Credit Card Promos for Online Shopping and Dining in 2020

Published: July 2, 2020 | Updated: October 19, 2020 | Posted by: Venus Zoleta | Credit Card

Credit Card Promos 2020 for Online Shopping and Dining | Moneymax

Make the most of your credit card use this year, especially for your essentials and online shopping!

Here’s a roundup of credit card promos in 2020 that offer discounts, rebates, freebies, and other rewarding perks for cardholders in the Philippines.

Welcome Gifts for New Credit Cardholders in 2020

Citibank No Annual Fee Forever and Other Perks

Credit Card Promos 2020 - No Annual Fees Forever

Eligible card: All Citibank credit cards (except for Citi Grab Card and Simplicity+ Mastercard)

Promo period: Until July 31, 2020

Citibank has upped its welcome rewards for new cardholders this 2020. Depending on the Citi credit card you apply for within the promo period (and eventually get approved for), you may receive free rewards points, air miles, eGifts, or rebates. Or you can save money with the No Annual Fee Forever promo for Citi Rewards new cardholders.

New Citi cardholders get rewarded with the following freebies when they meet the minimum spend requirement of PHP 20,000 or PHP 40,000 (depending on the card) within 60 days from the card receipt date:

  • Prestige – 120,000 rewards points
  • PremierMiles – 30,000 miles
  • Rewards – No annual fee for life
  • Cash Back – eGift worth PHP 5,000
  • Shell Citi/Mercury Citi – Rebates worth PHP 5,000

Promo mechanics[1]

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P2,500 Cash Rebate

Credit Card Promos 2020 - HSBC Cash Rebate

Eligible cards: HSBC Red Mastercard, Gold Visa, and Platinum Visa

Promo period: May 15, 2020 to December 31, 2020

Spend period: May 15, 2020 to February 28, 2021

A welcome gift worth PHP 2,500 awaits new HSBC credit cardholders this 2020! To qualify for the one-time rebate, apply for your first HSBC credit card online within the promo period and spend at least PHP 5,000 with your newly approved card within the spend period.

Promo mechanics[2]

Credit Card Promos 2020 for Online Shopping

10% Off on Your Lazada Purchase Every Friday

Eligible cards: All Citibank credit cards

Promo period: February 21, 2020 to February 19, 2021

Do you often shop at Lazada? Friday will become your favorite day for online shopping if you have a Citi credit card!

Citibank has a credit card online shopping promo with Lazada this 2020 that gives a 10% discount for a one-time minimum purchase of PHP 3,000 every Friday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. The promo is valid for purchases made through the Lazada website or mobile app.

To avail of the Citi credit card promo at Lazada, enter the code CITIFRIYAY20 when checking out.

Promo mechanics[3]

P500 Off Your Gadget Purchase at

Credit Card Promos 2020 - RCBC Gadget Promo

Eligible cards:

  • All Metrobank credit, debit, and prepaid cards (except for Dollar Mastercard and YAZZ Prepaid Visa)
  • All RCBC Bankard credit cards

Promo period:

  • Metrobank Poundit promo – Until August 8, 2020
  • RCBC Poundit promo – Until August 15, 2020

Get your work-from-home essentials from Poundit ( and save PHP 500 using your Metrobank or RCBC card. You can get gadget discounts once for a minimum purchase of PHP 5,000.

Simply use the promo code upon checkout:

  • For Metrobank cardholders – MBPOUND<first six digits of your card number> (Example: MBPOUND123456)
  • For RCBC cardholders – POUNDITRCBC500

Promo mechanics[4]

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10% Rebate at MyKuya

Credit Card Promos 2020 - RCBC MyKuya Promo

Eligible cards: All RCBC Bankard credit cards

Promo period: May 15, 2020 to July 31, 2020

Use your RCBC credit card when booking a delivery, pabili, or any service through MyKuya website or mobile app. Earn a 10% rebate by typing the promo code MYKUYARCBC10 in the Special Instructions section.

First-time MyKuya users can get two rebates, while existing users qualify for one rebate during the promo period.

Promo mechanics[5]

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10% Off at Pet Warehouse

Credit Card Promos 2020 - RCBC Pet Warehouse Promo

Eligible cards: All RCBC Bankard credit cards

Promo period: Until December 31, 2020

Keep your pets well-fed by using credit card online shopping promotion of Pet Warehouse. Order your pet food and supplies at Pet Warehouse (, pay with your RCBC credit card, and use the promo code 10PAWSENTOFF. You’ll get a 10% discount on your first online purchase.

Promo mechanics[6]

Up to 4x Rewards Points on Your Essentials Spend

Eligible cards: Metrobank Femme Signature Visa, Peso Platinum Mastercard, Travel Platinum Visa, and World Mastercard

Promo period: June 15, 2020 to August 31, 2020

Rack up points faster with this Metrobank credit card online purchase promo for 2020! For every PHP 20 spend using any qualifying card, you’ll earn 1 point. Get triple or 4x points for any of the following qualified transactions:

  • Online spend with World Mastercard – 4x points
  • Online and dining spend with Peso Platinum Mastercard – 3x points
  • Online spend with Travel Platinum Visa – 3x points
  • Online and drugstore spend with Femme Signature Visa – 3x points

Promo mechanics[7]

4% Cashback on All Online and In-Store Purchases

Credit Card Promos 2020 - BPI Credit Card Promo

Eligible cards: BPI Blue/eCredit/Edge/Gold/Petron-BPI/SkyMiles/SkyMiles Platinum/Family Mastercard credit cards

Promo period: June 10, 2020 to August 10, 2020

Redemption period: July 1, 2020 to October 10, 2020

Be rewarded with a 4% cashback (worth at least PHP 1,000) for your every straight transaction using your BPI Mastercard credit card. This promo applies to all online shopping and in-store purchases using your credit card. Once you reach an accumulated spend of at least PHP 25,000 within the credit card promo period, you can redeem your cashback through email or SMS.

Promo mechanics[8]

Up to 18% Off at ZALORA

Credit Card Promos 2020 - Metrobank Credit Card Promo Zalora

Eligible cards: 

  • All EastWest credit cards
  • All HSBC credit cards
  • All Metrobank credit, debit, and prepaid cards (except for Dollar Mastercard and YAZZ Prepaid Visa)
  • All RCBC Bankard credit cards
  • All Security Bank credit and debit cards

Promo period: 

  • HSBC credit card promo – Until February 28, 2021
  • EastWest, Metrobank, RCBC, and Security Bank promos – Until December 31, 2020

ZALORA customers who own certain credit cards are always treated to discounts year after year. For 2020, EastWest Bank, HSBC, Metrobank, RCBC, and Security Bank cardholders will continue to save money on their ZALORA purchases.

If you’re a new cardholder, you’ll get 18% off your purchase online at the ZALORA website or app. The discount has no minimum spend requirement and is valid for one-time use only.

Just enter the applicable credit card promo code upon checkout and pay with your card.

  • EWB2020 for EastWest cards
  • HSBC2020 for HSBC cards
  • MCC2020 for Metrobank cards
  • RCBC2020 for RCBC cards
  • SB2020 for Security Bank cards

Existing cardholders enjoy a 15% discount at ZALORA multiple times for a minimum spend of PHP 1,000. The process of availing the Zalora discount is the same as those of first-time cardholders.

Promo mechanics[9]

20% Off at 123baby

Credit Card Promos 2020 - EastWest Bank Credit Card Promo

Eligible cards: All EastWest credit cards

Promo period: July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

For your baby care needs, going natural is the way to go. Order your baby bottle washing gel at 123baby ( and save 20% off your purchase using your EastWest credit card. A minimum purchase of PHP 1,000 qualifies you for the promo. Upon checkout, enter the code EW123B20.

Promo mechanics[10]

10% Off at Calyxta

Credit Card Promos 2020 - HSBC Credit Card Promo Calyxta

Eligible cards: All HSBC credit cards

Promo period: Until December 31, 2020

With all the stress that the COVID-19 crisis brings, it’s easy to forget self-care. Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself! Aside from your essentials, shop for your skincare and beauty products at Calyxta ( using your HSBC credit card.

To avail of the 10% discount, spend at least PHP 1,500 and enter the promo code CalyxtaxHSBC upon checkout.

Promo mechanics[11]

Credit Card Promos 2020 for Dining

2 Yellow Cab Pizzas for Only P449

Credit Card Promos 2020 - Citi Credit Card Promo Yellow Cab

Eligible cards: All Citibank credit cards

Promo period: Until August 15, 2020

Craving a Yellow Cab pizza? Grab this Buy 1, Get 1 promo using your Citi credit card!

Order two 9-inch pizzas (New York Classic/Hawaiian/BBQ Chicken/Cheese) and pay only PHP 449. This Citibank credit card promo is valid for online delivery and take-out orders.

Promo mechanics[12]

10% Off at Tokyo Bubble Tea and Gringo

Eligible cards: All BDO credit and debit cards

Promo period: July 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020

Get your milk tea or Tex-Mex fix at a discounted price using your BDO card! Get 10% off your online or in-store purchase at any participating branch of Tokyo Bubble Tea or Gringo. The BDO credit card promo is valid for online delivery (for a minimum spend of PHP 500), and dine-in/take-out/call-and-pickup orders (for a minimum spend of PHP 1,000).

Promo mechanics[13]

Final Thoughts

While it’s wise to take advantage of promos, avoid the temptation of making unnecessary purchases with your credit card just so you can get the reward you fancy. Whatever credit card promos 2020 you choose to grab, always use your card responsibly.

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