LTE Broadband Plans in the Philippines: What are Your Options?

Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated July 23, 2021

lte broadband in the philippines

How does LTE in the Philippines fare nowadays? It lags behind most countries worldwide in terms of availability (63.73%) and speed (9.49 Mbps), based on OpenSignal's State of LTE report[1] released in February 2018. Ironically, the Philippines has had this wireless broadband technology for over half a decade now (starting in 2012, according to OpenSignal).

Nonetheless, LTE broadband plans are good alternatives to wired connections for people who live in areas with strong signals and lack of DSL or fiber coverage.

LTE broadband plans in the Philippines promise high-speed internet connection, with advertised maximum speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 50Mbps. This could mean movie streaming and online gaming without lags and even downloading large files within seconds.

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Globe LTE Broadband Plans

Globe LTE prepaid

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Globe At Home LTE Broadband Plans

Globe launched two types of LTE broadband plans starting at PHP 1,299 for speeds of up to 5 Mbps with a 400 GB monthly data cap.

LTE installation costs PHP 1,000 payable in three months. There's also a PHP 1,200 fee for LTE Super Home Phone activation (PHP 200 initial cash-out + PHP 1,000 payable in 5 months).

Included in all Globe LTE broadband packages are the following:

  • Four-port Wi-Fi router
  • Landline phone with free calls to Globe and TM for 24 months
  • 6-month Netflix and Disney Channel app subscription
  • 2-month HOOQ subscription

Globe PlanMonthly Service FeeAdvertised Maximum SpeedsMonthly Data LimitMonthly Data Allocation
Plan 1299PHP 1,2995 Mbps400 GB100 GB for YouTube + 300 GB for internet data
Plan 1599 PHP 1,59910 Mbps500 GB100 GB for YouTube + 400 GB for internet data
Plan 1699PHP 1,69920 Mbps600 GB100 GB for YouTube + 500 GB for internet data
Plan 1899PHP 1,89950 Mbps600 GB100 GB for YouTube + 500 GB for internet data

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Smart Bro LTE Broadband Plans

Smart LTE

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Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi

Smart's LTE home broadband offers the lowest price range for its three postpaid plans, starting at PHP 499 for speeds up to 42 Mbps with a 6 GB monthly data cap. However, new subscribers have to pay a one-time fee ranging from PHP 1,500 to PHP 2,000. All postpaid home broadband plans have a lock-in period of 12 months.

A Smart Bro prepaid Wi-Fi is also available for a one-time fee of PHP 1,995. Reloading can be done via a Smart Load Card in PHP 100, PHP 300, and PHP 500 values.

All postpaid and prepaid home LTE products boast of a wide indoor coverage in selected areas with LTE-ready 700mHz frequency. Up to 10 devices can connect simultaneously.

Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi ProductsInitial FeeMonthly Service FeeAdvertised Maximum SpeedsMonthly Data Limit
Postpaid Plan 499PHP 2,000PHP 49942 Mbps6 GB
Postpaid Plan 799  PHP 1,750PHP 79942 Mbps10 GB
Postpaid Plan 999 PHP 1,500PHP 99942 Mbps15 GB
Prepaid PHP 1,995N/A42 MbpsN/A

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Final Thoughts

Before you appy for any of these LTE broadband plans, check the service availability of your chosen provider in your area. The information can be found on the telecom's website. This way, you are guaranteed to enjoy a high-speed LTE connection at home.

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