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There’s no doubt that smartphones are awesome. These mini-computers can help you manage almost all aspects of your life and then some. That’s why it’s important to get the right smartphone that will suit your needs. There are cool smartphones out there, but they also come with a hefty price. Some even cost an arm and a leg, literally.

But before you spend thousands on a nice phone, ask yourself a bunch of questions like: Do you really need it? Is having a unique smartphone worth it? Are you willing to spend more for some extra features? These cool smartphones are the most unique out there, but maybe you don’t need them to function as a person. You’ll find out soon enough in this article.

Do You Really Need These Cool Smartphones?

1. Samsung Galaxy Fold

Cool Smartphones Worth More Than Their Value - Samsung Galaxy Fold
Photo from Hannibal Hanschke, Reuters

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Fragile screens, too expensive

Let’s start with the smartphone that made headlines earlier this year. Not because of its innovation, but because of its fragile screens (1). True to its name, the Samsung Galaxy Fold stands out as one of the first foldable smartphones in the market. Once folded, it becomes a regular smartphone, but open the fold and it becomes a mini tablet. Neat, right?

The monstrous Samsung Galaxy Fold specs aside, the main problem of this device are the screens and the ~PHP 100,000 price tag. Even if the screens aren’t fragile, you can’t justify paying for a smartphone that will cost more than a small business in the Philippines. You don’t need to carry two screens around. Just get a cheaper smartphone and you’ll be fine.

2. Huawei Mate X

Cool Smartphones Worth More Than Their Value - Huawei Mate X
Photo from Tech Radar

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Having two screens is overkill, price is to die for, literally

Speaking of having two screens and a hefty price tag, Huawei doubled down on their foldable device by giving it a ~PHP 135,000 price tag. To be fair, Huawei Mate X looks really great. According to initial reviews (2), Huawei Mate X specs trumps that of Samsung Galaxy Fold, both in hardware, software, and basic functionality. Also, the screens aren’t as fragile.

But still, it doesn’t change the fact that you don’t need this smartphone. For its price, you can buy a separate tablet and still have enough to buy other essential goods. Give it a few more years and eventually, smartphone makers will improve on the foldable technology with lower prices. It’s not really practical for the general public to be an early adopter of any technology.

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3. Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

Cool Smartphones Worth More Than Their Value - Energizer Power Max P18K Pop
Photo from Vlad Savov, The Verge

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Too thick and heavy, not ideal to carry

Do you want a smartphone with long battery life? Energizer has the smartphone just for you, sort of. Introducing the Power Max P18K Pop, the chunkiest smartphone in the world. Aside from looking like five phones piled into one, this phone has a whopping 18,000 mAh battery. Ever wondered how it feels like to have a powerbank as your phone? Here it is.

While the concept of an everlasting battery life sounds enticing, what’s not is the size of this monstrous phone. If you really want a phone that will last you for days, consider buying a phone with fast-charging capabilities. Most iOS and Android devices already have this feature anyway. You should also invest in a portable powerbank instead of carrying around a brick.

4. Palm Phone 2018

Cool Smartphones Worth More Than Their Value - Palm Phone
Photo from Julian Chokkattu, Digital Trends

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Too small, not practical as an accessory phone

The smallest from this list of cool smartphones, the Palm Phone, aims to aid your smartphone addiction by giving you the bare minimum features. In reality, you’ll just end up frustrated after buying a tiny phone with outdated specs. It’s also worth noting that the Palm Phone price is the same as buying a more capable mid-range phone, so it’s not really practical to buy one.

Adding a phone to the equation won’t really help minimize your smartphone dependence. If you’re really trying to curb your addiction, it’s best to go cold turkey by getting rid of your feature-heavy phone. Either sell it online and buy a more basic phone or just take a break from other tech stuff for a while. After all, smartphone detox is becoming a popular trend.

5. RED Hydrogen One

Cool Smartphones Worth More Than Their Value - RED Hydrogen One
Photo from Raymond Wong, Mashable

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Gimmicky and expensive, holographic display isn’t that good

The RED Hydrogen One looks like an awesome phone, but dig deeper and you’ll see how flawed it is. For instance, it failed hard in executing its main selling point: the holographic display which just makes the screen blurry and painful to the eyes. Other than that, this phone is pretty basic. Not really a great deal if you consider its ~PHP 50,000 price tag.

While the attempt to innovate is commendable, it doesn’t change the fact that the phone just didn’t match the hype. Even if the holographic display did work, it’s not going to be useful to your everyday life anyway. It’s a gimmick for gimmick’s sake and it’s definitely not worth your money.

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6. Gold Karat iPhones

Cool Smartphones Worth More Than Their Value - Golden iPhones
Photo from

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Why do you need a golden iPhone?

These phones are regular phones, just with 24 karat gold embedded into them. Why would anyone make these? Clearly, there are a lot of people who have deep pockets. It looks fabulous and elegant, but totally not practical. Try walking on the street with these functioning gold bars on your hands. Clearly, you don’t need us to tell you why you don’t need these.

7. Unihertz Titan

Cool Smartphones Worth More Than Their Value - Unihertz Titan
Photo from Chris Velazco, Engadget

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Too chunky and heavy, camera not that great

While it isn’t as bulky as the Energizer phone, the Unihertz Titan (3) is still chunky to be considered a proper smartphone. Targeted towards die-hard Blackberry fans, it aims to combine the functionality of a physical keyboard and the flexibility of the Android ecosystem. The result is a tank phone that’s not really ideal for everyday use.

But of all the cool smartphones on this list, the Unihertz Titan has the most potential to become a proper smartphone. It has a heavy-duty body and the physical keyboard screams productivity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a great camera, so buy at your own risk. It’s an incredibly niche smartphone that’s not for everyone.

8. Essential Project Gem

Cool Smartphones Worth More Than Their Value - Essential Project Gem
Photo from Essential

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It: Way too long, not ideal to carry around

Have you ever wanted to use a TV remote control as a phone? Well now you can, thanks to the Essential Project Gem. It’s not available yet, but Essential CEO Andy Rubin revealed their latest project on Twitter and it made heads turn. While it definitely looks unique, it also looks inconvenient as a smartphone. You need to have long fingers to use this one.

It’s good to see smartphone makers trying to innovate and all, but sometimes the innovation can be hit or miss. On the plus side, you can now easily read long Twitter threads and social media rants on Facebook. So that’s nice.

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Final Thoughts

Of course, you’re still entitled to buy any cool smartphones out there. The least we could do is convince you not to overspend and focus your money instead to more useful things. And if you’re going to buy one of these phones, consider enrolling it to a Gadget Protect program so you can protect your investment. You will spend a lot of money for it, after all.

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