Philippines probably holds the title of having one of the most horrible commuting problems in the continent. Worse, no serious and visible solutions have been made yet to ease every commuter’s agony. Worst, we don’t have a choice. Here are common commuter problems we experience every day. Every. Day.

Unbearable Traffic

Whether you’re in commute or in private vehicle, heavy traffic in the Metro has been a big concern for decades now and even goes worse during bad times especially now, rainy season. Most days, you have to wake up super early in the morning just to avoid the rush hours where the queuing is bad. You have to make grace periods when you’re into back-to-back meetings wherein you have to go places. You have to spend a valuable time of your awake hours off the road because of the unending issues of traffic.

Inconvenient Transport

Commuting is the cheapest way to go to any destination, but it is undeniable that sometimes, you have to suffer some inconvenience while on the road. MRT/LRT, buses, jeepneys, UV Express comes with cheap transportation costs but you are prone to first-hand experience of petty fights over a space because of face-to-face encounter with co-passengers. Most drivers or owners will surely maximize every space available in the vehicle. Most of the time, commuting means inconvenience.

Selfish Co-passengers

It’s very rare that you won’t encounter people with zero empathy. Most of the time, they will sit on the farthest part of the jeepney and will roughly ask you (who’s on the other end) to pass their fare to the driver or, these guys (and girls) who won’t give up a seat for the old folks, disabled and pregnant. Some others will play loud music on their new gadget. It’s not saying that you should be friendly with all your co-passengers, but at least always be nice and casual to everyone especially when you need a hand on something or you think they need you.

Abusive Drivers

Have you ever felt like being robbed by taxi drivers with contract fare during hectic times like heavy traffic, rush hours or rainy days? The feeling is like being in a stressful situation under a stressful situation – stress times two! But of course, we don’t have a choice yet (and they know that.)


Snatchers, hold-uppers, murders among others are considerably being strategic nowadays. They are everywhere during paydays and Christmas; they dress well.  All in all, they just know their business; they just know what to do and what you do. They, most probably, know where you put your money or how much your value is as their victim.
The extent of these crimes? People and government are in defense mode – anti-crime tactics, CCTVs everywhere, downloadable safety apps on the internet, establishments selling gadgets for security. You just have to be in full alert whenever you’re commuting.

Which of these common dilemmas of passengers do you experience on your daily commute? Share with us on the comment box!

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