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LTO Car Registration and Renewal: Things You Need to Know

By on February 12, 2018 | Reading time:

lto car registration and renewal

Just like anything you do for the first time, registering and renewing your car license may be a little bit cumbersome – not that you don’t want to do it, it’s just that you don’t know where to start. Bookmark this page if you’re set to register your car.

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Your schedule will depend on your plate number.

The last digit of your plate number will depend on the month of your registration while the middle digit indicates the weekly deadline. Refer to these tables:

If your plate number is ZHB143, you have to renew on the working days of March 8-14 or one month before. Do not renew later than the last working day of the indicated week from the middle digit.

You cannot change your motor vehicle plate.

Under Batas Pambansa Blg. 43: An Act Providing Number Plates to Owners of Motor Vehicles and Trailers, any motor vehicle number plate is permanently assigned to such motor vehicle during its lifetime. It will only be acceptable if there will be a change in the denomination. For instance, from a private vehicle to a for-hire or government to private, etc.

You can register to a different district office.

You can do your renew and register to any LTO District Office that is most convenient or accessible to you. But, there will be a charge of Php100.00 for Change of Venue (CV) of your vehicle registration.

The fine is computed weekly for late registration.

There is a weekly fine of Php200.00 for late registration.  But, when you’re delayed for your payment in a month, the fine shall become 50% of the user charge.

Renewal Requirements:

Update on LTO Renewals:

According to a news from The Philippine Star, starting January 2015, the LTO will issue new standard license plates so car owners who will renew their registrations will have to prepare an additional P450 for the license plates fee. These new plates will be available 45 days after the LTO registration renewal.

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