The Best Car Apps for Drivers and Car Enthusiasts

Published: January 19, 2018 | Updated: July 8, 2020 | Posted by: Mayee Gonzales | Car Insurance

Best Car Apps 2018 |

There’s an app for everything. An app for music streaming, an app for cleaning, and even an app for receiving fake phone calls. As technology advances, our ideas and needs progress too. Luckily, the automotive industry is quick to adapt with innovation, making the lives of car owners easier.

Whether you need help with parking or navigating the road, here are 13 car apps every driver and car enthusiast should own. Read and download away!

For Driving


Built specifically for Android, Drivemode simplifies how drivers use their phone while on the road. The app perfectly complies with the government’s Anti-Distracted Driving Act as it allows users to access other applications through voice command. It can also read texts out loud and auto-reply to messages. Drive mode, indeed.

Speedometer 55 Start[2]

Laws on speed limits may be outdated in the Philippines, but it’s something drivers need to care about. To keep track of your driving speed, download Speedometer 55 Start, an app that lets drivers set and configure their speed limits. It’s a great way to prevent speeding tickets, especially when cruising a highway.

For Car Maintenance


Never forget another vehicle service when you download myCARFAX. Founded in 2013, the application reminds motorists of their next maintenance schedule and vehicle registration. It can also track auto repairs and service histories of up to eight vehicles. myCARFAX is the all-around maintenance software for busy yet enthusiastic car owners.

Best Car Apps 2018 |

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Drivvo is an excellent application for car maintenance and management. It helps drivers track maintenance expenses, manage distance statistics, and track their average fuel consumption per day or per month. It is one of the most powerful car apps in the software industry today.

Car Apps For Parking


Parking can be a hassle, especially if you can’t remember where you parked your car. Honk solves this problem by helping you find your way back to your vehicle through its unique GPS navigation. You can even add a photo or voice memo to make the search easier. The app can also track how long you’ve parked your vehicle to prevent excessive parking fees.

For Navigation


Waze remains as the #1 navigation app with more than 65 million monthly active users in 185 countries. Established in 2006, the application allows drivers (and passengers!) to know the latest traffic condition while monitoring accidents, police locations, and other potential obstacles. Waze now has a Filipino navigation voice, making it more convenient for local users.

Best Car Apps 2018 |

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Google Maps[7]

Many drivers and passengers prefer Google Maps mainly because of its simplicity and familiarity. Android phones have this app built-in, making it an obvious choice for many smartphone owners. Apart from navigation, Google Maps also provide information on local businesses, traffic conditions, and public transit.

For Car News


Love everything car-related? Then you need this app on your phone. CarBuzz is a news-based software that, guess what, provides the latest news and information from the automotive industry. Users can easily access vehicle reviews and rumors, and even view high-definition car photos. It’s one of the many car apps we love to own.

Top Gear Philippines[9]

Top Gear has made quite a name in the local automotive industry; you’ve probably read an article on their website, or even liked a post from their Facebook page. To broaden their reach, Top Gear Philippines launched an application that features in-depth car reviews, car care tips, as well as a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Best Car Apps 2018 |

Instagram photo by @topgearph

For Buying and Selling


Planning to buy a new car or motorcycle? Carmudi is a local app that provides access to new and second-hand vehicles for sale. Users can save favorites and even filter vehicles according to make, model, mileage, transmission, and color. If you’re a seller, you can post your car and connect with interested buyers as well.

For Entertainment


If you’re tired of traditional radio music, Spotify is the best alternative. This free app lets you listen to any artist or album, providing you have an internet connection. Premium users, however, can listen to music offline and ad-free. Create playlists or tune in to Spotify Radio (recommended stations for artists you’ve listened to) for long, out-of-town trips.


Stay entertained and up-to-date with Castbox, an easy-to-use podcast player with more than 50 million podcasts, radio channels, and audio books. Its minimalist UI design and continuous playback feature are ideal for drivers who just want to listen to content while on the road.

Do you have these car apps on your phone? What do you think about them? Let us know in the comment box below! Feel free to share your favorite car apps as well.

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