Online Job Sites to Help You Look for Work During the Pandemic

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Online Job Sites in the Philippines | Moneymax

Ah, job-hunting. It’s challenging, nerve-wracking, and especially difficult during these trying times.  How many times have you visited online job sites only to feel overwhelmed? But hey–it’s perfectly normal to feel rejected during this pandemic, what with all the uncertainties and the increasing COVID-19 cases in the Philippines.

Lockdown fatigue is real. In fact, experts say that it’s normal to feel groggy and tired during a lockdown because your routine is shaken up[1]. But then again, part of you wants to get cracking. You still want to hunt for your next job–and maybe you’ll find your dream role if you push through. But where should you start?  Fear not, we have you covered. Here are some of the top online job sites in the Philippines to help you out on your job search:

Online Job Sites in the Philippines

1. JobStreet 

Online Job Sites in the Philippines - JobStreet


One of the leading employment marketplaces in Asia, JobStreet has been a go-to online job site for professionals and fresh graduates. The website is easy to navigate and offers more than 30,000 job postings. You can also download their app to look for jobs while on the go.

To start applying, you have to create an account first.  You also have to create a JobStreet profile, which reads like a resume. However, it’s best to upload a copy of your actual resume when posting on online job sites.

There are thousands of job postings in JobStreet—from customer service roles to opportunities in the education sector. You can search for jobs by title, skills, employment type, or industry.

JobStreet also offers salary matching, wherein you input your desired salary allowing the site to filter out opportunities based on the amount you provided. This job site also has various articles that may help during your search.

2. Kalibrr

Online Job Sites in the Philippines - Kalibrr


One of the most popular online job sites in the Philippines, Kalibrr is quite similar to JobStreet because you also need to create an account to start exploring opportunities. You have to create a profile that essentially reads like a resume as this is the first thing employers see when you apply for a job.

On your Kalibrr homepage, you can see recommended jobs based on your profile. You can also see the number of times employers have viewed you as well as the messages sent to you. Applying for work on this job website is quite straightforward—click the “apply” button and your profile will be sent to the employer.

Kalibrr also offer skill tests that can help strengthen your profile. The more tests you take, the stronger your profile looks.

3. Indeed

Online Job Sites in the Philippines - Indeed


With over 200 million monthly visitors, Indeed prides itself as the number one job site in the world. Similar to other online job sites, you need to create an account and an online resume before browsing for opportunities.  Vacancies on the website are diverse, ranging from jobs in the IT field to positions in the service industry.

You can browse jobs by job title, company, industry, or location. Indeed also lets you search for opportunities based on your desired salary.

With a click of a button, you can apply for job opportunities and your online resume will be sent to the employer. They can also contact you using Indeed’s messaging feature.

4. LinkedIn

Online Job Sites in the Philippines - LinkedIn


LinkedIn is more than a job listing site—it’s a networking platform for professionals. Much like your favorite social media platform, you can post articles and insights, upload photos, and connect with people. But of course, you have to keep it professional.

The online job site has over 700 million worldwide job postings from thousands of employers—from big companies like Coca-Cola to start up ventures.

You can filter jobs by employment type, job title, experience level, and location. LinkedIn’s messaging feature also makes it easier for employers to connect with candidates.

In addition, LinkedIn has a lot of helpful articles and video tutorials to help you ace your job application. The job site also offers LinkedIn Learning, where you can take free or paid online courses about almost everything.

5. Boss job

Online Job Sites in the Philippines - BossJob


As with many online job sites, you need to create an account and a resume to apply for opportunities posted in Bossjob. Once done, the application is relatively easy—a click of a button sends your profile to employers. has various opportunities, from technology roles to top management positions.

Search for jobs by job title, location, industry, specialization, work experience, and salary. You can also sort out jobs from verified companies or remote positions.

The site has various articles that can help improve your job application. They also have a reward system called BossPoints. You can earn points by creating an account, logging in daily, and applying for jobs. Then, you can redeem the points for Lazada and Grab vouchers and movie tickets.


Online Job Sites in the Philippines - Work Abroad PH


There are an estimated 2.2 million OFWs in the world[2], leaving home to provide for their loved ones. If you’re planning to follow the same route, is one of the top online job sites for you.

You can search for opportunities based on your desired salary, industry, or qualification. You can also sort by country. Most jobs in are in healthcare, service, and food industries. However, opportunities from other sectors may pop up from time to time.

Just create an account, fill out your online resume, and search for your desired job. You can apply by clicking the “apply now” button found in each listing.

This online site also lets you browse jobs from agencies registered under the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Take note that only agencies under POEA can recruit employees for overseas jobs.

To check if an agency has a good standing with POEA, visit the POEA website[4].

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7. Online Jobs

Online Job Sites in the Philippines - Online Jobs PH


Tired of your daily work commute? Why not try working from home? has various remote job opportunities from companies around the world. The job site stands as an avenue where employers connect with Pinoy professionals who want to work from home. doesn’t deduct anything from your salary. Employers pay their workers directly, removing the middlemen who may take a cut.

By creating an account and an online resume, you can apply for opportunities by job title, sectors, or type of work. You can also filter jobs based on employment type.

The site has an ID proof feature, which determines both employers and seekers trust score. The more information you provide to prove your identity, the higher your ID trust score will be.

8. Careerjet

Online Job Sites in the Philippines - Career Jet


Careerjet maps out job opportunities available online through an extensive database. Job postings in Careerjet come from job boards and recruitment sites. It is basically an all-in-one job site, saving you the trouble of visiting each site individually. Job postings are not hosted by Careerjet and you will be redirected to the original job listing.

You need to create an account and upload a resume to apply for jobs. In addition, Careerjet has an easy-to-use CV builder if you want to create a resume instead.

Careerjet has over 50 thousand jobs in its database, ranging from opportunities in the agriculture industry to management positions. You can filter out vacancies by job title, location, or industry.

9. Monster

Online Job Sites in the Philippines - Monster


Monster is an online employment solution that allows you to search for opportunities from all over the world. With a Monster account and an online resume, you can apply for a job in just one click.

Similar to other online job sites, can also filter vacancies by job skills, company, function, or industry. You can also search for opportunities based on location and experience level.

In addition, Monster offer resume services if you want to optimize your job application with fees ranging from PHP 599 to PHP 2,499.  The job posting site also has tips on job interviews, resume writing, salary negotiation, and job search strategies.

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10. Freelancer

Online Job Sites in the Philippines - Freelancer


Want to give freelancing a go? As the name suggests, Freelancer offers freelancing opportunities from employers across the globe and in various sectors—from virtual assistance, web design, video editing, accounting, and writing.

Create an account and fill out all the information for your profile. Once done, you can start applying for jobs. Sort for opportunities by skills, expertise, or pricing. Then, place your bid for the vacancy and wait if the employer chooses you.

Payments are done via the online job site. For fixed projects, you will be charged 10% or $5, whichever is greater. For hourly projects, a 10% charge is deducted to your pay.

Final Thoughts

Job-hunting during a pandemic is pretty stressful, especially with over three million workers already losing their jobs[4]. However, try to be positive about your job hunt. Browse these online job sites and keep an eye on vacancies that fit your experience and skills.

Perhaps, this is also the time to reflect on what you want out of your career. Take online courses to improve your skills and write a knock-out resume to impress employers. If you’re feeling dejected, that’s okay too. Take the time to relax and collect yourself—or else you may burn yourself out and jeopardize your job hunt.

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