Christmas gifts in bulk

Got a long list of people to give Christmas gifts to this year? Are you—and your wallet—ready for the season of giving?

Instead of stressing yourself out thinking of gift ideas for each person on your list, relax and take it easy! Why don’t you get a lot of the same thing for your inaanaks, relatives, officemates, and corporate clients? Then save your brain cells for finding thoughtful, personalized gifts for the closest people in your life.

Buying Christmas gifts in bulk saves you not only effort but also time and money. You can get discounts when you buy wholesale. Haggling for items in bulk at tiangges is easier, too. And when you save money and stretch your holiday shopping budget, you can afford to give everyone a present.

However, shopping in bulk doesn’t mean your Christmas gifts can’t be meaningful and useful. We’ve scoured the internet for awesome holiday gift ideas your recipients will actually use, eat, or enjoy. Here are seven of them.

1. Charging Cables

Perfect gift idea for: Coworkers and corporate clients

Looking for great corporate giveaways or raffle items for your company Christmas party? One of the value-for-money gift ideas this Christmas is to order gadget accessories in bulk.

Charging cables are among those things people, especially techie travelers, won’t say no to.’s Geekkery line of mobile accessories[1] features durable, stylish, and trendy lightning cables and micro USB charging cables covered in either leather or denim. They’re compatible with Apple, Android, or Windows devices. Shipping is free nationwide for orders above PHP 990.

2. Paymaya Card

Perfect gift idea for: Family and friends who need to manage their spending

How about practical Christmas gifts for the people you care about? If you have loved ones who constantly complain about not getting approved for a credit card, a prepaid card is a great alternative they’ll find useful.

A PayMaya card, for example, can be used for many online transactions. You can shop at online and offline stores that accept Visa and Mastercard. The card also allows booking flights and movie tickets online, as well as subscribe to Netflix, Spotify, and other apps. Freelancers can even link a PayMaya card to their PayPal account to receive payments.

Each card costs PHP 150, but you can save more when you buy PayMaya cards in bulk. A bundle of three cards costs PHP 395 (save PHP 55), and a bundle of five costs PHP 600 (save PHP 150). Delivery is free for bulk purchases, too.

Available at: PayMaya online store[2]

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3. Cakes in Jars

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Perfect gift idea for: Barkada, officemates, neighbors, and anyone with a sweet tooth

Cakes in jars are popular giveaways at weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and other special occasions. They make lovely Christmas gifts, too!

You can’t go wrong with these mini cakes as presents. Many cake jars also come with affordable price tags, such as Francine’s cakes in jars that cost only PHP 60 to PHP 130 each, depending on jar size. Bulk orders (50 pieces or more) come with discounts. The red velvet flavor is a must-try! Your recipients will keep raving about it long after they’ve finished their jars.

Available at: Francine’s[3]

4. Chocolates and Sweets

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Perfect gift idea for: Kids and adults who love chocolates

Chocolates, candies, cookies, and other sweets from international brands sold in malls are typically expensive. If you’re planning to buy loads of sweets as gifts for your inaanaks or giveaways in the office, you can save a great deal when you buy from local wholesalers.

SMR Chocolates, for example, carries famous brands like Hershey’s, Toblerone, Oreo, and Pepero at wholesale prices. While it caters mostly to resellers, customers who need to shop for Christmas gifts can also enjoy low prices when buying products in bulk.

Available at: SMR Chocolates stores[4]

5. Homemade Snacks

Perfect gift idea for: Anyone you’d love to give personalized Christmas gifts to Looking for personalized yet affordable and fuss-free gift ideas? Buy pretty yet cheap mason jars (or any clear containers you fancy) in bulk on Tabora St. in Divisoria and fill them with assorted desserts you’d like to give away to your friends, coworkers, and just about everyone.

Here are some creative ideas for the contents of your Christmas gifts:

  • Homemade jam, atchara, or any preserved food
  • S’mores, cookies, or any quick and easy desserts
  • Salad, trail mix, or oats (for the health-conscious peeps)
  • Favorite childhood snacks (Iced Gem biscuits, Choc Nut, Haw Haw milk candies, Potchi, Flat Tops, etc.)

They’re all simple to make—and those who receive your Christmas gifts will surely appreciate your effort.

6. Children’s Books

Perfect gift idea for: Inaanaks, young pamangkins, children, children’s classmates, and friends’ kids

Today’s kids are always glued on smartphone and tablet screens. Why don’t we get children to read books more and watch YouTube less?

Good thing, buying books for children isn’t so heavy on the pocket when purchased in bulk. For instance, Tahanan Books offers gift sets of three books with prices ranging from PHP 300 to PHP 580. The reading collections consist of books for early readers, Philippine folktales, storybooks in Filipino, and counting and alphabet books for bilingual children.

Available at: Tahanan Books[5]

7. Notebooks and Journals

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Perfect gift idea for: Coworkers and friends

Do you have people on your gift shopping list who love doodling their thoughts or listing stuff on paper? Notebooks and journals are among the most affordable Christmas gifts—you can buy plenty of them even with a limited budget.
All&SundryPH’s notebooks, featuring witty designs, come in sets of either three or six for as low as PHP 100 per set.

A noteworthy gift idea is its journal set with four different designs, consisting of a financial diary (“Gastadora: Write What You Spend”), a food journal (“Nagpipigil: Write What You Eat”), a travel diary (“Lakwatsera: Write Where You Go”), and a notebook for listing one’s wishes (“Yayaman! Yayaman! Write Your Wish List”).

Available at: All&SundryPH[6]

Final Thoughts

Just a warning: These holiday gift ideas may tempt you to buy some stuff also for yourself (thinking that it won’t hurt because you’re getting discounts anyway). Then later, you might realize you don’t need the extras you’ve purchased. Remember to focus on your goal (shop for Christmas gifts) and fight the urge to splurge!

Which of these gift ideas do you like the most? Any affordable Christmas gifts in bulk that must be on this list? We’d love to read your recommendations!

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