Cool Yet Affordable Ways to Treat Dad this Father’s Day

Published: June 15, 2018 | Updated: January 29, 2020 | Posted by: Mayee Gonzales | Lifestyle

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Dads are tough but they can be soft on the inside, too. Sometimes they’re strict, sometimes they’re corny, and sometimes they’re hip as if they’re trying to be part of our barkada. Fathers are jacks-of-all-trades. However, whatever character they choose to show, one that’s consistent is their love for their children.

Make tatay feel special this Father’s Day without spending much. Below are cool yet affordable activities to try out.

Take him out-of-town

Is dad always in charge of family trips? Or maybe he’s the family’s designated driver? (Ako na magdra-drive, baka mabangga kapag ate mo!) Give him a break this weekend and take him out-of-town. Plan an itinerary, check your vehicle’s condition, and bring him somewhere near yet nice. Have coffee in Tagaytay, enjoy the sights of Antipolo, or take a road trip to Laguna. Nothing grand, just something thoughtful and sweet.

Get him a subscription service

Father's Day Deals

Is your dad tech-savvy? Getting him a subscription to digital services you think he would like (or already like but isn’t on premium) is a great gift this Father’s Day. If your dad loves music, get him Spotify Premium. A one-month subscription costs PHP 129. If he likes it, just pay for the rest of the year. You can also subscribe him to Netflix, which costs PHP 370 to PHP 550 a month. Think about it. Getting Netflix for your dad will also benefit you and the rest of the family. Win-win!

Pay his bills

Well, not all of his bills if you can’t afford it. Be a responsible adult and pay one of this month’s household bills. It could be your water or electricity bill, or internet or cable subscription. You can even pay for your dad’s credit card balance if you can. Other than helping him financially, it also shows how wise you are when it comes to money.

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Prepare his dinner

Father's Day Deals

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s true even between children and fathers. Make dad feel special (and full) by cooking a meal for him this Father’s Day. What’s his favorite food? Does he enjoy steak dinners or local meals like adobo and sinigang with rice? Cook what you think he’ll enjoy and make sure to invite the whole family.

Organize a date night

It’s cheesy but planning a date night for your parents will benefit not only your dad but your mom as well. It’s a great idea, though, especially if your parents always stays at home to look after your siblings and pamangkins. Make restaurant reservations or buy tickets to a movie you think they’ll enjoy. If you own a credit card, make sure to use it to earn rewards and points.

… Or a night out with his friends

Father's Day Deals

Alternatively, you can organize a night out for your dad and his friends. This plan is better if you know his closest friends and are friends with their children as well. Since there will be many people involved, go for cheap yet fun options like barbeque and beer at home, or driving them to their favorite pub.

Get him something funny (or crazy)

This is the part where you get creative or adventurous. Have some fun by giving dad a funny or crazy gift. Used socks? A pet frog? A shirt of a band he says he dislikes but really loves deep down inside? You won’t run out of ideas in this category. Plus, this kind of present won’t cost you a lot. (Unless you buy him a car, which is, umm, absolutely crazy.)

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Final Thoughts

Let dad feel your love this Father’s Day by taking him out or buying him something special. Whatever activity you choose to do, make sure to follow a budget to keep your finances on track.