MMDA Violation Code and Penalty Fee List for Motorists in Metro Manila

Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated November 21, 2023

Generally, everyone who drives tries their best not to violate any traffic rules. Sometimes, though, you might find yourself fined for an MMDA violation. Even if it's true, “I didn’t know” is not something you can say to get out of trouble.

As a motorist, you're obliged to observe traffic rules and regulations. Moreover, you must stay updated on the penalties that come with certain traffic violations and cases of misconduct.

Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on that. Here is a list of MMDA traffic violations and penalties you should know about. 

MMDA Violation and Penalty Fee List

mmda violation - license-based violations and penalties

The MMDA has a very long and exhaustive list of traffic violations. For your easy reference, we’ve listed the most common violations and grouped them according to their nature.

These violations usually involve your driver's license—any misuse, failure to carry it while driving, or failure to renew it.

MMDA Violation Code Traffic Violation Penalty - 1st Offense Penalty - 2nd Offense Penalty - 3rd Offense
060 Allowing another person to use your driver’s license ₱500 + 1-month suspension of driver’s license ₱500 + 1-month suspension of driver’s license ₱500 + 1-month suspension of driver’s license
061 Allowing improperly licensed or unlicensed person to drive ₱750 ₱750 ₱750
058 Failure to sign your driver’s license ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
059 Fake driver’s license ₱1,500 + 6-month suspension of driver’s license ₱1,500 + 6-month suspension of driver’s license ₱1,500 + 6-month suspension of driver’s license
092 Fake ID/permit ₱1,000 ₱2,000 ₱3,000
063 Driving without the presence of a licensed driver ₱200 ₱200 ₱200
177 Double license ₱300 ₱300 ₱300
054 Driving with delinquent/invalid/ineffectual driver’s license ₱300 ₱300 ₱300
056 Driving with revoked driver’s license ₱300 ₱300 ₱300
055 Driving with a suspended driver’s license ₱300 ₱300 ₱300
053 Driving without a driver’s license ₱750 ₱750 ₱750
057 Failure to carry/show/surrender driver’s license ₱150 ₱150 ₱150


These violations involve the license plates issued to the driver upon registration, as well as those related to your vehicle registration.

MMDA Violation Code Traffic Violation Penalty - 1st Offense Penalty - 2nd Offense Penalty - 3rd Offense
A017 Delinquent/Invalid registration ₱450 ₱450 ₱450
079 Dirty/Uncared-for plates ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
190 Failure to display the regular plate with a commemorative plate ₱5,000 ₱5,000 ₱5,000
083 Fake number plates ₱1,000 ₱2,000 ₱3,000
089 Fake stickers ₱1,000 ₱2,000 ₱3,000
093 Fake tags ₱1,000 ₱2,000 ₱3,000
095 Illegal transfer of plates/tags/stickers ₱7,500 + 1-month suspension of driver’s license ₱7,500 + 1-month suspension of driver’s license ₱7,500 + 1-month suspension of driver’s license
082 Improperly displayed plates ₱200 ₱200 ₱200
069A Improperly registered motor vehicle ₱450 + impounding of vehicle ₱450 + impounding of vehicle ₱450 + impounding of vehicle
080 Inconspicuously displayed plates ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
102 No plate lights ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
078 Plates not firmly attached/visible ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
071 Revoked certificate of registration ₱450 + impounding of vehicle/confiscation of plate ₱450 + impounding of vehicle/confiscation of plate ₱450 + impounding of vehicle/confiscation of plate
070 Suspended certificate of registration ₱450 + impounding of vehicle/confiscation of plate ₱450 + impounding of vehicle/confiscation of plate ₱450 + impounding of vehicle/confiscation of plate
084 Tampered/marked plates ₱300 ₱300 ₱300
090 Tampered/marked stickers ₱300 ₱300 ₱300
094 Tampering of OR/CR and other documents ₱5,000 + impounding of vehicle for 24 hours ₱5,000 + impounding of vehicle for 24 hours ₱5,000 + impounding of vehicle for 24 hours
077 Tourist driving an unregistered vehicle in the Philippines ₱1,500 ₱1,500 ₱1,500
086 Unauthorized “For Hire” plates on private vehicles ₱1,500 ₱1,500 ₱1,500
085 Unauthorized improvised plates ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
A068 Unregistered vehicle ₱450 ₱450 ₱450
091 Violation of commemorative plate rules and regulations ₱5,000 ₱5,000 ₱5,000


👉 Penalties for Common Driving Violations

These violations are among the most commonly committed by experienced and newbie drivers in general. They involve disregarding driving laws, traffic signs, and traffic rules, endangering the safety of the driver, passengers, and other motorists on the road. Take note of the MMDA violation and penalty fee table below.

MMDA Violation Code Traffic Violation Penalty - 1st Offense Penalty - 2nd Offense Penalty - 3rd Offense
046 Allowing passenger on top of the vehicle ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
222 Violation of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act ₱5,000 ₱10,000 ₱15,000 + 3-month suspension of driver’s license | 4th offense: ₱20,000 + revocation of driver’s license
170 Violation of the right-hand drive ban ₱500 ₱500 ₱500
135 Colored/Tinted/Painted windshield ₱500 ₱500 ₱500
030 Cutting an overtaken vehicle ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
118 Defective/Broken brakes/equipment/windshield ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
003/003D Disregarding traffic signs ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
023A Driving against traffic ₱2,000 + 3-month suspension of driver’s license ₱2,000 + 6-month suspension of driver’s license ₱2,000 + revocation of driver’s license
052 Driving in a place not for traffic ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
066 Driving under the influence of drugs ₱2,000 ₱2,000 + 1-year suspension of driver’s license ₱2,000 + revocation of driver’s license
065 Driving under the influence of liquor ₱2,000 ₱2,000 + 1-year suspension of driver’s license ₱2,000 + revocation of driver’s license
212 Excess passenger/cargo ₱1,000 ₱1,000 ₱1,000
045 Failure to dim headlights/give proper signal/give way to an overtaking vehicle/give way to police vehicle/fire truck/ambulance ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
044 Failure to stop motor and notch handbrake of the motor when unattended ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
194 Failure to use the seatbelt ₱250 ₱500 ₱1,000 + 1-week suspension of driver’s license
040 Failure to yield right of way ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
023B Illegal or unauthorized counterflow ₱2,000 + 3-month suspension of driver’s license ₱2,000 + 6-month suspension of driver’s license ₱2,000 + revocation of driver’s license
014 Illegal overtaking ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
226 Illegal parking (attended) ₱1,000 ₱1,000 ₱1,000
224 Illegal parking (unattended) ₱2,000 ₱2,000 ₱2,000
008 Illegal turning ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
178 Illegal/Unsafe towing ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
099 Improper/Defective horn/signaling device ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
031 Increasing speed when overtaken ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
103 No brake lights ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
128J No motorcycle helmet ₱1,500 ₱3,000 ₱5,000 | Succeeding offenses: ₱10,000 + confiscation of driver’s license
219J No ICC/PS Mark sticker on the helmet ₱3,000 ₱5,000 N/A
136 No tailgate ₱300 ₱300 ₱300
201 No contact overspeeding ₱1,200 ₱1,200 ₱1,200
105 No/Cut muffler ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
098 No/Defective handbrake ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
225/225D Obstruction ₱1,000 ₱1,000 ₱1,000
022 Overnight parking ₱500 ₱500 ₱500
201M Overspeeding along Diosdado Macapagal Ave. ₱2,000 ₱2,000 ₱2,000
201P Overspeeding physical apprehension ₱1,200 ₱1,200 ₱1,200
036 Overtaking at an intersection/at No Overtaking Zone/at railway grade crossing/at an unsafe distance/between Men Working: Caution signs/upon a crest of grade/upon a curve/when the left side is not visible or clear ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
035 Overtaking at railway grade crossing ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
038 Overtaking at no overtaking zone ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
029 Overtaking at unsafe distance ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
037 Overtaking between men working or caution signs ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
033 Overtaking upon a crest of grade ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
034 Overtaking upon a curve ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
032 Overtaking when left side not visible or clear ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
004/004D Reckless driving ₱500 ₱750 + suspension of driver’s license ₱1,000 + revocation of driver’s license
171 Smoke belching ₱200 ₱200 ₱200
188 Sporting dazzling headlights, neon lights, broken lens ₱500 ₱500 ₱500
187 Stainless/Nickel/Chrome-plated, shiny vehicle parts ₱500 ₱500 ₱500
005 Stalled vehicle ₱200 ₱200 ₱200
1203 Towing fee for stalled/illegally parked heavy vehicles ₱4,500 ₱4,500 ₱4,500
1202 Towing fee for stalled/illegally parked medium vehicles ₱2,500 ₱2,500 ₱2,500
1201 Towing fee for stalled/illegally parked light vehicles ₱1,500 ₱1,500 ₱1,500
180 Unsafe load/cargo ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
067 Using the vehicle in committing a crime ₱10,000 + revocation of driver’s license N/A N/A
130 Violation of color scheme ₱375 ₱375 ₱375

Keep in mind that this list includes only the most common MMDA violations in the Philippines. Check the complete MMDA traffic violation code list as well.[1]

👉 Penalties for Improper Driver Behavior and Conduct

You could be also ticketed for an MMDA traffic violation due to unprofessional behavior or conduct when driving.

MMDA Violation Code Traffic Violation Penalty - 1st Offense Penalty - 2nd Offense Penalty - 3rd Offense
048 Arrogance/Discourtesy ₱150 ₱150 ₱150
050 Driving in slippers ₱100 ₱100 ₱100
193 Failure to comply with accident or traffic violation procedures ₱300 ₱300 ₱300

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What is the No Contact Apprehension Policy?

Through this system, the MMDA uses CCTV cameras, digital cameras, and similar gadgets to capture images and videos of drivers violating traffic laws within Metro Manila. The footage contains erring motorists’ plate numbers.

However, the No Contact Apprehension Policy isn’t designed to completely rid Metro Manila roads of traffic enforcers. It’s supposed to complement the effort of enforcers. Besides, not all places in Metro Manila are covered by CCTV cameras.

The No Contact Apprehension Policy reinforces the idea that traffic violations don’t go undetected. Furthermore, it serves as a way to thwart corruption among enforcers. This program also helps prevent traffic caused by drivers flagged down by authorities.

Through NCAP, drivers will have a personal obligation to check with the MMDA regarding their violations.

Note: In August 2022, the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the NCAP after some transport groups filed petitions to stop its implementation. In November 2023, the MMDA requested for the TRO to be lifted, citing an increase in road accidents since NCAP was suspended.[2] However, the NCAP implementation remains suspended as of this writing. 

How to Check Your Traffic Violation with the MMDA Office

mmda violation - how to check

Check your MMDA violation[3] record by getting in touch with its Redemption Center. You can do so through the following channels: 

  • Landline – 882-4151 to 77 local 1164 or 1165 / (02) 882-2629
  • Mobile – 09430331962 / 09178598616
  • Email –

Note: The MMDA Redemption Center’s operating hours start from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

MMDA Penalty Fee Payment Guide

Once you've confirmed that you have an outstanding MMDA violation, you’ll have to settle it quickly. Here are some pointers you need to take note of.

💸 How to Pay MMDA Violation Fee in Person

Here is a step-by-step guide to settling your traffic violations:

Step 1. Check if your Ordinance Violation Receipt (OVR) was issued by the MMDA or not. 

  • If it’s NOT issued by the MMDA, proceed to the local government unit (LGU) that issued your OVR. Pay the corresponding fine. 
  • If the OVR comes from the MMDA, check if the OVR is issued within seven days or not. If it’s issued within seven days, proceed to any Bayad Center and SM Bills Payment outlet nationwide to pay the fine. If the OVR is issued beyond seven days, you need to do the following: 
    • If outside Metro Manila: Contact the MMDA Redemption Center via the contact details stated above.
    • If within Metro Manila: Visit the MMDA Redemption Center at EDSA corner Orense Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati. 

Step 2. Check if you have three or more violations.

  • If you have three or more violations, proceed to Traffic Academy TEC Traffic Education Center at Valencia Street corner Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard, Sta. Mesa, Manila to undergo the Road Rules and Safety Training.
  • If you DO NOT have three or more violations, then you can pay the corresponding fine at the Traffic Ticket Management Division.

Step 3. If you want to contest your violation, go to the Traffic Adjudication Division (TAD) of the MMDA. 

💸 How to Pay MMDA Penalty Fees Online

As digital payments improve over the years, e-wallets and other mobile apps now enable payment of MMDA penalty fees. MMDA has partnered with Grab, GCash, Maya, and LANDBANK to help motorists pay their traffic violation fines more easily. 

How to Pay MMDA Violation Fee via GrabPay

  1. Launch your Grab app and tap Payment.
  2. Choose MMDA from the list of billers.
  3. Enter your account number, violation type, violation code, and clearance fee.
  4. Check your details then complete your payment.

How to Pay MMDA Violation Fee via GCash

mmda violation - how to pay mmda violation in gcash
  1. Log in to your GCash account.
  2. Choose the Bills option.
  3. Click on Government.
  4. Scroll down, look for MMDA then select it. 
  5. Complete the payment form.
  6. After following all the prompts, confirm your payment.

How to Pay MMDA Violation Fee via Maya

  1. Log in to your account in the Maya app.
  2. From the dashboard, choose Pay Bill.
  3. Supply the MMDA reference number in the account field and the amount that you need to settle.
  4. Provide the following: your name, clearance fee, and violation code.
  5. Check your details, then tap Pay.

How to Pay MMDA Violation Fee via LANDBANK

  1. Visit the LANDBANK Link.BizPortal at
  2. Click the Pay Now button.
  3. Enter METROPOLITAN MANILA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY in the merchant field and click the Continue button.
  4. Select the transaction type. Then click Continue.
  5. Provide the required information. When you're done, click the Continue button.
  6. Enter the one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile number.
  7. Review your details and enter your ATM card number.
  8. Wait for your payment confirmation receipt.


MMDA Violation and Penalty: FAQS

mmda violation - faqs

If you want to become a responsible driver, you should learn as much as you can regarding MMDA violations. Listed below are other important concerns that you should take note of.

1. What is the single ticketing system? 

Under the single ticketing system, cities in Metro Manila will now follow standardized regulations, fines, and procedures for common MMDA violations. These traffic violations include illegal parking, reckless driving, overspeeding, and number coding violations, among others. 

This new traffic management program in Metro Manila will "harmonize the existing national and local laws on traffic enforcement." MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Artes expects the single ticketing system to improve traffic because it will reduce arguments between apprehended drivers and traffic enforcers.

It will also make the process of settling penalties faster. Apprehended drivers can conveniently pay fines wherever they wish (through online channels or Bayad Centers all over the Philippines), regardless of where they committed the violation.[4]

The single ticketing system was rolled out on May 2, 2023 in select LGUs initially. Pilot testing ran in these seven cities:

  • Caloocan
  • Manila
  • Muntinlupa
  • Parañaque
  • Quezon City
  • San Juan
  • Valenzuela

The full rollout of the single-ticketing system was slated for September 2023.[5]

2. How do I deal with the MMDA officer if I get caught for a violation?

First, ask the traffic enforcer respectfully about the MMDA violation you’ve committed. Be calm and courteous; you don’t want unnecessary conflicts to arise. Keep in mind that aggression may also warrant another violation and penalty.

Don’t be too defensive. At the same time, don’t just follow what the officer asks you to do. Remember that you have the right to ask for a written mission order, as this very document validates your apprehension.

Also, don’t try to bribe them even if the officer is obviously hinting at it. You’re not supposed to tolerate such behaviors. Report the erring officers to the proper authorities.

Read more: The Motorist’s Guide to Police Checkpoints in the Philippines

3. What should I do if I don’t agree with the violation? 

Every summoned driver or vehicle owner has the right to contest any MMDA violation. To do so, file a complaint with the Traffic Adjudication Division (TAD) of the MMDA within seven days from receipt of the notice. If you fail to file a complaint within the given period, the MMDA shall treat it as a waiver of your right to contest.

You may file a Motion for Reconsideration within 15 days of receiving the resolution from the TAD. You may also file an appeal at the Office of the Chairman within 30 days after the Motion for Reconsideration is denied.

4. What will happen if I don’t pay the violation fees? 

Your vehicle will be included in the MMDA Alarm List. The MMDA will coordinate with the LTO to request for non-renewal of your vehicle registration until you’ve paid all your dues.

5. What are the new penalty fees for EDSA bus lane violations?

Starting November 13, 2023, both public and private vehicles that pass through the exclusive city bus lane along EDSA will have to pay the following fines:[6]

  • First offense - ₱5,000
  • Second offense - ₱10,000; one-month suspension of driver’s license; road safety seminar requirement
  • Third offense - ₱20,000; one-year suspension of driver’s license
  • Fourth offense - ₱30,000; potential revocation of driver’s license

6. Will I be fined for using my cell phone when stuck in traffic? 

mmda violation - distracted driving penalty fee

Yes. Under the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA), drivers cannot use their cell phones for any purpose whenever they’re behind the wheel, whether the car is moving or not. 

Also, the MMDA is authorized by the law to apprehend ADDA violators.[7] Here are the penalty fines you’ll have to pay if you’re caught due to distracted driving:

  • First offense: ₱5,000
  • Second offense: ₱10,000
  • Third offense: ₱15,000 with driver’s license suspension for three months
  • Succeeding offenses: ₱20,000 with driver’s license revocation

Note, though, that the MMDA allows the use of your phone’s hands-free function, which includes the speaker, earphones, microphone, or the like. However, you’re not allowed to use your earphones for entertainment purposes, such as listening to music.

7. How can authorities detect ADDA violations on heavily tinted vehicles? 

Trained enforcers are deployed strategically on the ground to detect this type of MMDA violation.

8. Are there exemptions from the ADDA?

Yes. You’re allowed to make or take emergency calls to authorities in case of the following:

  • Crime
  • Accidents
  • Bomb or terrorist threat
  • Situations that require immediate medical attention
  • Situations where your personal safety is compromised

9. Who are the apprehending authorities in case of ADDA violations?

Aside from the MMDA, other government agencies are authorized to apprehend you in case you’re found violating the ADDA. These include the DOTr’s Land Transportation Office (LTO), PNP, and LGUs.

10. How much is the penalty fee for number coding violations?

If you violate the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), you'll have to pay a fine of ₱300. 

Read more: Vehicle Coding Exemptions in the Philippines That Motorists Should Know

11. What if my vehicle incurred damage after towing? 

Before towing, the tow truck crew shall provide a Technical Inspection Report that indicates the condition of the vehicle before towing. Any damage incurred by the vehicle after being towed shall be charged to the towing company or agency. 

Take note that the MMDA works only with accredited towing companies. Before your vehicle is towed, make sure that the members of the tow truck team are wearing the prescribed uniform and ID cards.

If you’re not sure, you can call 136 or check the list of accredited towing companies found on the MMDA’s website.[8]

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12. Can a traffic enforcer confiscate my driver’s license during a violation?

Traffic enforcers are not allowed to confiscate driver’s licenses, except when the driver or vehicle is involved in an accident, the driver has incurred three or more violations, or the driver has committed specific violations such as the following:

  • Driving against traffic
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Fake driver’s license
  • Allowing another person to use the driver’s license
  • Illegal transfer of plates/tags/stickers
  • Second offense on reckless driving
  • Out of line operation
  • Tampered sealing wire
  • Tampered taximeter seal
  • Illegal or unauthorized counterflow
  • Overspeeding
  • Second offense on overcharging (with or without a conductor)

Final Thoughts

The fees for most MMDA traffic violations and penalties seem minimal, but you still don't want to be hassled with settling the fines. Plus, you'll have to suffer bigger consequences if you don't settle it immediately. For instance, your request for registration renewal runs the risk of being void.

Plus, you don't want to be involved in MMDA violations that could harm or cause delays to your fellow drivers or vehicle owners on the road.

Responsible driving saves you from wasting time on paying fines, retrieving your towed vehicle, and causing inconvenience to others. Avoid such scenarios by making sure your car is roadworthy before you drive, driving responsibly, and observing traffic rules and signs.

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