Your Guide to Hassle-Free Claims Processing

Published: August 4, 2015 | Updated: July 24, 2020 | Posted by: Carlo Miguel Castañeda | Car Insurance

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In an auto accident, you can – and should – file a claim with your insurance company.

One of the many reasons why Filipinos don’t bother getting car insurance beyond the CTPL is because of the impression that claims processing is a hassle, and that it can end up being a complete waste of time. Many car owners believe comprehensive car insurance is an unnecessary expense. Most of them end up regretting the decision when they have to pay out of pocket after an incident on the road.

Claims processing isn’t as hassling as most people think. Providers have gone great lengths to shorten the claims process.

Here are some basic steps of claims processing, and a few tips to help you avoid the hassle:

Documents Filing

If you find yourself involved in an accident, keep calm. A rash decision is made when you panic.

The next thing you need to accomplish is to gather all your documents as proof of the accident.

When reporting to your insurer, include as many details as possible. Fill out a claim form and submit it with the following documents:

  1. Police report affidavit
  2. Photographs of the incident
  3. Estimated cost of the repair from the casa
  4. Photocopy of your driver’s license and official receipt (OR)
  5. Photocopy of car registration and motor vehicle registration renewal (MVRR), and
  6. Additional documents, depending on the situation.

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Processing Time

Processing takes forever is when you don’t have all your documents on hand. Make sure that you have your ORCR and Driver’s License with you at all times, along with a copy of your insurance policy.

If you have all your documents on hand, the wait time can be reduced to a minimum of three hours, and a maximum of five days. However, if your claim exceeds 70%, or total loss – expect processing time to take a month or longer.

Communication Problems

Before you sign a policy, it feels like you and your provider communicate faster. You’ll often hear that after you’ve made your purchase and sign, your car insurance agent won’t be as easy to get a hold of.

When processing an insurance claim, get the word of your car insurance agent that he’ll give updates regarding this.

Use multiple channels to get in touch with him or her, and drop by their office to get immediate assistance.