What to Do With Your HSBC Rewards Points and How to Redeem Them

Rouselle Isla

Rouselle Isla

Last updated June 11, 2024

If you’re an HSBC credit cardholder and wondering if you’ve accumulated enough points to redeem, you've come to the right place. Through this article, you can decide whether to redeem your HSBC rewards points ASAP or collect more credit card points for bigger rewards. 

What is the HSBC Rewards Program?

hsbc rewards points - rewards program

Under the HSBC Rewards Program, all HSBC primary and supplementary credit cardholders can earn rewards points for qualified transactions made with eligible HSBC credit cards. HSBC also has an Accelerated Rewards Program where you can earn additional points for pre-defined credit card spending at select merchant categories.  

With your accumulated rewards points, you can redeem shopping and dining rewards, travel privileges, and more. However, note that only primary cardholders with cards in good standing can redeem HSBC points. 

❓ Do HSBC Rewards Points Expire?

Bonus Points are valid for up to three years from your account opening date at the end of the relevant month, except for the HSBC Classic Visa and Mastercard, whose Bonus Points are valid for up to two years. 

How to Earn HSBC Rewards Points

Eligible HSBC credit cards earn rewards points for all transactions except cash advances and other credit card charges. 

💳 HSBC Red Mastercard

HSBC Red Mastercard
  • 1 Bonus Point for every ₱20 spent
  •  4x Bonus Points on dining, shopping, online, and overseas transactions with HSBC’s Accelerated Rewards[2]

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What Can You Redeem With Your HSBC Credit Card Points?

The HSBC Rewards Program lets you redeem your points for gift certificates, shopping credits, airline miles, annual fee waivers, and charity donations.[1] Learn more about what you can get from your HSBC points redemption below: 

🎁 Shopping Gift Certificates 

Do you have 4,000 HSBC Bonus Points on your HSBC Red Mastercard? You can redeem Lazada e-wallet credits or a ZALORA e-gift worth ₱200. 

And if you accumulate 10,000 Bonus Points, you can redeem The SM Store or Rustan’s Department Store gift certificates worth ₱500. 

🎁 Airline Miles 

hsbc rewards points - airline miles

Redeem HSBC points for travel discounts. You can redeem free miles rewards from HSBC’s travel partners to save on expenses. 

If you have 10,000 HSBC Bonus Points saved up, you can redeem 1,000 Asia Miles or KrisFlyer Miles with your HSBC Red Mastercard. You can also convert HSBC points to Mabuhay Miles. For 15,000 points, you can redeem 1,500 Mabuhay Miles. 

🎁 Annual Fee Waivers 

Use your Bonus Points to waive your HSBC credit card’s annual fee.

You must have 50,000 Bonus Points to waive the annual fee of your primary HSBC Red Mastercard for one year. Meanwhile, you need 25,000 Bonus Points to waive the annual fee of your supplementary card. 

🎁 Charity Donations

You can also make your rewards redemption meaningful by exchanging your points for a donation to a charitable organization of your choice. 

Donate ₱250 or ₱500 to the World Wildlife Fund for 5,000 and 10,000 Bonus Points, respectively. You can also make a ₱50 donation worth 1,000 Bonus Points to One Tree Planted. 

How to Redeem HSBC Credit Card Points

hsbc rewards points - how to redeem

Now that we’ve covered earning points, it’s time to learn how to claim your HSBC reward points. Make sure your mobile number in HSBC’s records is updated before making a redemption request. Follow these easy steps below for HSBC credit card points redemption online: 

  1. Log on to www.hsbc.com.ph and click your HSBC credit card’s rewards e-catalog. 
  2. Choose the items you want to redeem and take note of the following information: 
    • Item name 
    • Product or item code - If redeeming using Pure Points or under the Fast Track option, indicate the codes in the catalog. 
    • Bonus Points - Use the Bonus Points indicated in the catalog if redeeming with Pure Points or under the Fast Track option. 
    • Redemption Center Code (if items are for pick-up). This is the code assigned to each redemption branch where cardholders can pick up their items. 
    • Cash amount - If redeeming via Fast Track, indicate the cash-out amount inside the gray boxes.  
  3. Redeem your rewards. Reward items can be redeemed through a redemption center, via the merchant’s website, or credited to the cardholder's account. 

Note: Fast Track redemption allows cardholders to claim rewards with lower Bonus Points and charge the cash portion through straight payment on their HSBC credit card. The cash portion of the transaction will also earn Bonus Points.

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📌 HSBC Points Conversion to Miles

If you wish to convert your HSBC points to miles, you should call HSBC first at 8858-0000 or 7976-8000 to enroll in the Mileage program, even if you’re already a member of the participating airline’s frequent flyer program. 

You should also redeem the corresponding minimum number of miles. Asia Miles and KrisFlyer Miles are redeemed in increments of 1,000 miles, while Mabuhay Miles are redeemed in increments of 1,500. 

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📌 HSBC Points Conversion to Cash

You can convert your HSBC Rewards points into cash credits and redeem them in ₱500, ₱1,000, ₱3,000, ₱5,000 or ₱10,000 denominations. Cash credits can be used to shop or pay your credit card bill. 

Here are the Bonus Points you need on your HSBC credit card to redeem cash credits: 

Cash Credit HSBC Red Mastercard HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back HSBC Platinum Visa
₱500 10,000 Points 10,000 Points 5,000 Points
₱1,000 20,000 Points 20,000 Points 10,000 Points
₱3,000 75,000 Points 75,000 Points 37,500 Points
₱5,000 125,000 Points 125,000 Points 62,500 Points
₱10,000 250,000 Points 250,000 Points 125,000 Points


On the Rewards site, complete the online rewards form[3] and receive confirmation of your redemption via SMS within five working days. 

How to Earn HSBC Rewards Points Faster

hsbc rewards points - how to earn faster

Earning rewards points is one of the best things about credit cards. You can rack up even more points on your HSBC credit card if you’re strategic about it. Here are some tips:

✔️ Get an HSBC Rewards Credit Card

If you want to earn HSBC rewards points faster, get an HSBC rewards credit card. For example, you’ll earn rewards points for every ₱20 spent with the HSBC Red Mastercard. 

✔️ Take Advantage of the Accelerated Rewards Program 

On a related note, maximize your rewards points earning potential by using your HSBC credit card in qualified merchant categories. The HSBC Red Mastercard gives 4x Bonus Points on shopping, dining, and overseas transactions, including local online transactions in foreign currency.

✔️ Pay Utility Bills With Your HSBC Credit Card

Say you don’t spend much on lifestyle shopping or dinners with friends. You can still earn rewards points faster when you use your HSBC credit card to pay your utility bills. 

Set up your telephone, internet, and cable bill payments on HSBC AutoCharge[4] to enjoy automatic monthly payments. All you have to keep track of is your HSBC credit card due date. 

You earn Bonus Points on AutoCharge payments, which you can exchange for reward items. 

✔️ Use Your HSBC Credit Card for Big Purchases

A credit card is a big help when purchasing expensive items. Aside from enjoying affordable monthly payments when you opt for credit card installment plans, you earn rewards points on your purchase. You can even avail of special discounts or terms when you purchase at HSBC partner establishments. 

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Final Thoughts

Maximize every swipe to accumulate HSBC rewards points faster. But remember to use your credit card only for essential purchases—and maybe an occasional splurge or two, if you can afford it! Familiarize yourself with the specific merchant categories where you can earn extra rewards points. Most importantly, take note of your bonus points expiry so they don’t go to waste. 

If you don't have an HSBC credit card yet, apply today via Moneymax! 

Credit Card
Annual Fee
Minimum Annual Income Requirement
Key Features
HSBC Red Mastercard
hsbc red mastercard
  • 4x bonus points on online, shopping, dining, and overseas transactions
  • 1 bonus point for every ₱20 spend
  • 3% fuel rebates year-round



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