You may remember the song “Mother Knows Best” from Disney’s Tangled, and while Mother Gothel was a little more sinister, moms are usually very savvy when it comes to handling the family funds. We learn how to budget from them. We learn the art of haggling, and how to read facial expressions from them.

After all, they’ve juggled kids, running finances, and a job. Moms are awesome at everything they do, and when they give you that look of judgment over the state of your very millennial finances, prepare to listen to some of the most important mommy money tips.

Mommy Money Tips

Anak, Save.

A 2015 BSP survey has shown that more Filipinos are starting to save. Household savings are up to 31.6% from 2014’s 25.7%, and that was just in the first half of 2015.

Moms know that saving can help you in times of need and help you be more independent. She will remind you this all the time. You might get tired of it, but she’s just looking out for your financial welfare.

Anak, Wag Ka Magastos.

Moms want to make sure that you live within your means, and not paycheck to paycheck. It’s because she worries that you don’t have proper control over your spending. Ease her worries by creating a fun fund that doesn’t bleed into the rest of your payday obligations.

Anak, Work Hard.

Our moms want us to be happy and have financially-secured lives. They want us to work hard for sufficient income as long as you don’t sacrifice your health and time for yourself. Early on, she instills upon us the importance of hard work and how it helps you earn – either good favor with her if you want to go out and treat her to dinner, or the raise you’ve been eyeing for in the workplace.

Anak, Take Nothing For Granted.

One of the reasons why your mom says this is that they did not have the same comfortable life you did while growing up. Small expenses like food bought and going bad in the refrigerator after a month may seem insignificant but this will become a habit if we don’t take notice.

Our moms think that we are the best blessing she’s ever had, and all she wants is to share valuable financial lessons with us that she got throughout the years.

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