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Moneymax and Nook Sign Partnership to Make Housing Loan Applications Easier

Moneymax Editorial Team

Moneymax Editorial Team

Last updated February 09, 2022

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - MAY 2020. Nook, the Philippines’ first online mortgage broker, partners with Moneymax to help Filipinos find and get approved for the right home loan. Nook was founded in 2018 and its partnership with Moneymax is a first for both online platforms.

Making home loan applications simple and free

Online mortgage brokers may be new to Filipinos, but their role in the Philippine housing market can sure make an impact. So how does a platform like Nook work? Similar to Moneymax, Nook partners with leading banks in the country to act as an intermediary between them and borrowers. Through its website, Nook helps Filipinos choose the right home loan, ultimately guiding them from application to approval. Apart from making the home loan process faster and more convenient, Nook also helps users save money by allowing them to compare and apply for a loan without charge. Nook’s services are all free and online.

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Working together to help Filipinos with their home financing needs

It only makes sense for Nook to partner with Moneymax as both companies aim to educate Filipinos on how to make smarter financial decisions.

“Getting a home loan is a major financial decision in someone’s life. Moneymax and Nook will make it easy for every Filipino to compare and apply for the best home loan with a click of a button,” shares Munmun Nath, Moneymax’s Managing Director for Marketing.

“We are excited about this strategic partnership with Moneymax and to drive our common mission of helping Filipinos lead healthier financial lives,” says Chris Elder, CEO of Nook.

Through this strategic partnership, Moneymax will help Nook educate Filipinos about home loans: from finding the right bank, preparing the requirements, and getting approved. Moneymax will do this through articles and infographics that will be published on their website, newsletter, and social media accounts.

Apart from educating Filipinos on home loans, Moneymax and Nook’s partnership will also provide borrowers with financing solutions that can well adapt to the new normal. No need to go outside as borrowers can process all of their home financing needs online. This is ideal for newly-married couples, OFWs, retired individuals, and anybody else who is looking to acquire a better and safer home for their families.

To learn more about Nook, visit, and follow their Facebook ( and Instagram ( pages. Also, don’t forget to regularly visit the Moneymax blog  to read more about the partnership. For more updates, follow on Facebook and Instagram, alongside @moneymaxph on Twitter.


About Moneymax

Moneymax is an online comparison platform for financial products such as car insurance, credit cards, and loans. The company aims to drive financial inclusion in the Philippines by helping Filipinos make smarter life decisions through financial education and comparison. Driving financial literacy is core to Moneymax’s mission and it does so through its blog and social media channels.

Established in 2014, Moneymax started by offering car insurance and has branched out to banking products like credit cards and loans. In 2020, Moneymax launched Gadget Protect, the country’s first digital mobile protection product.

CompareAsiaGroup is the parent company of Moneymax that operates in six markets in the region: Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In 2019, CompareAsiaGroup welcomed one of its biggest investors, Experian, who led the series B1 funding of $20 million to help deliver the Group’s mission of empowering people to build healthier financial lives.

About Nook

Founded in 2018, Nook is the Philippines’ first official mortgage broker. Through technology, the company acts as an intermediary between borrowers and major banks. They aim to help Filipinos finance their next home purchase without having to pay expensive fees. With this, Nook has partnered with some of the biggest banks in Southeast Asia to help make the home loan process simple and more convenient.

The Moneymax Editorial Team consists of talented and experienced writers, editors, investors, and subject matter experts on a mission to help Filipinos build healthier financial lives. Browse the Moneymax blog for information and advice on credit cards, loans, insurance, investments, and other personal finance topics. For more financial news and articles, follow Moneymax on LinkedIn.