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What is Compulsory Third Party Liability?

Vehicle owner in the Philippines are required by law to secure a compulsory third party liability (CTPL) insurance as a prerequisite to the registration of a motor vehicle with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). CTPL is a mandatory insurance for a possible liability to a third party.

Definition of Terms


The CTPL covers any liabilities incurred by the insured in terms of bodily injury and/or death of a third party caused by the operation of the insured vehicle. In cases of death or bodily injury

Death IndemnityP70,000.00
Burial and Funeral ExpensesP30,000.00
Bodily Injury
AccommodationServices RenderedMaximum Reimbursable
Hospital RoomsMax of 45 days per accident
Lab Exam, fees, x-rays
P500.00 / day
Surgical ExpensesMajor Operation
Medium Operation
Minor Operation
Anesthesiologist?s FeesMajor Operation
Medium Operation
Minor Operation
Operating RoomMajor Operation
Medium Operation
Minor Operation
Drugs and MedicineThe amount of drugs and medicines not exceedingP20,000.00
AmbulanceThe amount charged for ambulance but not exceedingP1,500.00
Medical ExpensesFor daily visits of practitioner or specialist

Total amount of confinement but not exceeding
P400.00 / day

Permanent Disablement
Loss of or Loss of Use ofAmount
Two LimbsP50,000.00
Both Hands, or All Fingers & Both ThumbsP50,000.00
Both FeetP50,000.00
One Hand and One FootP50,000.00
Sight of Both EyesP50,000.00
Permanently BedriddenP50,000.00
Permanent Total DisablementP50,000.00
Arm at or Above ElbowP20,000.00
Arm Between Elbow and WristP15,000.00
Four Fingers and Thumb of one HandP15,000.00
Four FingersP12,000.00
Leg at or Above KneeP20,000.00
Leg Below KneeP15,000.00
One FootP15,000.00
All Toes of one FootP10,000.00
Index FingerP6,000.00
Sight of One EyeP20,000.00
Hearing ? Both EarsP30,000.00
Hearing ? One EarP15,000.00

*Source: Insurance Memorandum Circular No. 4 -2006

No Fault Indemnity

In case of death or bodily injury

Where can I get Compulsory Third-Party Liability Insurance?

CTPL is very common in the Philippines and can be obtained from any licensed nonlife insurance provider. In fact

How much does Compulsory Third-Party Liability Insurance cost?

CTPL is the most affordable car insurance coverage. Below is a table provided by the Insurance Commission that details CTPL rates for different motor vehicles. You may notice that getting three year coverage costs a little less than the one year coverage.

One Year Coverage
Private CarsP560.00
Light/Medium TrucksP610.00
Heavy Trucks and Private BusesP1,200
AC and Tourists CarsP740.00
Taxi, PUJ and Mini BusP1,100.00
PUB and Tourists BusP1,450
Three Year Coverage
Private CarsP1,610.00
Light/Medium TrucksP1,750.00
Heavy Trucks and Private BusesP3,440.00
AC and Tourists CarsP2,120.00
Taxi, PUJ and Mini BusP3,150.00
PUB and Tourists BusP4,150.00

*Source: Insurance Memorandum Circular No. 4 -2006

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