Globe iPhone 5 Plans (Part 2)


Published on: July 25, 2013 Last updated: December 16, 2019

At the first part of the article, we discussed about features like 4G LTE services and the GCASH American Express Virtual Pay. At the same time, there are also many privileges attached to the Globe iPhone 5 Plans. Some examples are the insurance coverage, free apps and reset programs which are readily available for the Globe iPhone 5 Plans subscribers. Read on to find out more about these bonuses!

iPhone Insurance

The smartphone insurance offered by the Globe Telecom is known as the Gadget Care. Globe PostPaid subscribers can utilize this mobile protection service against any accidental damages and loss due to theft or robbery within the first 4 months of using their iPhone 5. They are eligible to have a new replacement phone with minimal fees.
Apart from that, the Globe PostPaid subscribers can enjoy complete and comprehensive mobile protection at any place. Regardless of whether they are in The Philippines or travelling abroad, their mobile devices are still under the protection with the worldwide coverage service of Gadget Care.
In addition, if any unfortunate life events occur and the Globe PostPaid bills have become a liability to the subscribers, the Gadget Care with its PostPaid Bill Protect features will provide assistance to the subscribers.
For more information you can visit the Globe Gadget Care’s webpage by just a click!

The Globe iPhone 5 Reset Program

If you are already a Globe subscriber tied with an existing contract that is still not up for renewal, and yet you are longing to grab the iPhone 5, the Globe Reset Program is what you need.
With the reset program, you can pay the corresponding Reset Fees and get the iPhone 5 on your current line without the need to terminate your existing contract or plan. In other words, no penalties will be charged.
At the same time, you can enjoy the discounts on the cash-out for an iPhone 5 up to 72%. If you wish to calculate the exact amount you need to pay after the discount, you can use the Globe iPhone 5 Reset Calculator.

Globe Apps

Globe has featured a wide range of affordable plans and attractive perks to gain advantage in The Philippines mobile markets. One of the irresistible features launched by the Globe Telecom is the Globe Apps.
With the latest apps from the Globe, smartphone users can experience the convenience and flexibility provided by Globe Apps. For instance, they can have instant access to the latest movie schedules, pay their bills, register to Globe’s promotions and chat with their friends, at any time and any place.
To learn more about the apps offered by the Globe Telecom, please click on the link.

In this article, we talked about the interesting features and bonuses offered by the Globe iPhone 5 Plans. However, if you can’t afford to pay the full amount at once, you can just avail from the easy and light installment payment to grab the gadget!

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