Additional Income Ideas This coming Valentine's Day
Take a second. If you’re with someone, or if you’re dating someone, the conundrum of having money for date night is a constant. It’s more so when it’s Valentine’s Day. You become very concerned with the funding you might need to make this particular occasion extra special.

It’s at this point you might be considering some additional income ideas for Valentine’s Day. Sure, you might’ve already prepared for this day in advance, but every couple (or couple-to-be) should have a buffer fund for the day itself (or after, in case you’d rather have your V-Day date after February 14) because it really does help to be prepared.

Here are a few ideas to help bolster your income fast enough to make date night a little less tight.

Sell unwanted stuff

Nothing says extra money like a “rush” sale on unwanted things via sites like OLX or eBay Philippines[1]. For starters, it’s a free platform that doesn’t require you to pay items that you want to sell-off. Selling “pre-loved” items means that their value will definitely take a drop, but then if you sell unwanted items in bulk, you might be able to line your wallet with enough of a buffer fund in case date night doesn’t go completely according to plan.
A quick tip for when you want to sell something fast: mark it “rush” and cap the price at the lowest you’re willing to go for it to deter people who might want to bid on it – in the case of EBay, anyway. Another way to go about this is to look up buy and sell groups on social media.

Be a beta tester

You’ve probably been roped into focus group testing at some point, so you’ll want to keep a look on your social media feeds in case your friends might be looking for people to pay to check out a product.

How to get started on UserTesting

Given the highly connected age we live in, one other way you could make money quickly is to beta test online. Sites like User Testing[2] let you earn a little cash whenever you’re online – and with the exchange rate, you can make a bit of extra cash just by being honest and detail-oriented with your testing.

The catch with this is that you’ll need a Paypal account for payouts.

Do freelance work

Envato Market
Shutterbugs can sell their photos here or any of their other A/V skills

Everyone has marketable skills, and you can earn with them easily. If you’re a shutterbug with an eye for detail, iStock[3] and Envato Market’s PhotoDune[4] are a couple of places where you can submit photographs. is a space where people who write, digitally create art, edit images via Photoshop can converge and start putting their free time and creativity to use and get paid while they’re at it. Upwork[5] is also a website that allows freelancers to earn with their talents.

Note that these provide payment on a sliding scale, and you’ll have to be pretty good if you want to nab the higher paying gigs.

Final thoughts

For those who are in a rush to have a little extra cash in their pockets for the 14th, the quickest path to extra cash is definitely to sell off any unwanted items in a rush sale, or via a quick garage sale this weekend. If the plan is that date night should fall on Valentine’s Day itself, you’ll want the quickest way. However, if you’re patient and willing to put in the time, a little freelance work should net you a lot more extra cash to put into date night, or maybe into saving for your S.O.’s birthday present.
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