Globe iPhone 5 Plans (Part 1)


Published on: July 25, 2013 Last updated: December 16, 2019

Going for an iPhone 5 with a Globe plan attached has quite a couple of perks. Find out which in this article.
With the Globe iPhone 5 Plans, subscribers are always able to enjoy a great variety of privileges such as insurances and virtual debit cards after their purchases. Let’s have a look at the perks of the Globe iPhone 5 Plans.

4G LTE Coverage

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and other data devices. It is a next-generation mobile network technology that responds to the growing demand of mobile Internet bandwidth.
The subscribers of Globe iPhone 5 PostPaid plans can now experience fourth-generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) on their devices. With 4G LTE, they can enjoy the ultra-fast mobile Internet speeds up to 42 Mbps in any LTE-covered areas.
They don’t need to upgrade their current plans or pay extra fees for this facility. However, in order to enjoy LTE coverage on their iPhone 5, they have to update their gadgets to iOS 6.1 and use an LTE Nano-SIM.

What Is GCASH American Express Virtual Pay?

One of the compelling features offered by the Globe to its PostPaid subscribers is the free subscription of the GCash American Express Virtual Cards for one year. Usually, the annual subscription fees for the virtual cards cost P250. However, Globe PostPaid subscribers can now grab it without spending a single peso!
The GCASH American Express Virtual Pay is a virtual card or more precisely, an online account linked to the GCASH mobile wallet. Users can reload the GCash American Express Virtual Pay via their GCash mobile wallet online.

What is The GCash Mobile Wallet?

The GCASH mobile wallet is a Globe service that turns your mobile phone into an electronic wallet. With the GCASH, you can easily and conveniently perform the following transactions:

  • send and receive money to and from another Globe/TM mobile phone at any time and any place
  • receive GCASH and exchange it for cash (cash-in & cash-out)
  • make payments
  • online or in-store shopping

How Can I Avail from the GCASH American Express Virtual Pay?

With the GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and its accompanying features such as the security codes, expiry date, the US-based billing and shipping address and telephone number, you can shop online at any US websites, including those online stores that do not provide shipping services to the Philippines. You may be curious and wonder how you can receive your orders if they don’t ship their products to you.
Actually, the US-based address is offered in partnership with My Shopping Box Company that accepts packages or parcels on your behalf and ships them to your Philippine address.  However, an additional fee will be charged for this service.
Apart from the experience of using 4G LTE services and the GCASH American Express Virtual Pay, there are also insurance, free apps and reset programs available for the Globe iPhone 5 Plans subscribers. Let’s proceed to the second part to catch a glimpse of these perks!

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