Mobile Data Conservation Tips
In the Ericsson Mobility Report last 2015, it was reported that there is a 40% penetration rate of smartphones in the Philippines. Afrizal Abdul Rahim, Ericsson Head of ConsumerLab for Region South East Asia and Oceania, said in a statement to BusinessWorld:

“The increasing availability of affordable smartphones, Internet access and mobility is enabling more consumers to access the benefits of the Networked Society. In fact, in the Philippines, smartphones are the primary way of getting online.”

Additional insights from this report are that in the Southeast Asia and Oceania regions, social networking, instant messaging and video streaming are among the top five app categories actively used by smartphone users in the region. In the Philippines, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber, YouTube, and Instagram are the top five apps actively used by smartphone users.

But gone are the days that consumers can stream endlessly with their mobile data, both through prepaid and postpaid promos, since all mobile telecommunications companies have set their Fair Use Policy (FUP) to even out the bandwidth usage of consumers last 2014. The data consumption for a day’s worth of mobile data ranges from 800MB to 1GB.

What Can You Do With 1GB Worth of Mobile Data

In today’s connected age, it’s hard when you hit your mobile data limit. Hitting it at the most inopportune times may prevent you from sending that e-mail that you really needed for work, or cause your video conference to lag, or cut your download speeds for documents and other files to extremely low rates, especially if you do not have a good broadband plan at home. In case you’re looking into changing your broadband plan at home, you can check out some options online.
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You may not notice it, but a lot of apps that are on your phone may actually be the cause of your mobile data being rapidly consumed. If you’ve ever wondered how much mobile data you actually use

tableSource: Smart Communications

Taking into consideration that 1GB is equal to 1,024MB, you can project how much data you are using up when you sign up for a promo. Prepaid mobile data promos range in Php50 – Php60 a day and without a promo, it would cost you Php5.00 per 15 minutes. to surf the internet without registering to a promo.

Mobile Data Saving Tips

If you’ve ever wanted to prevent extreme mobile data consumption, here are a few easy ways to do it:

Limit Bandwidth and Cache Data

Certain browsers, like Google Chrome, tend to consume a large amount of bandwidth due to large image files and such on websites. You can reduce bandwidth via the Reduce Data Usage settings of these apps, owing to the fact that it condenses images and videos you access.
Caching your data for some other apps will allow you to access said data even when offline. Google Maps and Spotify allow you to save the data you need for use offline, so take advantage of it and take a load off of your data.
Another hack you can do is to browse websites for free while you’re registered to a mobile data promo.
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Some or the apps and websites you can use or browse without any charges are:

  • Spotify
  • HOOQ
  • Clash of Clans
  • Dungeon Hunter
  •  Facebook and Facebook Messenger (excluding calls at Messenger)
  • Daily Motion
  • Youtube

Be sure to check with your provider’s website which ones are applicable to them and to the mobile data promo you registered at. Based on the data consumption table we’ve cited, this could save you a lot of data and allocate them for more important online tasks.

Disable Push Notifications

A push notification is basically data automatically synced to your phone like alerts from your social networks, e-mails, or updated apps. While this isn’t normally a problem, getting simultaneous

So if you do want to conserve your data, you might want to disable all your push notifications unless you’re on a WiFi connection.

Yes, this means that you won’t know when a celebrity you follow has posted something on Instagram or get that update alert from Clash of Clans.

Monitor your Usage

Android devices usually have a Data Usage tracker, and will also allow you to set a data cap. Most providers also send out messages when you’ve hit your data cap for the day (usually 1GB). For mobile users with other operating systems, you can download free mobile data usage tracking apps. Here are some of them:

  • Datawiz
  • Onavo
  • Data Monitor
  • My Data Manager
  • dodol Phone
  • Net Counter
  • 3G Watchdog

Monitoring your usage of mobile data will be the key to conserving your overall data usage when you aren’t latched onto a WiFi network. Shutting off your mobile data when you aren’t using it (like when you happen to be asleep) also helps.

Enable the “Update Over Wifi” Option

Most apps already recommend that you update over WiFi to ensure a stable connection throughout the update, and doing this for all your apps will reduce your data consumption by as much as 70%. Most apps and games consume large amounts of data when an update comes through so it’s best to disable the auto-update on your apps.

This is particularly true if you happen to be a mobile gamer. Apps like Injustice: Gods Among Us, Hearthstone, and Marvel’s Contest of Champions have large updates, and you’re better off using a WiFi connection to get them.

High Definition, High Consumption

As crisp as the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer might look on your phone, it’s eating your mobile data faster than Pac-Man can eat his way to a power-up. Consider moving to standard definition instead to prevent overusing your data connection. To do that on Youtube, click at the vertical dotted line at the upper right of the  video you want to watch and look for these settings:
youtube reso
Setting the video to 144 pixels will get the data consumption down while still allowing you to stream the video with reasonable visuals.

3G > LTE

While most data plan holders generally get their subscriptions to take advantage of the LTE connectivity, the speedy connection also means faster (and nominally higher) data consumption.

Consider limiting your bandwidth to 3G to avoid getting your data consumed and capped before you can use it to its full potential. However, limiting yourself to a 3G connection will reduce any videos you stream, images you download and cause music streams to buffer.

Making Ways to Maximize Your Mobile Data Without Paying Extra Cash

Ultimately, you can go on using your connection as you always have but if you’d like to reduce your consumption by even a little, you’ve got more than a few options available to you now.

A concession you can make is to have your mobile data on only until you can locate a WiFi network you can connect to.

By using these mobile data saving tips, you can work within your mobile data budget for the day or month, still enjoy browsing the internet on your phone, and allocate the bandwidth for your important work or personal tasks.