BPI Credit Card Comparison Review: Which One is Right for You?

Rouselle Isla

Rouselle Isla

Last updated October 15, 2023

Ready to own a BPI Credit Card? There are quite a few you can apply for, and they’re designed for different needs. This BPI Credit Card comparison review will help you decide on the right one depending on your eligibility and what you plan to use your card for.  

BPI Credit Card Comparison at a Glance 

To help you compare BPI Credit Cards quickly and easily, here’s a comparison table for your reference. 

Credit Card Minimum Annual Income Requirement Annual Fee Key Features
BPI Rewards Card
BPI Rewards Card
bpi rewards
₱180,000 ₱1,550 1 BPI Point for every ₱35 spend
Petron BPI Card
Petron BPI Card
petron bpi
₱180,000 ₱1,550 
  • 3% fuel rebate at Petron 
  • ₱200 fuel voucher welcome gift
BPI Amore Cashback Card
BPI Amore Cashback Card
bpi amore cashback
₱180,000 ₱2,050  4% cashback on supermarkets, 1% on drug stores and utilities, 0.3% on other local spend
BPI Edge Card
BPI Edge
bpi edge card
₱110 monthly
1 BPI Point for every ₱50 spend
BPI Gold Rewards Card
BPI Gold Rewards
bpi gold
₱480,000 ₱2,250
  • 1 BPI Point for every ₱35 spend
  • Up to ₱10 million free travel insurance
BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card
BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card
bpi amore platinum cashback
₱1 million ₱5,000 4% cashback on restaurants, 1% on supermarkets and other shopping stores, 0.3% on everything else
BPI Platinum Rewards Card
BPI Platinum Rewards Card
bpi platinum rewards
₱1 million ₱4,000 2 BPI Points for every ₱30 local spend and ₱20 foreign currency spend online or abroad 
BPI Signature Card
BPI Signature Card
bpi signature
₱1.2 million ₱5,500
  • 2 BPI Points for every ₱20 spend
  • 50% off Signature Exclusives

Which BPI Credit Card is the Best for You? 

With many types of BPI Credit Cards, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your budget and lifestyle. Here, we’ll go over the different cards and who they’re best suited for. 

💳 BPI Rewards: The Sensible CardAdvertisement

BPI Rewards Card

BPI Rewards Card will certainly reward you with great deals and flexibility you can enjoy. If you’re looking for a sensible, no-fuss credit card, this rewards credit card is for you. 

It’s a must-have for savvy spenders who want to maximize the use of their credit cards. Charge your groceries, drugstore purchases, and utility payments to your BPI Rewards Card. Take advantage of the best deals and get value for your money when you dine out or shop anywhere. 

The best thing about it? You earn 1 BPI Point for every ₱35 spend, which you can use to redeem gift vouchers, shopping credits, and airline miles.

This rfewards credit card from BPI is an excellent option for first-time and low-income credit cardholders because of its low annual fee of ₱1,550 and low annual income requirement of ₱180,000. 

💳 Petron BPI: The Practical Motorist CardAdvertisement

Petron BPI Card

If you’re always on the go and want to get value for your fuel spending, check out the Petron BPI Card, the ideal credit card for the practical motorist. Frequent travelers and road warriors can maximize their drives with this credit card, as it offers a 3% fuel rebate at participating Petron stations in the Philippines. 

This credit card has an annual fee of ₱1,550 only and a low annual income requirement of ₱180,000. Apply for one today and get a ₱200 fuel voucher as a welcome gift if you get approved! 

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💳 BPI Amore Cashback: The Essentials Cashback CardAdvertisement

BPI Amore Cashback Card

Looking for a cashback credit card that fits your spending patterns? Are you always looking for good deals and value for your spending? Then check out the BPI Amore Cashback Card. 

Use this essential cashback card for your credit card spending, from utility bills and daily necessities to medicines and lifestyle purchases. 

What makes the BPI Amore Cashback Card so attractive is its cashback program that covers your supermarket and drugstore purchases, utilities, and all other local spending. 

With every ₱1,000 you spend, get 4% cashback on groceries. You also earn 1% cashback on drug stores and utility bill payments, and 0.3% cashback for all other local spend.

This card has an annual fee of ₱2,050 and a minimum annual income requirement of ₱180,000. 

💳 BPI Gold Rewards: The Premium CardAdvertisement

BPI Gold Rewards Card

If you’re looking for exclusive perks, endless rewards, and premium privileges, the BPI Gold Rewards is your ideal card. 

It has a robust set of rewards and perks, making it a must-have credit card. For starters, you can earn 1 BPI Point with every ₱35 spend using the Gold Rewards Card. While paying for groceries, bills, or overseas trips, you can enjoy racking up BPI Points. 

It also comes with premium travel perks, including free travel insurance coverage of up to ₱10 million. As with all BPI Credit Cards, it has a low forex conversion fee of 1.85%, so you can also shop abroad to your heart’s delight. 

BPI Gold Rewards Card has an annual fee of ₱2,250 and a minimum annual income requirement of ₱480,000.

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💳 BPI Amore Platinum Cashback: The Global Cashback CardAdvertisement

BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card

Is it time to own a cashback credit card for your overseas spending? With the BPI Amore Platinum Cashback credit card, it definitely is! This card offers cashback on your essential and lifestyle spending, making it the ultimate shopping partner here and abroad, in-store or online. 

With every ₱1,000 you spend, get 4% cashback at restaurants or online food delivery services. You also earn 1% cashback at department stores, supermarkets, and other shopping stores and 0.3% cashback for all other local and international retail spend. 

The BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card is great for people looking for premium perks and the best value for their money. If this sounds like a credit card for you, note that the annual fee is ₱5,000 and the minimum annual income requirement is ₱1 million. 

💳 BPI Platinum Rewards Card: The Most Affordable Way to FlyAdvertisement

BPI Platinum Rewards Card

Do you need a credit card that lets you earn superior rewards fast? Elevate your rewards experience with the BPI Platinum Rewards Card

This premium rewards credit card is the perfect companion to your VIP life, as it lets you make the most of your everyday expenses and lifestyle spending. Earn 2 BPI Points for every ₱30 local spend and every ₱20 international spend (including online foreign transactions). 

Accumulate your BPI Points and redeem shopping credits, e-GCs, and airline miles at BPI’s airline partners. Moreover, enjoy 0% installment terms of up to six months on airline tickets when you book with your BPI Platinum Rewards Card. You also enjoy free travel insurance coverage of up to ₱10 million with this BPI card. 

Travel in comfort with your complimentary Priority Pass membership. Use your card for any single-receipt transaction at airlines, hotels, or travel agencies and you get a free pass you can use at over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. Terms and conditions apply. 

Plus, you get up to 180 days of Purchase Protection Insurance to protect your local and international purchases from theft or accidental damage. 

To be eligible for the BPI Platinum Rewards Card, you must have a minimum annual income of ₱1 million. The annual fee is ₱4,000.

💳 BPI Signature: Your Travel and Lifestyle CardAdvertisement

BPI Signature Card

Last but not least is the BPI Signature Card, designed for people who enjoy a rich set of premium rewards and luxury travel benefits. 

Enjoy exclusive privileges tailored to your lifestyle. Earn 2 BPI Points for every ₱20 you spend and use them to redeem gift certificates and shopping credits from premium merchants or airline miles for your solo or family trip. 

On top of that, earn miles faster with the BPI Signature Card’s points-to-miles conversion of ₱50 = 1 airline mile.

Unlock signature rewards and exclusive privileges with the BPI Signature Card. Enjoy 50% off on your dining, travel, health, and wellness spending all year round. Save when you shop abroad with BPI’s low forex conversion rate of 1.85%. 

Book your travel with your Signature Card to receive up to ₱20 million free travel and inconvenience benefits, as well as special rates for a travel care insurance package anywhere in the world. Plus, avail of premium discounts and privileges like worldwide concierge services, airport transfers, and more whenever you travel. 

This premium air miles credit card's minimum annual income requirement is ₱1.2 million. Its annual fee is ₱5,500.

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How to Choose the Right BPI Credit Card

Whether you’re after a credit card that offers rewards, cashback, or miles, BPI has a credit card that matches your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Here’s how to pick the best card for you: 

👉 Step 1: Know Which Cards You’re Eligible for

BPI has a minimum income requirement per credit card that you must meet, so check which cards you qualify for based on your current income. 

Also, consider if you can afford the annual fee of the cards you’re eyeing for. Take note that the annual fees for all BPI Credit Cards are waived for the first year.

👉 Step 2: Determine the Type of Credit Card You Need 

Whether you're looking for a credit card for groceries, fuel, travel, or lifestyle purchases, it should provide maximum benefits for the category you usually spend on. 

👉 Step 3: Compare BPI Credit Cards

At this point, you’ve narrowed down your choices to just a few cards based on what you’re eligible for and what you’ll use the card for.  

Let’s say your annual income is ₱600,000. You’re likely to qualify for the BPI Rewards Card, Petron BPI Card, Amore Cashback Card, or Gold Rewards Card.

The best credit card among these five options would depend on how you plan to use the card. If, for example, you’ll often use the card for your grocery purchases and utility payments, then it makes sense to get an Amore Cashback Card with a high rebate of up to 4% on essential spend.

Need a travel credit card? Your best bets are the BPI Platinum Rewards Card and Signature Card. Both offer generous and exclusive travel perks, such as free travel insurance and free airport lounge access. 

If you’re earning at least ₱1.2 million per year, then the Signature Card is the better choice—you’ll enjoy its lowest points-to-miles conversion. Not to mention that it’s easy to earn points with this card’s fast rewards earn rate.

However, if your annual income falls below ₱1.2 million, you still got some great options! For instance, you can get a BPI Gold Rewards Card that lets you easily earn 1 point per ₱35 spend. Once you’ve accumulated BPI Points, you can convert them to miles, which can be redeemed for free flights.

Once you’re abroad, you can enjoy BPI Credit Cards’ foreign exchange conversion rate of 1.85%, one of the lowest in the market.[1]

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Final Thoughts

Let this BPI Credit Card comparison help you pick the right one. You can also use Moneymax’s credit card comparison feature and apply for free once you decide on a credit card. 

Compare credit cards with Moneymax

AdvertisementSource: [1] BPI Credit Cards' Low Foreign Exchange Conversion Rate

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