Get These Must-Have Gadget Accessories Under Php 1,000

March 28, 2017 | Posted by: Carlo Miguel Castañeda | Gadget Protect

March 28, 2017

Gadget Accessories Under Php1,000
These days, nearly everyone has a gadget that helps them organize their day, or keeps them entertained through bad traffic or long waits. There are also a few gadget accessories that add to the usefulness of your gear, adding more battery life or offering a different way to deal with files.

There are accessories that may have you side-eyeing the price tags because the reality is that some of these things are going to be expensive. But what if they didn’t have to be? What if you could get these gadget accessories under Php 1,000?

Bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds
Pricing: Php 899 and up
Available: Online, Audio Specialty Shops

One of the things that people find frustrating about headphones and earbuds is that the cords tend to interfere, and they often are the focal point of much of the wear and tear. While Bluetooth earpieces that tend to get lost may not be the best idea, there are earbuds out there that offer a near-wireless experience but won’t be as easy to lose.

Several companies produce Bluetooth headphones that are both inexpensive and have good quality. Awei has a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that have their outer ends magnetized so that they don’t end up swinging around or falling off.

If you plan on getting them online, Lazada has discounts on basic models and the slightly pricier ones, lowering their prices considerably.

USB/OTG drives

Pricing: Php 599 and up
Available: Online, Computer Hardware Shops

It’s no secret that a little extra storage space goes a long way to making sure you can access your larger files almost anywhere. While cloud storage is becoming even more reliable, there’s often an issue with connectivity that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Most USB drives and OTG drives are cheaper nowadays, but larger branded storage solutions tend to scale upwards of Php 1,000. There are brands that offer storage from 32GB to 128GB for much less, and you can even get better deals when you’re searching for items online.

One of the most essential drives is the SanDisk Ultra CZ48 64 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, which retails for around Php 1,000, and a little extra. OTG Pen Drives with 128GB storage also retail on Lazada currently for Php 709.

USB Hubs

Pricing: Php 250 and up
Available: Online, Computer Hardware Shops

As you can never have too much space, you can never have too many places to stick your drives in. Most PCs and Laptops have an upper limit of four USB sockets, and of those, only two may be running in 2.0 or 3.0 speed.

USB hubs are workable solutions to this, expanding the available slots from four to eight easily. There are a lot of USB hubs that look very kitschy as well, so you can easily find one that fits your workstation’s aesthetic.

High-capacity powerbanks

Pricing: Php 650 and up
Available: Online, Computer Hardware Shops, Mobile Accessory Shops

You’ll find a lot of powerbanks available for less than Php 1,000, but a lot of these can be unreliable owing to their off-brand production nature, and some can even be legitimate hazards to your gadgets. If you’re a heavy battery consumer, you’ll want a powerbank that’s robust – usually around 10000 mAh (milliamp hours) – so that you can charge your devices more than once, or charge more than one device as needed.

An example of a fairly reliable powerbank is one from ASUS. They come in several colors and retail for Php 870 and has a mAh rating of 10020. Like any other accessory, there are powerbanks that come in catchier designs, such as a Pokeball-inspired version.

Pocket Speakers

Pricing: Php 750 and up
Available: Online, Computer Hardware Shops, Audio Specialty Shops

Pocket-sized speakers are a boon to audiophiles who want to be able to share their music with friends or play the DJ for small gatherings with friends. The best part is that there is more than one way you can connect to these kinds of speakers: Bluetooth, the standard 3.5 mm cable, or NFC.

Final thoughts

These are just some accessories that should matter when you’re on the move with your phone or a laptop. There are a lot of other gadget accessories that you’ll want to look at if you’re looking to get yourself a mobile workstation.

If you’re looking to get a lot of great accessories at great discounts, you’ll want to use Lazada, as discounts there are plenty, and there are a lot of credit cards that give codes to take off even more on the total price.

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