Best Car Apps for Drivers and Car Enthusiasts

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated July 23, 2021

You spend a lot of time in your car. Whether you’re driving to work, dropping your mom off at the grocery, or going on a road trip, you cannot deny that your trusty auto has become an extension of yourself. To make the most of your car, you need to completely integrate yourself into it. Thanks to technology, you will never have a hard time doing that.

These days, you can create a personalized digital ecosystem that will help make driving seamless and efficient. And to turn your car into a fully functioning extension of yourself, you need to use the right car apps. The right applications will also aid in car maintenance, which in turn will help you save a lot of money.

We have listed down some of the best car apps for drivers and car enthusiasts like you.

Best Car Apps for Navigation


best car apps for navigation - waze

Driving is never the same with Waze. Imagine being a driver in the ‘90s when you have to rely on your foldable map when navigating unfamiliar roads. On top of that, you will have to stop every now and then just to make sure that you’re reading the map right.

Waze suggests the best possible routes, and with its navigation voice, you will not have to stay glued on your phone while driving. It also provides you with real-time data about the traffic situation of the route you’re about to take. With that, you will know which streets and areas you will need to avoid. You don’t have to be a driver to appreciate how Waze redefined driving; even commuters use it!

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store

Google Maps

google maps

Waze and Google Maps are both owned by the tech giant Google. While the two apps are identical, there are a few differences you need to note. Both apps offer real-time traffic updates, but Waze is much more social in nature. Through Waze, you can alert other drivers about accidents, road closures, and other unexpected changes that may affect your trip.

Google may not have that function, but it has a slew of other useful features. This includes Street View, which shows the actual pictures of various businesses, landmarks, and even your destination. This gives you an insightful overview of the town or city you are driving in. Google Maps is perfect for your riding shotgun who may double as your personal navigator.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store

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Best Car Apps for Driving

Speed Tracker

best car apps for driving - speed tracker

Every once in a while, you need to remind yourself that drivers don’t own the road. You also share it with pedestrians, which is why you should always mind your speed. To monitor your driving speed, download Speed Tracker, one of the best car apps for driving. Other than keeping track of your speed, the app also tells you the distance that you have covered and computes the time of your trip from work to home.

Because it lets you track important trip statistics in real time, you will have an idea of how you fare as a motorist and which driving habits you need to drop.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store

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You can’t afford to be distracted when driving. Otherwise, you might end hurting someone or damaging property. A car app like Drivemode takes away the distractions by helping you manage calls and messages while you’re driving. This car app for Android users allows drivers to reply to messages or text using voice commands. With the “Do Not Disturb” mode, you can easily ignore calls messages. You can also set up auto-replies.

You can integrate your app into other smartphone apps, such as navigation, music, messaging, and voice assistant apps. And because Drivemode is now part of Honda, Honda car owners can benefit from a similar app called Honda RoadSync.

Available on: Google Play Store

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Best Car Apps for Entertainment


best car apps for entertainment - spotify

A lot of drivers enjoy the company of DJs and are willing to endure intrusive radio ads. However, many are not exactly comfortable with the idea and would rather focus on the music instead. If you belong to the latter group, Spotify got you covered.

Sing at the top of your lungs a la Bon Jovi or feel like you’re in a music video when you’re driving on a rainy day, as Spotify covers numerous genres. Whatever your mood is, you will always find the right song, as the app gives you access to thousands and thousands of libraries. If you want to listen to actual people speaking, just listen to the podcasts uploaded in the platform. To get the full experience, upgrade to premium membership to get rid of ads.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store

YouTube Music

youtube music

If you want an alternative music-streaming service, YouTube Music may be worth your while. Truth be told, YouTube Music has fewer libraries compared to Spotify, but it has a lot of cool features. One is its ability to create an endless playlist based on your taste and listening habits. One reviewer from PC Mag tested the app, and he found out that YouTube Music could detect his location and the time of the day, which allowed the app to serve him an appropriate playlist.(1) Cool, eh?

It also has lots of podcast titles, so if you’re a voracious consumer of virtual talk shows, this one’s for you.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store



Are you a big reader who does not want to let go of your book? You can still continue reading while driving, especially when you’re using Audible from Amazon. With this app, you can listen to books offline. It has a multitude of genres, such as true crime thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, kids’ stories, memoirs, and even meditation titles. It also lets you build your own library and listen to many titles from its Premium selection. Other than audio books, you will also find podcasts on this app.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store

Best Car Apps for Parking


best car apps for parking - parkify

Have you ever forgotten where you have parked your car? Chances are, you have, especially if you leave it in massive parking spaces at venues like malls. This will never happen again when you have Parkify on your phone. This car app brilliantly works by recording the GPS location of your car (through Bluetooth) and leading you back to it. This simple yet clever app allows you to add as many cars as you need. You can keep track of the registered vehicles even if you’re using multiple devices.

Available on: Google Play Store

Best Car Apps for Utilities and Maintenance


best car apps for utilities - pricelocq

Fuel prices can be unpredictable. The price that you have seen a while ago may change later or tomorrow. But what if you can lock fuel prices and then buy your gas at a later time? It’s possible with SEAOIL’s PriceLOCQ. The app allows you to buy fuel, whether gasoline or diesel, at the price that you want. Then, you can drive to a partner SEAOIL station to pay and have your car refilled.

You can pay using your peso balance, but you also have the option to pay using your debit or credit card. One great thing about PriceLOCQ is that the fuel you’ve bought using it can be redeemed anytime. Definitely one of the best car apps in the Philippines for budget-conscious drivers!

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store

Gasoline Station Locator (Shell Motorist App and Caltex Station Locator)

When you’re running out of gas and you’re in an unfamiliar town or city, a gasoline station locator is definitely helpful. Thankfully, fuel giants, such as Shell and Caltex have apps for such a need. The Shell Motorist app does not only list the nearest gasoline station, but you can also receive promotional offers and check your loyalty card points balance. The Caltex Station Locator, on the other hand, lists the Caltex stations not only in the Philippines, but also in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Both apps available on: Google Play and App Store

AutoSweep RFID

Even on the expressway, you will still need to fall in line, and that’s because you’re paying toll fees. You can avoid the long queues by just breezing through the toll plaza – only if you have an RFID. Reload your AutoSweep RFID much more easily with the help of AutoSweep RFID app. Through this, you can reload your account using GCash and select bank apps. It’s better to get used to this car app, as tollways will go 100% cashless soon.(2)

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store



There are many expenses that come with owning a car. You may realize that a considerable portion of your monthly budget goes to it. With that, you want to make sure that every cent is accounted for.

A car app called Drivvo lets you do just that. It helps you monitor the car-related expenses that you have incurred. The app allows you to keep track of your refueling, which ultimately helps you calculate your car’s monthly expenses. If you’re using your car as a taxi or courier vehicle, you can record your revenue using it. You can log the services that your car has received, such as oil change, tire rotations, tune-ups, and filters. It also helps you gauge how much you have spent on these items.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store

Motolite RES-Q

The Motolite RES-Q app is one of the top car apps in the Philippines when it comes to app-based emergency roadside assistance. It primarily offers delivery of car batteries, but it also has a range of services that can help you deal with your car in case it breaks down on the road. Use the app to send someone who will help you change a flat tire or check your overheating engine. And if you’re using a Motolite battery, your RES-Q service will be free of charge.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store

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Best Car Apps for Car-Driver Integration

Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

best car apps for integration - android auto

When your car has a touchscreen infotainment system, there’s a chance that you can integrate your mobile device into it. Basically, these apps help you use your mobile apps more easily (and in a much safer way) while you’re driving by connecting your phone to the car display. Some may have special features and functions, depending on the app you’re using or the infotainment system’s capability. For instance, Apple CarPlay helps you unlock and start your car with your iPhone (though note that is only applicable to select 2021 models).(3)

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Final Thoughts

When you come to think of it, driving has become much easier and definitely more efficient with the help of technology. Remember, though, that the performance and accuracy of car apps listed here are just as good as your Internet connection, so make sure that you use a reliable service.

When it comes to downloading apps, you must always proceed with caution. This is because there are some developers and fraudsters that may exploit your data. So before downloading, take a look at the amount of access to your data that the app wants to have. It would also pay to read the reviews of other users, so you will know what to expect. 




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