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Note: Sept 2015 update on the 3 best “unlimited” data plans in the Philippines

The use of unlimited data plans in the Philippines is quickly growing more popular. According to a report from Internet analytics company comScore, the Philippines has topped all other nations in Southeast Asia in terms of having the fastest growing Internet audience, as Filipino online users increased by 22% from March 2012 to March 2013. The study also reported that 71% of internet users in the Philippines are between 15 to 34 years old.

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As Internet use in the Philippines further grows, data plan providers Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular try to get more customers interested in their plans. Let us compare the unlimited data plans offered by the three broadband service providers:

1. Globe Telecom

a) Prepaid

Globe offers prepaid users the SuperSurf promo.  According to Globe, SuperSurf offers unlimited chatting, downloading, emailing, and surfing to its subscribers. For P50 a day, smart phone users who are subscribed to Globe, TM or those who are using Tattoo Broadband may surf the net either for 1 day, 5 days or 30 days by texting SUPERSURF50, SUPERSURF200 or SUPERSURF999 respectively to 8888. According to some users, the difference between the Supersurf promo for prepaid users from that of postpaid users is that with prepaid, you are only allowed a limit of 800MB per day, while for postpaid you get unlimited browsing.

b) Postpaid

Globe’s SuperSurf promo is just like the promo offered to prepaid subscribers, with the same price for varying numbers of days used. The only difference for postpaid subscribers is the keyword that will be used to activate the promo. Postpaid subscribers should add a space between the keyword and the amount. They should text SUPERSURF 50 or SUPERSURF 200 for 1 or 5 day subscription respectively. Meanwhile, MYSUPERSURF ON should be texted to 8888 to enjoy 30 days of surfing.

2. Smart

a) Prepaid

Smart offers its subscribers Big Unli Surf 80, a service that provides unlimited Internet on their phones for 7 days for only P80. Subscribers may text SURF to 211 to register. Another unlimited data plan promo for Smart subscribers is Always On 499, which enables users to get a bandwidth cap of 1000MB valid for 30 days. To subscribe, users may text ON 499 to 2200. On the other hand, Always On 995 allows users to surf on 2000MB bandwidth for 30 days. As the name suggests, subscribers may text ON 995 to 2200 to subscribe to the promo.

b) Postpaid

For postpaid subscribers, Smart also offers surfing promos bundled with text and call plans. Called the Flexibundles, promos that come with the P349 or P599 plan include a one-day unli surfing promo at P50, 1 week unli surfing at P300, and a 1-month promo at P1,200. Other promos for Smart postpaid subscribers include the Always On promo available for P99, P199, P299, P499, and P995 which provides data bandwidth ranging from 50MB, 180MB, 300MB, 1,000MB and 2,000MB respectively. Finally, Smart also provides an LTE bundle, which Smart has describes as a plan that offers unlimited mobile surfing using LTE network for either 1 day for P50, 7 days for P299, and P995 for 30 days.

3. Sun Cellular

a) Prepaid

Sun Cellular prepaid subscribers may use their smart phones for surfing the internet with their regular load acquired via XpressLoad or Call Card, and they will be charged P5 for every 15 minutes of use or P15 for 1 hour of use valid for 1 day. However, Sun Cellular advises users to get iLoad instead to save on unlimited data plan rates. P15 is valid for 1 hour only for 1 day, while P25 is valid for 3 hours also for 1 day. Other promos cost P50 valid for unlimited 1 day surfing, P100 for unlimited 3 day surfing, P250 for unlimited 7 day surfing, and P999 for unlimited 30 day surfing. For those who just have regular load on hand, they may also text their choice of iLoad to 247 to convert their regular load to iLoad.

b) Postpaid

Sun Cellular post paid subscribers may enjoy the same promo for the same price (except that they don’t need to load a Cal Card or via XpressLoad). In the same way, Sun Cellular postpaid subscribers may also convert their load to iLoad through using the same process.

Postpaid users may also avail of additional add-on mobile internet plan called an iPlan, which has a lock-in period of 6 months. iPlan’s price ranges from P55 to P799. iPlan users may surf the net for 5 hours , consumable for every 30 minutes valid for 1 month for P55. They may also opt for the 10-hour inclusion for P75, the 20-hour plan for P149, the 60-hour plan for P399, and finally the unlimited browsing for P799.

After reviewing the promos offered by the three mobile Internet connection providers, you now have an idea on which plan unlimited data plan is the best. You may also try switching networks if your network provider is not giving you a plan that meets your needs and your pocket. To have a better view of the broadband services, try our comparison page.

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