent and Oceania Cruises

A cruise is both an unforgettable and efficient means to explore the world. When you book a cruise, you’re paying not only for the service and the transportation but the accommodation and food as well. Your cabin in the ship will serve as your accommodation, and cruises provide food and drinks (buffet and ala carte) 24/7. This way, you can save on having to book a hotel or spending on food.

With Regent Seven Seas Cruises or Oceania Cruises, you can get as much 10% to 60% off on cruise packages to Japan and Europe. Want to see the Acropolis in Greece or the Colosseum in Italy? You can do so by availing of a Mediterranean cruise using you BDO credit card. If you have a BDO MasterCard or a Visa, JCB, and UnionPay credit card, you can avail of the promo until June 30, 2016. To avail, call 949-3611 or email amy@luxuriasales.com.
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Cathay Pacific

If travelling is a family affair, then Cathay Pacific’s ‘kids fly free’ promo is right for you. If you book two adult economy tickets using your Citi credit card, you can get up to two child fares for free. It’s best to note though that you’d still have to pay for taxes and surcharges. However, by not having to pay the full fare for your kids, you can travel to Hong Kong, Japan, California, and many others at more affordable rates. The weather in other countries sure beats the unbearable summer heat (unless you’re lounging on the beach).This promo runs from March 31 to December 15, 2016.

Flying on a budget

Spend on experiences and not on material things – this definitely holds true. Exploring new places and cultures and making new friends from around the world are travel opportunities that are hard to replace. Of course, travelling doesn’t come cheap, but as long as you do your research, plan ahead, and divide expenses, you can spend less than you originally thought.