Here’s What Driving in the Future Looks Like

Published: March 30, 2015 | Updated: March 16, 2020 | Posted by: Moneymax | Lifestyle

Driving in the future
The automobile as we know it today has come a long way since Ford unveiled the Model T back in 1908. That pioneering car had 22 horsepower and three speeds (and that’s already counting the reverse gear). The car you have now probably has between 110 HP to 110 HP on it and you have more than three gears to choose from.

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The Model T rolled out of the Ford assembly plant over 100 years ago and car makers just keep rolling out new car models every year. What will you be driving 5, 10, or even 20 years from now? Let’s take a look at what driving in the future could look like.

Electric Cars (Available Now)

In the electric car market, hybrids still make up the majority of the cars sold. These electric vehicles, still cause some hesitation for buyers. No one wants to be stuck anywhere with the nearest charging station located 10 kilometers away. The market is growing though and we could start seeing more of these electricity-powered cars on the road, especially if you consider how fuel prices keep going up.

If you want to see a future where electric cars rule the road, then look no further than the Tesla Model S. You can also check out the Nissan Leaf which is another electric vehicle that is already out on the market.

Automated Car Parks (Available Now)

It’s not just the cars we drive that will be upgraded. The facilities we use for cars will also see some changes. Overhead lights that make it easier to find a slot at a crowded car park can shave valuable minutes when you’re in a hurry. In the future, valet services will be automated which will make parking your car less of a hassle.
Just see the video below.

Flying Cars (Possibly Available as early as 2017)

Straight out of a Jetsons TV show is the flying car from Czech company AeroMobil. It’s like those amphibious vehicles that are essentially a car that doubles as a boat, except it’s a car that doubles as a plane! On the road, it has a maximum speed of around 160 km per hour. It can get airborne and can cruise at around 200 km per hour. You would still need to drive or pilot the car but its makers say the car can go fully automatic in a decade.

Driverless Cars (Possibly Available by 2020)

A future where people get in cars but don’t ever touch a steering wheel is a possibility. We already have the technological pieces needed to build self-driving cars and it’s a matter of piecing it all together. In fact, several companies have already trialed the technology. Google is already testing the technology with its Google Cars. Mercedes has already unveiled its self-driving car concept vehicle called the F 015. check out the video below.
Check out the video below.

The appeal of driverless cars is real. Being stuck in traffic is no fun but sitting inside your own private space while your car automatically brings you to your destination is a pleasant experience. No cops to pull you over for overspeeding, no drunk driving and no driving while distracted.

Autonomous cars can take away one of the greatest factor behind car accidents—the driver. With the greater safety brought on by these autonomous cars, perhaps car insurance premiums will be much lower as road accidents plummet.

The future looks very promising indeed for all car enthusiasts. While it might take a while for us to be able to afford a flying car, there’s something exciting about knowing that the high-technology, badass vehicles we only used to see in sci-fi books and films will soon be in actual existence.

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