Tapping into Next-Generation Online Gaming

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With Sony and Microsoft’s new video game consoles slated for, respectively, a December 2013 and early 2014 Filipino release, it might be worth beefing up your broadband plan. What will the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One have in store for online gamers?

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Online Gaming on the PlayStation 4

With the opportunity to add up to 2,000 friends on your online account, a mono-headset for voice-chat included with your PlayStation 4 purchase, and the possibility to download your retail games directly to your console, Sony’s newest home console aims to cater fully to the needs of online gamers. Although, this time around, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee of approximately P2,000 a year to be able to play online games (this was still free on the PlayStation 3), Sony insists that it’ll be worth your pesos.

Among the games coming up for the PlayStation 4 which you can play online are the following. First, first-person shooter fans will be able to go all-out with Killzone 4. Set in a dystopian future, the story revolves around a violent conflict between the Vektans and the Helghast, two rival colonist factions based on a distant planet. Online gaming will involve playing as either one of these factions and trying to outgun your opponents in a large variety of gameplay modes. The Elder Scrolls Online[1] takes on quite a different approach. Set in an ancient fantasy universe, there’ll be not so much shooting as there is sword wielding, spell casting, and improving your character in an old-school role playing game fashion. In previous entries in the series you were doing this all by yourself, now you can share the fun online.


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Online Gaming on the Xbox One

When it comes to online gaming on game consoles, the online services available on the Xbox and Xbox 360 have always been perceived as topnotch. Microsoft will be keen on keeping this streak going with the Xbox One, as gamers will be able to make use of neat little features such as Smart Match, which allows you to make an online game match request, switch to doing something else on your Xbox One or TV (such as watching a series), and have you being notified when an opponent has been found. This and other new features ought to make online gaming on the Xbox One worth your while—just as for the PlayStation 4 though, a yearly price tag will be attached to the console’s online services.

Several games appearing on the PlayStation 4 will also be appearing on the Xbox One, the aforementioned The Elder Scrolls Online is one example of this. Another game appearing for both consoles will be Just Dance 2014[3]. Slated to be a launch game, Just Dance 2014 allows players to dance through motion-control on a great variety of tracks—both oldies as well as the latest pop songs. Invite your friends to an online dance-off or challenge a stranger to see how you hold up when it comes to dance moves. Forza Motorsport 5 is the latest entry in a game series which has been catering to the needs of car fanatics for many years. Select in this game the Ferrari, Lamborghini or Chevrolet of your choice, and test your driving skills online against opponents driving equally beautiful cars.

Good Times Coming for Online Gamers — Do You Have the Right Internet Plan?

If you’re really into online gaming and want to tap into the most spectacular games on offering, either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One could be a great choice for you. In order to enjoy playing the games on these consoles without any connection problems though, it’s of particular importance to seek out those broadband plans which offer a lot of connection stability—in online gaming, internet speed is of less importance (though you would probably still need at least 5 Mbps for most new games) than stability. Therefore, fixed-line broadband plans may better suit your needs than mobile broadband plans when it comes to comfortable online gaming.

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