Is HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate the Best Travel and Shopping Credit Card?

Venus Zoleta

Venus Zoleta

Last updated August 30, 2023

Do you plan to travel a lot now that restrictions have eased in the Philippines and abroad? You need a reliable travel companion—which brings us to this HSBC Platinum Visa credit card review. 

Among HSBC's credit card offerings, the Platinum Visa Rebate card is touted as the ultimate travel and shopping rebate card. Is this card really worth it? This article will cover that and more.

HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card Key Features

hsbc platinum visa credit card review - features and fees

First, let's check this card's basic features:

  • Annual fee: ₱5,000 (free for the first year)
  • Interest rate: 3%
  • Minimum monthly income requirement: ₱41,666.67
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200
  • Late payment fee: ₱1,000 or the unpaid minimum amount due, whichever is lower
  • Overlimit fee: ₱800
  • Foreign transaction fee: 2.5% of the converted sum plus 1% assessment fee by Visa
  • Card replacement fee: ₱400 per replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged card


❓ Who is This Card Ideal for?

If you're looking for a credit card with leveled-up perks for travel and shopping, this card is for you. 

Why Should I Get an HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate Card?

hsbc platinum visa credit card review - benefits

With the HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate Card, you'll enjoy one of the highest cashback rates in the Philippines.

Earn rebates with every purchase charged to your HSBC credit card—and earn faster for certain spending categories. Plus, there's no required minimum spend to earn cashback! 

Here's how to collect rebates using your HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate credit card:

  • 6% rebate on your first fuel transaction at Caltex and a 3% rebate for the succeeding transactions
  • 5% rebate on shopping, both in-store and online transactions
  • 5% rebate on essential travel spend
  • 1% rebate on insurance transactions
  • 0.50% rebate on all other spend

Read more: A First-Timer’s Guide to HSBC Credit Card Application

What Other Perks Can I Enjoy with My HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate Card?

📌 Your Choice of Welcome Gift from Moneymax

If you apply for any HSBC credit card through Moneymax, you can get any of these welcome gifts: 

🎁 Free Gift from Moneymax: Giftaway Cash Credits, JBL Flip 6, or JBL Wave Beam

moneymax hsbc credit card promo

Eligible cards: HSBC Red Mastercard, Gold Visa Cash Back, and Platinum Visa Rebate

Promo period: Until June 30, 2024

Not an HSBC credit cardholder yet? Apply for an HSBC card through Moneymax during the promo period (and get approved subsequently) to receive an exciting welcome gift! Choose from free Giftaway cash credits worth ₱3,000, a JBL Flip 6 worth ₱7,499, or a JBL Wave Beam worth ₱3,799

This Moneymax HSBC Giftaway/JBL promo runs until June 30, 2024 only. So hurry and apply now!

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-192974 Series of 2024. Terms and conditions apply. 

📌 Free Cash Rebate from HSBC for New Cardholders

You can earn up to ₱3,000 cash rebate when you apply for the Platinum Visa Rebate through the HSBC website until September 30, 2023, get approved, and meet the minimum spend requirement of ₱15,000 within 60 days from the card delivery date.[1]

Note, though, that this welcome gift cannot be availed of in conjunction with other
ongoing HSBC credit card acquisition promos.

📌 0% Interest on Up to 36 Monthly Installments

HSBC credit cards, including the Platinum Visa Rebate Card, allow cardholders to convert straight purchases into more affordable installments of up to 36 months at zero interest. Installment transactions also earn 3x bonus points.

This installment plan[2] applies to appliances, gadgets, furniture, and other big-ticket items.

📌 Free Travel Insurance

Pay for your travel expenses using your HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate Credit Card to enjoy free travel insurance coverage of up to ₱10 million. View the complete list of benefits on HSBC's website.[3]

📌 Free Purchase Protect Insurance Coverage

The HSBC Platinum Visa credit card comes with free purchase protection insurance coverage.[4] This covers accidental damage and/or theft of eligible items purchased using a qualified HSBC credit card for up to ₱5,000 per event and a maximum of ₱15,000 per year, with a 10% deductible.

It also includes an accidental death benefit of up to ₱10,000 per year.

Did this HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate review convince you yet? Apply for this card by clicking the banner below:

HSBC CC Blog Visual CTA - HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate

HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate Card Alternatives

hsbc visa platinum credit card review - alternatives

To determine the best travel and shopping credit card for you, compare your available options first. After reading this HSBC Platinum Visa review, you might want to check out other travel credit cards that could match your needs and preferences.

Take a look at HSBC's lineup first:


Credit Card
Annual Fee
Minimum Annual Income Requirement
Key Features
HSBC Red Mastercard
hsbc red mastercard
  • 4x bonus points on online, shopping, dining, and overseas transactions
  • 1 bonus point for every ₱20 spend
  • 3% fuel rebates year-round
HSBC Gold Visa Cashback
hsbc gold visa cashback
  • 5% cash back on dining transactions
  • 0.50% cash back on all of your other transactions
  • 3% fuel rebates year-round
HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate
  • 5% rebate on travel and shopping spend 
  • 1% rebate on insurance
  • 0.50% rebate on all other spend
  • 3% fuel rebates year-round
  • Purchase Protect insurance



Here are more options:

💳 UnionBank Rewards Credit Card

UnionBank Rewards Credit Card

Want rewards instead of rebates? Use your UnionBank Rewards Credit Card to earn 1 point for every ₱30 spend and 3x points at shopping boutiques, department stores, and restaurants. You can then exchange your points for free flights, cash credits, merchandise, and more.

Read more: How to Apply for a UnionBank Credit Card in 3 Easy Steps

💳 Metrobank World Mastercard®

Metrobank World Mastercard

If you want more points for travel and shopping, get the Metrobank World Mastercard®. Earn 1 rewards point for every ₱20 spend and double the points for international purchases. While traveling, enjoy access to exclusive airport deals. You can also avail of emergency assistance anywhere abroad. 

Plus, you can enjoy waived annual fees if you apply for this card until October 31, 2023 and meet an annual spend of ₱600,000. You also get 300,000 rewards points when you apply until October 31, 2023 and meet the minimum spend of ₱90,000 within 60 calendar days from approval. 

Read more: Metrobank Credit Card Application: Eligibility, Requirements, and More

💳 Security Bank Platinum Mastercard

Security Bank Platinum Mastercard

Another great option for a travel and shopping credit card, the Security Bank Platinum Mastercard earns 2 rewards points for every ₱20 spend. You can then convert these points to air miles.

Other perks include free travel insurance of up to up to ₱10 million, access to 1,000 airport lounges worldwide, and online purchase protection.

Read more: How to Apply and Get Approved for a Security Bank Credit Card

💳 BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard

BPI Platinum Rewards Card

BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard is for frequent travelers. Earn 2 BPI points for every ₱30 local spend and 2 BPI points for every ₱20 foreign spend. Pay for flights using your card to enjoy installments with 0% interest. Lastly, get up to four complimentary airport lounge passes to over 1,300 lounges worldwide every year. 

💳 BPI Visa Signature

BPI Signature Card

BPI Visa Signature earns 2 BPI points for every ₱20 spend. It also offers 50% off on travel deals—at hotels, resorts, and more. Plus, it comes with ₱20 million worth of travel accident and inconvenience benefits and free access to the PAGSS Premium Lounge at NAIA Terminals 1 and 3.

Read more: BPI Credit Card Application: Requirements, Process, and More

HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card Review: Final Thoughts

With its slew of travel and shopping rewards and privileges, the HSBC Platinum Visa Rebate ticks all the boxes for those looking for more perks from their credit card. We hope this HSBC Platinum Visa credit card review helps you decide on the right one for you. 

Apply for an HSBC credit card through Moneymax


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