Crazy Driver
Even the most responsible drivers can get a little stir-crazy when sitting in slow or unmoving traffic, or when they encounter other kinds of crazy drivers.

Here are five types of crazy drivers that you can normally encounter when driving in the Philippines.

The Road Rager

This is the kind of driver that’s almost constantly swearing at cars that cut him off, or when other drivers refuse to take advantage of a situation. As a result, the Road Rager is at the biggest risk for getting into a traffic accident because their tempers flare faster.

How to deal: Drive defensively when you encounter this kind of driver. If you happen to be in the car with this person, ask them to take a breath and calm down. Remind them that you can get into an accident if he or she keeps this up.

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The Speed Demon

The Speed Demon

The Speed Demon just has to go fast, and not like I’m-going-to-be-late fast, more like I-just-gotta-beat that-traffic-light fast.  The tendency of a speed demon is to weave through traffic at the fastest possible speeds, which makes for a bumpy ride.

How to Deal: If you happen to be in the car with a speed demon, exorcise them by asking them to drive a little slower. These kinds of drivers are likely to just pass you by if you encounter them on the road – usually on the open highway – so driving carefully is your best bet.

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The Silently Seething

The Silently Seething

The opposite of a Road Rager, this type of crazy doesn’t actually manifest in honking a horn loudly, but in a calm demeanor. The only thing that may alert you to having a Silent Seether in the driver’s seat is that they’re calmly talking about the best way to eliminate the opposing driver. They’ll get you to where you need to go but will require a few minutes of quiet to transition from quiet anger to pleasant conversation.

How to Deal: Silent Seethers are usually the most patient drivers, preferring to complain to whoever they’re with. As a driver, you won’t notice that they’ve already figured out at least six ways to deal with you.
The Pedestrian Blocker

The Pedestrian-Blocker

This is the kind of driver that just has to stop on a pedestrian lane. They make it difficult to cross a busy road and will honk incessantly as you try to cross the road. They also tend to create a lack of a vantage point should you wish to turn, particularly at intersections.

How to deal: Pedestrians can just keep walking (as long as the signal for them to cross remains), just be careful if you happen to be walking towards oncoming traffic.
The Road Blocker

The Road Blocker

There is such a thing as giving way to other cars at an intersection without traffic lights, and this driver just won’t. Smaller streets can get congested because they just won’t give in to let others pass.

How to deal: Give way. Honking incessantly won’t help.

These are just a few crazy drivers you’ll encounter on the road. Drivers like these are the kind who needs additional coverage on their car insurance.

Which crazy driver are you?

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