Why We Like Fast Cars
It’s no secret that the rumble of a fast car can get gearheads to turn their heads in admiration while most other people might shake their heads at the noise. Fast cars are always a nice addition to some forms of entertainment, and there’s a certain joy that comes with discussing it with other like-minded individuals, perhaps why there are a great many car clubs in the Philippines.

There comes a time when groups of people might ask why we like fast cars. The truth is that fast cars give off that adrenaline rush when you really open the engine up. With these cars top speeds reaching up to 400 miles per hour, that could be considered living on the dangerous side.

But seriously, why do we like fast cars?

The speed is something else

Being a speed freak is often attributed to men, but women are just as capable of wanting to feel that same rush of speed that associated with driving a car down the open highway. It’s part of the reason why people like to retreat to provinces when there’s a long weekend.

A study by researchers at Canada’s at Canada’s John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in Montreal did reveal that men’s testosterone levels rise when they’re driving in a really fast car – in this case, a Porsche 911 Cabriolet.

It’s a testosterone thing, but also a human thing. The “need for speed” can be something that arises from the fact that we live our lives with a lot of restraint. Getting from point A to point B in less time is just a side benefit.

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The appeal is freedom

Ask someone who loves to drive why they feel lighter after going on a road trip, and they might just tell you that they can’t explain it – that there’s something increasingly calming about being out on an open road sans traffic, nothing but the scenery and the drive.

Most sports cars are made with the driver’s enjoyment in mind – which is why most sports cars have only two seats, and why they’re designed to be sleek and dangerous. The design elements that go into some of the fastest cars in the world express that these cars aren’t meant to be handled by anyone less than someone who wants a taste of that high-speed freedom.

People who customize their cars get a taste of this, which may be why a lot of people get their kicks just watching films like The Fast and The Furious – the story aside; you really watch these films for the cars and the ne’er-do-well antics done by said cars.

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The downsides

If you love cars, the first downside you know is that when it comes to the really, really fast ones – the price tags are just a few zeroes on the side of expensive. Then there is also the fact that car insurance for a sports car is just as pricey. The same is true for cars that have been heavily customized.

But perhaps the biggest downside is the fact that there are few chances in a year that one can open up a car to its top speed in the country, given the traffic in the metro – it’d be a waste of its true potential.

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Final thoughts

Gearheads and car buffs love the idea of having a completely tricked out ride, or a sports car that’s sleek and dangerous. Those who can’t afford extravagant rides make do with reaching their cars’ max speeds, and for some, that’s enough. What does matter though is that when you feel the need for speed, do try to drive carefully, because you want Fast and Furious, not Twisted Metal.