Romantic and Low-Key Valentine’s Gift Ideas This 2022



Last updated February 22, 2022

Valentine’s day is that time of the year to celebrate the special people in our lives. And with all the challenges we’ve all been through because of the pandemic, we all want to make Valentine’s Day this 2022 a memorable one through the best Valentine’s gift ideas. 

But looking for the best gift for Valentine's may not be as easy as it was before the pandemic. Aside from social distancing measures and new variants silently threatening our shopping experience, we also have to consider our budget. So, if you’re planning to skip the expensive flowers and chocolates this year, check out our list of Valentine’s gift ideas that are special, romantic, and easy on the pocket, too.

7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Under P500

Of course we want to lavish our loved ones with gifts that will delight them and reaffirm our love for them. But more often than not, the simplest gifts make the most unforgettable ones, too.

1. Artwork

valentine's gift ideas - paint by numbers
Photo: Shopee

Create something that’s inspired by your partner. If you’re an artist, a portrait of your special someone will do the trick. You can also come up with a scrapbook of your relationship. Add photos, quotes, and tickets or souvenirs from your travels. Your special someone will definitely love this idea.

If you’re not an artist but still want to give a gift like this, DIY painting patterns are available at an affordable price. Paint by numbers lets you complete a visual artwork by using the colors that correspond to numbers  in the pattern. What’s great about it is that you and your loved one can paint together. Buy a full kit online and make it a special Valentine’s day bonding moment. 

  • Price: ₱138 to ₱400
  • Free if you recycle and have a printer at home. The prices for paint by numbers artwork depend on the size and the complexity of the pattern. 

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2. Potted Plants

valentine's gift ideas - potted plants
Photo: @smartyplantsph

Flowers can be deemed overrated, especially now that a lot of people are self-proclaimed plantitos and plantitas. Get your special someone a plant in a pot that they can display at home or at the office.

Go for low-maintenance succulents, which make great Valentine’s Day gift ideas, too. Make sure to pick one that your partner would like and can actually take care of.

Sometimes, you don't really need to spend much on potted plants. As early as now, start propagating easy-to-maintain house plants that can thrive through stem-cutting. Snake plants, pothos, and money plants are just a few examples of low-maintenance houseplants you can consider. 

Potted plants have become so trendy for people who have been working from home. So even if your significant other is not a plant lover, a little spot of greenery will be a breath of fresh air for them. 

Price: ₱250 to ₱500

3. Slideshow or Video Montage

valentine's gift ideas - video montage

Compile pictures and videos and create a video to tell the story of your relationship. This may be cheesy, but this is the only time of the year when ‘cheesy’ Valentine’s gift ideas like this are widely acceptable.

A lot of people do this, and there’s a reason why it’s popular—it’s effective. Just be sure to include a personal twist so you and your partner can truly call the slideshow or video your own.

Price: Free (as long as you have the right software and basic know-how)

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4. Journal and Craft Materials

valentine's gift ideas - craft materials

Does your partner love journaling or doodling on paper? Get them a journal and other craft materials. What’s great about this is that you can enjoy these materials together, too. Create a scrapbook for your travels, do calligraphy, or draw each other. The ideas are endless!

Price: ₱300 to ₱500 depending on the materials you buy

5. A Flash Drive Full of Music

Still thinking of Valentine's day romantic gifts? Spotify may be the most popular music streaming app these days. But if you want something more affordable and can be played offline, then surprise your partner with a modern mixtape. 

Give a USB flash drive with their favorite songs or songs you think they’ll like. Apart from being a sweet gesture, they can put the personalized playlist in their other mobile devices, too. Gift-wrap the flash drive, add some chocolate bars, or a love letter for a more personal touch.

Price: ₱300 for an 8GB USB + lots of hours of searching and downloading the perfect songs

6. A Rare Booksale Find

valentine's gift ideas - rare books

Booksale branches usually have unheard-of prices for books. In fact, there was an instance when a first edition “Lord of the Flies” was seen on their shelves sporting a price tag of ₱15. Whether that’s a reflection of how the classics are appreciated these days is a separate discussion.

If your partner's an avid reader, then they’ll definitely appreciate you digging for a book that’s hard to find at a ridiculously low price. That alone makes this one of the best Valentine’s gift ideas.

Price: ₱10 to ₱300 (depending on what you find or the book your partner likes)

7. DIY Coupons

valentine's gift ideas - diy coupon

“Free back massage,” “a home-cooked meal from yours truly,” “a weekend date (non-refundable)”. Wouldn’t it be great to pamper your loved one with these different activities they love written on personalized coupons?

You can even put a twist in the gift and create coupons that are particular to your relationship. If you're both health buffs, create a “Fitness Date Day” coupon where you can partake in each other's favorite sports.

Make a “Personalized Itinerary” coupon if you love to travel. Plan an upcoming couple trip. This adds a personalized twist to the gift and will be sure to get a good laugh out of your partner.

Price: Free―all you need is your creativity!

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6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Below P1,000

You can go extra this year and buy something more expensive for your loved one, but still without spending too much. Here are some great Valentine's gift ideas under ₱1,000.

valentine's gift ideas - framed photos

When we were all mandated to stay at home during the community quarantines, we never stopped looking for ways to be creative and stylish. Most Pinoys leveraged their extra time decorating their homes with framed photos on the walls. 

Prices for framed photos for wall galleries vary depending on the size of the photo, the number of images to be framed, and the materials to be used for framing. You’ll also need to pay for the printing of the photos. There are plenty of shops online that can give you a good price for a package of framed images for your budget of ₱1,000

Price: ₱600 to ₱999

2. Home-Cooked Steak Meal

valentine's gift ideas - steak meal

Steak together for ₱1,000 or less! Sounds impossible? Not really. Gone are the days when you can only get sumptuous steak meals at fine dining restaurants. You can now order steak slices online, cook them at home, and enjoy them with a bottle of wine. 

A slice of grass-fed Argentinian Sirloin costs ₱430[1] while a kilo of USDA Choice ribeye is costs ₱1,000 from various sellers on the Facebook marketplace. Just make sure to do a little research on how to prepare juicy, tender, and delectable steak meals. 

Price: ₱1,000 or less, depending on your choice of steak cut

3. Home Service Foot Spa, Mani, and Pedi

What to give someone who hustles hard at work and at home? Here’s the straight answer: a long and relaxing foot spa, manicure, and pedicure session.

If you’re feeling a little more generous, you can even include a one-hour foot massage. Not only will it boost your loved one's confidence, it can also remove the stress. 

Price: Average of ₱750 for a full home service package

4. Buy or Rent a Movie

If you’re not subscribed to online movie streaming sites, you can rent a movie, too. Movie rentals cost around ₱180 to ₱200 per movie. If you want to buy the movie so you can watch it again anytime, prepare to spend around ₱390 to ₱590 per movie. 

If you plan to spend the entire Valentine’s Day watching movies together, then cue three to four movies and prepare some delicious home-cooked meals or snacks.

Price: ₱999 or less 

5. Personalized Miniatures

valentine's gift ideas - miniatures
Photo: MiniMe Caricature Dolls

One of the best Valentine’s gift ideas that can last for several years are personalized miniatures made of clay, glass, or acrylic. You may also want to have your family photos turned into displayable caricature dolls that perfectly capture your facial features and expressions. 

Price:  ₱1,000 on average depending on the size, image complexity, and materials to be used 

6. Vehicle Repair Tool Set

valentine's gift ideas - tool set

You may not know much about cars, motorcycles, or bikes. But if your significant other has one, then a vehicle repair tool set is a must-have.

A box of tools contains the most important ones for quick repairs and maintenance. Depending on the set, you can find an entire toolbox, which includes screwdriver sockets, a 1/4" DR universal joint,  extension bar, sliding bar, quick drop ratchet handle, and a spinner handle. 

Price: ₱600 on Lazada

Final Thoughts

Choose from this list of great but affordable Valentine’s gift ideas and have an unforgettable day with your special someone. Your gift need not break the bank. Although price is a consideration, you should also consider practicality and your partner’s personality. And don’t forget―it’s about what the gift signifies, not the cost.

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