How to Get a TIN ID in the Philippines: A Complete Guide


Published on: February 21, 2020 Last updated: February 9, 2021

How to Get TIN ID in the Philippines: A Complete Guide

Being a taxpayer means being a responsible member of society. Part of adulting is to understand the importance of contributing a portion of your earnings for the betterment of the Philippines as a whole. As proof that you are a taxpayer, you can request for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID from your nearest Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) branch.

How to get a TIN ID, you ask? It’s not as difficult as you think. Sure, the process can get tricky with all the forms you have to remember. Not to mention, the card itself isn’t as necessary as other IDs out there. But if you need a valid ID that you can easily get within the day, then you should start with this one. Here are the steps on how to get your TIN ID.

General TIN ID Requirements

Before you continue to the steps on how to get a TIN ID, you need to prepare the following TIN ID requirements[1]. You need to prepare these, especially if it’s your first time registering as a taxpayer. Note that your TIN ID application is free.

  • Accomplished BIR Tax Form[2] (either 1902 or 1904)
  • One valid ID
  • PSA-issued birth certificate
  • Community tax certificate
  • 1×1 picture (if applicable)
  • Marriage contract (if applicable)

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How to Get TIN ID for New Employees

For new employees, your HR department usually are the ones tasked to process your application. Here are the steps on how to get your TIN ID for newbie taxpayers.

  1. Accomplish BIR Form 1902 and submit the necessary requirements to your HR.
  2. The HR will process your application for you. Just wait for your card after a few days.
  3. If the company required you to process your TIN application, head to the Revenue District Office (RDO) of your company and submit all the requirements there. Your ID will be processed within the day.

How to Get TIN ID for Unemployed

How to Get TIN ID for Unemployed - BIR Building

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For students and unemployed Filipinos above 18 years old, they can get a TIN ID under Executive Order No. 98. This EO makes the TIN ID an essential requirement to transact with other government offices. If you fall under this category, here’s how to get your TIN ID.

  1. Accomplish BIR Form 1904[3] and bring all the requirements you have (mainly your birth certificate) to the RDO of the city you’re living in.
  2. Submit the requirements to the authorized personnel.
  3. Once your application is processed, wait for the issuance date of your TIN ID.

How to Get TIN ID for Existing Taxpayers

For those who already have a TIN number and are actively paying taxes, you can just head to your company’s RDO and request a TIN ID. An authorized personnel will verify your taxpayer status and process your ID within the day.

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How to Replace Lost TIN ID

Got a damaged or Lost TIN ID? You can have it replaced from your RDO. Just prepare the following requirements to replace your damaged or lost card.

  • Accomplished BIR Form 1905 and BIR Form 0605
  • Notarized affidavit of loss (for lost TIN ID)
  • Old ID card and a photocopy (for damaged TIN ID)
  • Marriage certificate and old TIN card (if applicable)

How to Get TIN ID - Lost TIN ID

Once you have all these requirements, head to your RDO together with your requirements. You can download the forms[2] needed or get it from the RDO. Here’s how to get your TIN ID replaced.

  1. Fill out the BIR Form 1905. Don’t forget to put an X on “Replacement of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Card” under Part II.
  2. Under “Reason/Details,” put an X on the “Lost/Damaged” box.
  3. Proceed to the Certificate of Registration (COR) Update window and submit your accomplished BIR Form 1905 and other requirements.
  4. Fill out the BIR Form 0605 and have it verified on the Payment window.
  5. Proceed to your RDO’s agent bank to pay for your lost or damaged card. The replacement fee usually costs around PHP 150 to PHP 300. Ask for a BIR payment slip before paying the fee. The bank will have your Form 0605 machine-verified.
  6. After payment, head back to the RDO and submit your machine-verified Form 0605 and the receipt to the COR Update window.
  7. Wait for the issuance of your new card.

You can also go through this process if you want to update the information on your card. If you want to correct a misspelling or update your civil status, just fill up the BIR Form 1905 and mark the appropriate reason with an X.

Final Thoughts

Before you head down to your RDO and apply, make sure to check with your HR representative if you already have a TIN number. Applying for two TIN IDs is punishable by law with a penalty of PHP 1,000 for every registered TIN. The BIR has also issued a warning on fake TIN ID scams[4] circulating online. TIN IDs are not for sale and they can only be acquired from BIR.

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