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Car Maintenance Checklist to Curb the Summer Heat

Summer’s here and you’re probably feeling the heat not only at home but also inside your car. With temperatures rising up to 42°C, driving your vehicle can be quite a challenge, especially during daytime. However, it’s not only you that’s suffering. Your vehicle experiences temperature changes as well, which may cause breakdowns and damages. Most […]

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The Pros and Cons of Fully Digital Banking in the Philippines

Digital banking in the Philippines isn’t a groundbreaking concept, considering that the country is one of the top internet users worldwide and online banking has been popular for quite some time. In fact, most financial experts believe that the Philippines is ready for an all-digital banking revolution. “The consumers are ready. The consumers are looking […]

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#AskJames: More Car Insurance Questions Answered

Three weeks ago, automotive journalist and TV host James Deakin joined Moneymax on a Facebook Live session to answer burning car insurance questions from their viewers. While they were able to answer most of the concerns, one hour simply isn’t enough to get through all the questions. And because we don’t like leaving questions unanswered, […]

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