List of LTO Fees for Car Registration, Driver’s License, and Violations

Published: February 3, 2020 | Updated: June 9, 2020 | Posted by: Venus Zoleta | Car Insurance

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Each transaction with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) comes with a fee—whether it’s for vehicle registration, driver’s license application or renewal, or settling a traffic rule violation. LTO fees are an inescapable reality every car owner in the Philippines must deal with.

What’s worse than parting away with your money is getting shocked at the amount you’ll have to pay at the LTO office. Unpleasant surprises like that can be avoided if you know the exact fees that you’ll be charged beforehand. That, or bring extra cash to avoid the inconvenience of running to the nearest ATM.

Before you head out to the LTO office, take note of these LTO fees to expect for each kind of transaction you’ll have with the government agency.

LTO Car Registration Fees

In August 2018, reports surfaced about the Department of Finance’s proposal to increase the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC). The MVUC is part of the LTO fees you pay when you register your vehicle.

As of this writing, no executive order has been released yet by the Malacañang, so the present rates on the LTO website are the same.

MUVC Rates for Car Registration

Here are the MVUC rates for private cars in the Philippines based on vehicle type and gross weight:

Vehicle TypeGross WeightMVUC
Light passenger carsUp to 1,600 kg PHP 1,600
Medium passenger cars 1,601 kg to 2,300 kg PHP 3,600
 Heavy passenger cars 2,301 kg and above PHP 8,000
Utility vehiclesUp to 2,700 kgPHP 2,000
Utility vehicles 2,701 kg to 4,500 kgPHP 2,000 + 0.40 x gross weight in excess of 2,700 kg
SUVs (1991 models and above) Up to 2,700 kg PHP 2,300
SUVs (1991 models and above) 2,701 kg to 4,500 kg PHP 2,300 + 0.46 x gross weight in excess of 2,700 kg
Motorcycles without sidecar N/A PHP 240
Motorcycles with sidecarN/A PHP 300
Trucks 4,501 kg and above 0.24 x gross weight


LTO charges a different set of MVUC rates for aged private cars (model year 2000 and older):


Vehicle TypeGross WeightMVUC
Light passenger cars (1995-2000 models)Up to 1,600 kgPHP 2,000
Light passenger cars (1994 and older models)Up to 1,600 kgPHP 1,400
Medium passenger cars (1997-2000 models)1,601 kg to 2,300 kgPHP 6,000
Medium passenger cars (1995 and 1996 models)1,601 kg to 2,300 kgPHP 4,800
Medium passenger cars (1994 and older models)1,601 kg to 2,300 kgPHP 2,400
Heavy passenger cars (1995-2000 models)2,301 kg and abovePHP 12,000
Heavy passenger cars (1994 and older models)2,301 kg and abovePHP 5,600


Other LTO Fees for Car Registration

In addition to the MVUC, other LTO fees can raise the total fee for your car registration.

For example, there’s a separate fee for the license plate. Even changing certain parts of your vehicle and the location of your vehicle registration can incur an LTO fee.

Recently, the LTO released a memo that orders charging of a PHP 1,800 inspection fee for vehicles weighing 4,500 kg or lower. If the vehicle fails the inspection, a PHP 900 re-inspection fee will be charged. Vehicle inspection is one of the requirements for registration with the LTO.

Other LTO FeesAmount
Private motor vehicle inspection center (MVIC) fee
  • Vehicles with gross weight equal to or less than 4,500 kg: PHP 1,800
  • Motorcycles: PHP 600
Re-inspection fee
  • Vehicles with gross weight equal to or less than 4,500 kg: PHP 900
  • Motorcycles: PHP 300
Legal research fundPHP 10
Computer feePHP 169.05
Regular vehicle license platePHP 450
Motorcycle license platePHP 120
Cost of stickerPHP 50
License plate duplication/replacementPHP 450
Vanity plate
  • Select Edition: PHP 10,000
  • Premium Edition: PHP 15,000
Change classification/chassis/color/engine/tire sizePHP 30
Change body designPHP 100
Change of venue of vehicle registrationPHP 100
Revision of gross vehicle weightPHP 30
Transfer of vehicle ownershipPHP 50 per transfer


LTO Penalty Fees for Late Vehicle Registration

You’ll be paying more if you register your vehicle past the LTO’s deadline. Here are the penalty fees for late vehicle registration:

Delinquent Vehicle RegistrationPenalty Fee
Beyond the registration week (based on the middle digit of plate number)
  • Vehicles: PHP 200
  • Motorcycles: PHP 100
Beyond the registration month but not more than 12 months (based on the last digit of plate number)50% of the MVUC rate
Beyond 12 months without apprehension for LTO violations50% of the MVUC rate plus renewal
Beyond 12 months with apprehension for LTO violations50% of the MVUC rate plus renewal for every year of delinquency

Check the LTO website[1]  for more information about vehicle registration-related fees.

LTO Fees for Driver’s License Application and Renewal

LTO Fees for Driver's License Application and Renewal

Applying for a new driver’s license? Or renewing your existing license? Make sure you bring the correct amount to pay to the LTO.

TransactionTotal Fee
 Student permit applicationPHP 317.63
 Driver’s license application (professional/non-professional)PHP 820.26
 Driver’s license renewal (professional/non-professional)
  • Valid license: PHP 652.63
  • PHP 727.63 for license expired for one day to one year
  • PHP 802.63 for license expired for one to two years
  • PHP 1,045.26 for license expired for over two years
Dormant license renewal (professional/non-professional)PHP 1,045.26
License classification change request
  •  Valid non-professional to professional (and vice versa): PHP 560.26
  • Expired non-professional to professional (and vice versa): PHP 920.26 + penalty

Check the LTO website [2] for more information about driver’s license-related fees.

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LTO Violation Fees

LTO Violation Fees

Break a traffic rule, and you’ll be slapped with a fine. Here are the LTO fees for common traffic violations in the Philippines:

 Driving without a valid driver’s license PHP 3,000
Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or dangerous drugs
  • Not resulting in injuries or death: PHP 20,000 to PHP 80,000
  • Resulted in injuries: PHP 100,000 to PHP 200,000
  • Resulted in death: PHP 300,000 to PHP 500,000
 Reckless driving
  • First offense: PHP 2,000
  • Second offense: PHP 3,000
  • Subsequent offense: PHP 10,000
Submission of fake documents in driver’s license application or renewalPHP 3,000
 No seat belt (including having a child passenger six years old and below on the front passenger seat)
  • First offense: PHP 1,000
  • Second offense: PHP 2,000
  • Third offense: PHP 5,000
No motorcycle helmet
  • First offense: PHP 1,000
  • Second offense: PHP 3,000
  • Third offense: PHP 5,000
  • Fourth and succeeding offenses: PHP 10,000
 No driver’s license, certificate of registration, or official receipt while drivingPHP 1,000
 Traffic violations such as parking violation, disregarding traffic signs, illegal turn, illegal overtaking, and others listed under the Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 PHP 1,000
Driving an unregistered vehiclePHP 10,000
Unauthorized vehicle modificationPHP 5,000
Vehicle without or with defective/improper/unauthorized devices, accessories, parts, and equipmentPHP 5,000
License plate not attached or improperly attached PHP 5,000
Smoke belching
  • First offense: PHP 2,000
  • Second offense: PHP 4,000
  • Third offense: PHP 6,000
Vehicle registration/renewal fraud PHP 3,000

Visit the LTO website[3] for more information about the fines and penalties for violations of traffic laws and regulations.

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Final Thoughts

Many LTO fees leave motorists scratching their heads in confusion and frustration. But nothing much can be done, except to pay what’s due.

You can avoid or at least minimize the costs, though. Obey traffic rules and practice safe and defensive driving so that you won’t be penalized with a fine. Also, renew your car registration on time, so you won’t be paying a penalty for late registration. Lastly, renew your driver’s license while it’s still valid, as renewing an expired license can cost you more.

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