Best Broadband Internet for Small Businesses

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated July 15, 2014

Best Broadband for Small Businesses

Venturing into business is a risky move because of the fact that you invested your hard-earned money. It is one of the reasons why you should think twice or more about aligning your budget on the things you will buy and invest in for your business like your broadband internet.

Since you should be budget-conscious and profit-oriented, the monthly cost and contract must be on top of your considerations. The cheapest one doesn’t always give us the best service or may not be suitable for our needs. Also, we always want the best and the fastest, but the budget isn’t that adjustable.

Here are the most suitable broadband plans for your small business:

PLDT Home myDSL Plan 999

PLDT Home myDSL Plan 999 is a postpaid broadband plan. In this case, you will need to pay for PHP999 every month for a lock in period of 12 months. You can browse up to 3MB/sec, unlimited. It comes with a bundle of landline with free PLDT to PLDT calls for one year. Plus a WiFi modem and free installation fee. No upfront costs but you need to apply with necessary documents like proof of billing and ID’s. As of writing, there’s a promo of 1 Blockbuster movie from Clickplay.

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Wi-Tribe Plan 998 (Fixed Modem)

Wi-Tribe boasts service reliability of 99% of 2MB/sec unlimited plan.  Wi-Tribe Plan 998 comes with a fixed 4G modem and assures a 24/7 Customer support great for businesses like yours. You will have to pay PHP998 every month for a lock-in period of 12 months with no upfront costs.

Sun Broadband Unlimited Plan 799

Sun Broadband Unlimited plan lets you choose to connect via modem, a WiFi stick or a pocket WiFi depending on your needs. You will be in a lock in period of 12 months that you will have to pay for PHP799 every month with an upfront cost of PHP888. You can surf the net of the speed of 2.6 MB/sec, unlimited.

Sun Broadband Plan 799

Sun Broadband Plan 799 comes with a free modem or a WiFi Stick or pocket WiFi depending on your choice. You will be locked in for 12 months and you have to pay PHP799 for a speed of 3.6MB/sec  with no upfront cost.

Globe Tattoo Home Broadband LTE Plan 1099 Bundle (With Landline)

Globe Tattoo Home Broadband LTE Plan 1099 comes with a landline where you can add free unlimited calls to Globe and TM. It also comes with a free WiFi modem where you can connect up to 3 users. You will be locked in for 12 months where you have topay PHP1,099 monthly plus the upfront cost of PHP1000. You can surf the web at the speed of 2MB/sec, unlimited.

Bayan bayanDSL Plan 1699 (Stand-Alone)

Bayan bayanDSL Plan claims an internet speed up to 4MB/sec and a money-back guarantee, quick repair and 24-hour technical support. It also comes with free modem and installation. You will be in a lock in period of 12 months where you need to pay for PHP1,699 per month with no upfront cost.

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Smart Broadband Pocket WiFi Plan 495

Smart Broadband Pocket WiFi Plan can connect up to ten of your gadgets at once, or share the signal with your friends to the pocket WiFi device with its speed of 7.2 MB/sec. It also features an Anti-BillShock where excess minutes will be charged until a cap of PHP999 beyond which service is free.  You will be in a lock-in period of 24 months where you should pay PHP495 with PHP150 upfront cost.

To find the best one for you, compare all broadband internet plans for best internet service suited for your budget and needs of your business.

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