Saving Tricks for Housewives
The pressure of handling household finances well on top of juggling domestic chores makes every housewife roll their eyes – every day. That’s one amazing multitasking magic all housewives do for their family. Most of the time, you would think, setting aside for their family’s future (or even for tomorrow) could be tricky during this time.

Here’s how to help all these women of wonders on their daily battle with finances:

Unplug when not in use. This may be computers, electric fans, television, cell phone or laptop chargers, microwave ovens, or rice cookers. You may not literally save money, but you’ll be cutting off unnecessary costs from your electricity bill. It also pays to turn off the lights when no one is in the room, and use natural sunlight instead.

Cook big. Others might probably tell you you’re wasting money, and you should always cook just enough for you and your family. However, that logic isn’t going to help your money-saving strategy. This is possible if you manage to find the best place to buy cheap bulk food. Then, you can cook a lot. Serve only what’s good enough for everyone and proceed to save the rest for other days. You’ll be saved from needing to run down to the store to buy ingredients after every day or so and the hassle of thinking of another menu to cook for supper.

Small is good. You don’t have to beat yourself up over having a “small savings.” Savings is savings, and it’s better to have a little and some, rather than have none. That being said, a small percentage is a good start. If at first you start saving 5%, keep this up for a few weeks. Increase the percentage to 7%, then 10%. The important thing here is that you’re saving, and that’s always considered progress.

Start early. The cost of raising a child and managing the household is not just about starting now. It’s about starting to educate your children as well. If you teach them about the importance of personal financial management at an early age, they’ll grow up to be efficient spenders and savers. Get your family in on it. If you’re teaching the kids, you might as well teach other people in your household that you are taking the necessary steps to save more money. If they seem hesitant, try telling them about the rewards of having a rainy day or emergency fund. Everyone can benefit from money saved, whether it’s in the bank or not.

Shop in the farmer’s market. Ingredients are fresher and cheaper, considering they don’t have to pay for mall or grocery shop rent. Avoid making unplanned trips to the grocery stores. That’s why it’s important to make a shopping schedule—whether it’s for food or things.

Take advantage of the Internet. Considering you already have an Internet connection, you can choose to cancel your cable subscription to save some money. Believe it or not, you can rely on the Internet for family entertainment. You can watch movies, listen to music, and gain access to an endless supply of reading materials. If you’re paying for a broadband plan, you might as well make use of exactly what you’re paying for.

As a housewife, what are your tricks on saving?

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