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Published on: September 28, 2020 Last updated: October 15, 2020

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When choosing an internet service provider, PLDT is usually the top choice of Filipinos due to their nationwide coverage and affordable plans. However, with so many providers in the market, it is important to know how to find the best internet service deal. Let’s review the available PLDT plans and how they differ.

PLDT Internet Plans in the Philippines


PLDT Direct Subscriber Line (DSL) is an internet service that uses telephone lines to connect to the web. DSL plans use copper technology and have a download speed of up to 20MB per second. It is best suited for anyone who uses the internet for basic activities such as surfing the web, sending or receiving emails and images, and downloading e-books.

Here are the available PLDT DSL plans:

PLDT DSL PlanSpeedMonthly PriceInternet CapOther Features
DSL Unlimited Plan 9991 MbpsPHP 999Unlimited12 months unlimited access to iFlix
DSL FamPlan 12993 MbpsPHP 1,299Unlimited*Comes with landine *Purchase blockbuster movies from ClickPlay
DSL Speedster Plan 129910 MbpsPHP 1,299Data capped at 100GB*Landine *Purchase blockbuster movies from ClickPlay
DSL Unlimited Plan 16995 MbpsPHP 1,699UnlimitedComes with landline
DSL Speed Plan 169915 MbpsPHP 1,699Data capped at 150GB*Comes with landline *Purchase blockbuster movies from ClickPlay
DSL Unlimited Plan 289920 MbpsPHP 2,899Unlimited*Comes with landline *12 months unlimited access to iFlix

2. PLDT Fibr

PLDT Fibr is PLDT’s most powerful broadband internet ideal for households. This PLDT internet plan has Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology, allowing everyone in the household to have the same download and upload speed up to 1GB per second.

Here are the available PLDT Fibr plans:

PLDT Fibr PlanSpeedMonthly PriceInternet CapOther Features
Unli Fibr Plan 129910 MbpsPHP 1,299UnlimitedComes with landline
Unli Fibr Plan 169925 MbpsPHP 1,699UnlimitedComes with landline
Unli Fibr Plan 239950 MbpsPHP 2,399UnlimitedComes with landline
Unli Fibr Plan 2999100 MbpsPHP 2,999UnlimitedComes with landline

PLDT Fibr Application Requirements:

When applying for a PLDT Fibr Plan, all you need is a copy of one government-issued ID to be attached on your online application. Once you have submitted the PLDT Fibr application requirements, a representative from PLDT will contact you to verify your application. The Fibr installation process will begin after the verification.

3. PLDT Fibr Plus

PLDT Fibr Plus combines the benefits of Fibr broadband, mesh technology, and live TV in one device. It’s a combination of Cignal Live TV, with eight HD channels and 55 standard-definition channels. You will also get three TP-Link WiFi Mesh systems with PLDT Fibr Plus.

This PLDT plan aims to provide a seamless experience for any household. The mesh system minimizes connection dead spots while giving users access to Parental Controls, Guest Wi-Fi configuration, and Wi-Fi monitoring via a mobile app.

Here are the available PLDT Fibr Plus plans:

PLDT Fibr Plus PlanSpeedMonthly Price
Fibr Plus Plan 249950 MbpsPHP 2,499
Fibr Plus Plan 3099100 MbpsPHP 3,099
Fibr Plus Plan 4099150 MbpsPHP 4,099
Fibr Plus Plan 60993000 MbpsPHP 6,099

Take note that all PLDT Fibr plans come with three mesh systems as well as Cignal Live TV with three HD channels and 55 standard-definition channels.

4. PLDT Home WiFi

PLDT Home WiFi is a prepaid internet connection service ideal if you only use the internet occasionally. With this PLDT plan, you don’t have to pay for a monthly internet bill because you have a prepaid device. It is also easy to use–simply plug the Wi-Fi device, turn it on, and you’re connected to the internet!

There are two PLDT Home WiFi options you can choose from:

Features and MorePLDT Home WiFi CAT 4PLDT Home WiFi CAT 6
PricePHP 999PHP 1,995
TechnologyLTELTE advanced technology, faster than LTE
Network Type3G and 4G4G
Wi-Fi Band2.4GHz Single-band WiFi2.4GHz and 5.0GHz dual-band W-iFi
LAN PortTwoTwo

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PLDT DSL vs PLDT Fibr, Which is Better?

Both Fiber and DSL PLDT plans provide a strong and reliable internet connection. However, the best option for you and your family still depends on your needs.

Here are the differences between the two PLDT plans:

Features and MorePLDT FibrPLDT DSL
Ideal for?Multiple users, mobile gaming, HD streamingBasic activities, surfing the web, basic and light downloads
ConnectionFiber optic connectionDirect Subscriber Line connection (through cables and phone)
Data capNoneDepends on the plan
Comes with a landline?YesYes
Download and upload speedUp to 1GB per secondUp to 20MB per second
PricePHP 999 to PHP 2899 per monthPHP 1299 to PHP 2999 per month

What are the covered PLDT DSL and PLDT Fibr areas?

Both DSL and Fibr connections are available nationwide. However, if you want to check if your area is covered by either of the two, visit your nearest PLDT branch or call their customer service at (02) 8888-8171.

How to Upgrade from PLDT DSL to Fibr

If you’re an existing PLDT DSL subscriber, you can easily migrate to a Fibr plan by following these steps:

  1. Visit the PLDT Home website.
  2. On the drop-down menu look for “ Need an Upgrade?”
  3. Tap “ Check out upgrade plans”
  4. Choose the Fibr plan you want
  5. Provide the required details
  6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click “Submit”
  7. Wait for a PLDT representative to confirm your upgrade application

How to Apply for a PLDT Plan

For PLDT DSL, Fibr, and Fibr Plus Plans

If you’re considering any of these three PLDT plans, simply follow these steps to apply for a service:

  1. Visit the PLDT Home website
  2. Choose the PLDT plan that best fits your needs
  3. Fill out the online form[1] and attach a scanned copy or picture of a valid government ID with a signature.
  4. Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email and SMS confirmation.
  5. A PLDT agent will also call you after a day or two to verify the details of your application.
  6. Wait for the internet installation schedule.
  7. You may experience a delay in services due to the ongoing quarantine protocols set in various areas in the Philippines.

For PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi

If you’re planning to get a PLDT Home WiFi, you don’t have to apply. Simply visit the PLDT Home WiFi website[2], and click “BUY NOW”. Pay your order and wait for a rider to deliver your device.

PLDT Installation Fee and More

Here are other fees you may pay with a PLDT DSL, Fibr, or Fibr Plus plan:

  • Installation fee –up to PHP 3,600
  • Activation fee – PHP 1,100
  • Pre-termination fee – the cost of your monthly plan times three
  • Late payment fee – 1% per month of the total outstanding bill

PLDT Lock-in Period and Termination

The DSL, Fibr, and Fibr Plus PLDT plans typically have a lock-in period of two years. However, you can pre-terminate your contract anytime you want but with a corresponding fee. The fee is three times the amount of your monthly PLDT bill.

For example, if you have an Unli Fibr Plan 1299, your termination fee is PHP 3,897. However, if you want to terminate your contract after the lock-in period, you won’t need to pay the termination fee.

How to Cancel a PLDT internet plan:

  1. Contact PLDT Home through their hotline at (02) 8888-8171.
  2. Request for termination. The agent will also tell you your outstanding bill that must be settled before termination.
  3. Prepare a Letter of Termination. It should include your full name, account number, landline number, and the reason for termination.
  4. Go to your nearest PLDT office. Make sure to bring a valid ID, your letter of termination, and cash to pay for any outstanding balance.
  5. Wait two to three weeks for your request to be processed.

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Final Thoughts

When choosing a PLDT plan, consider your budget and daily internet usage. If you’re a heavy internet user that regularly downloads content and streams video simultaneously, PLDT Unli Fibr plans are your best bet. If you only browse the web occasionally, perhaps a prepaid PLDT Home WiFi will suit you best.

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