15 Low-Key and Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas in the Philippines

Isabel Salvosa

Isabel Salvosa

Last updated February 13, 2024

Valentine’s Day is here—once again, it's time to celebrate the special people in your life! 

We don't blame you if you’re planning to skip the expensive flowers and luxurious chocolates this 2024—but it's not easy to find simple Valentine's Day gift ideas that fit your budget. Check out this list of the best gifts for Valentine’s that are easy on the wallet.

15 Simple Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him or Her 

Wondering what to give for Valentine's Day? If you feel guilty about failing to pamper your loved ones with lavish gifts, remember that more often than not, the simplest gifts make the most unforgettable ones, too.

Here are some simple Valentine's gifts in the Philippines that cost around ₱2,000 or less.

❤️ DIY Artwork

simple valentine's day gifts - artwork

Photo: The Craft Central website

Price: ₱1,200 on The Craft Central; free if you have materials at home

Use your partner as inspiration to create. If you’re an artist, paint a portrait of your special someone.

DIY painting patterns are also available at an affordable price. Look for Paint by Numbers[1] sets that you can paint together. Buy a kit online and turn it into a special Valentine’s Day bonding moment. 

You can also come up with a scrapbook of your relationship. Add photos, quotes, and tickets or souvenirs from your travels. 

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❤️ Commissioned Pieces

Price: Around ₱1,000 depending on the size, complexity, and materials

Less artistically inclined? You can also commission an artist to create a cute gift for Valentine's, be it a painting, digital art, or handicraft.

A variety of local artists on Instagram[2] offer commissioned services. Search for one with an art style that suits your preferences and message them directly. You can request a comic book-style recreation of your favorite couple photo, a hand-painted personalized mug, and more. 

❤️ Journal and Craft Materials

simple valentine's day gifts - craft materials

Photo: @moleskine (Instagram)

Price: More or less ₱1,890, depending on the materials you buy

Does your partner love journaling or doodling on paper? Get them a journal—perhaps a quality one from Moleskine[3]—and other craft materials.

You can also enjoy this simple Valentine's Day gift together. Create a scrapbook for your travels, try calligraphy together, or draw each other. The ideas are endless!

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❤️ Slideshow or Video Montage

Price: Free, as long as you have the right software and basic know-how

Compile pictures and videos and create a video to tell the story of your relationship. This may be cheesy, but hey, Valentine's Day only comes once a year. Plus, if your significant other loves it, who cares? 

A lot of people do this, and there's a reason why it's popular—it's effective. Just make sure to include a personal twist so you and your partner can truly call the video your own.

❤️ Flash Drive of Music

Price: ₱300 for a USB + lots of hours of searching and downloading the perfect songs

The gift of music is one of the most romantic Valentine's Day gifts. Spotify may be the most popular music streaming app these days, but if you want something more personal, surprise your partner with a modern mixtape. 

Compile their favorite songs and ones that remind you of them into a cute USB flash drive. If you're a musician, you can create covers or even make your own songs yourself! 

Wrap the flash drive and add some chocolate bars and a love letter for a more personal touch.

❤️ Homemade Baked Goods

simple valentine's day gifts - homemade baked goods

Photo: @thekindcookie.ph (Instagram)

Price: Around ₱1,050, depending on whether you buy them or make them yourself

They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach—and sweet treats will definitely do the trick! They won't break the bank either, since you probably have most of the ingredients at home. You'll just need to buy flour, chocolate chips, and a few other items. 

Even if you're no cook, you can find affordable and tasty goods on Instagram. For instance, check out the cutest heart-shaped cake from The Kind Cookie.[4]

❤️ Candy Bouquet

simple valentine's day gifts - candy bouquet

Price: Less than ₱1,000

Speaking of sweet stuff—if your significant other isn't too fond of flowers, they might appreciate a candy bouquet more. 

To DIY it yourself, buy your loved one's favorite sweets, chocolates, or snacks and attach them to barbecue sticks. Next, arrange colored crepe paper or cellophane in a vase and place the goodies inside. Tie a bow around the vase and you're done! 

❤️ Home-Cooked Steak Meal

simple valentine's day gifts - home-cooked steak meal

Price: ₱1,000 or less, depending on your choice of steak cut

Steak together for ₱1,000 or less—sounds impossible? Not really. Gone are the days when you can only get sumptuous steak meals at fine-dining restaurants.

You can now order steak slices online, cook them at home, and enjoy them with a bottle of wine. For instance, a slice of grass-fed Argentinian Sirloin costs around ₱510 on Chingolo.[5] 

Just make sure to do a little research on how to prepare juicy, tender, and delectable steak meals. 

❤️ Rare Booksale Find

Price: ₱10 to ₱300 (depending on what you find or the book your partner likes)

There's something to be said for the joy of opening a pristine, brand-new book for the first time, but sometimes, you can find the best gems only in used bookstores. At Booksale, books go for as low as ₱10—in fact, a first edition “Lord of the Flies” was once seen on their shelves sporting an unheard-of price tag of ₱15.

If your partner's an avid reader, they’ll definitely appreciate you digging for a book that’s hard to find. That alone makes this one of the best Valentine’s gift ideas.

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❤️ Gift Card

Price: ₱500 to ₱1,000

If you have a picky SO, a gift card is a no-brainer. Buy them gift cards from their favorite apparel, food, or specialty stores. 

This Valentine's Day, give your partner the gift of choice. You can even make a date out of it by accompanying them on their shopping trip. 

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❤️ DIY Coupons

Price: Free―all you need is your creativity

“Free back massage,” “a home-cooked meal from yours truly,” “a weekend date (non-refundable)”―wouldn’t it be great to pamper your loved one with activities they love written on personalized coupons?

You can even create coupons that are particular to your relationship. If you're both health buffs, create a “Fitness Date Day” coupon where you can partake in each other's favorite sports. Or make a “Personalized Itinerary” coupon if you love to travel.

❤️ Gallery of Printed Photos 

simple valentine's day gifts - gallery of printed photos

Price: Starts at less than ₱100

These days, we mostly depend on our phones to capture moments. Sometimes, however, the photos get buried and forgotten, especially when you switch phones.

Print and frame photos so you and your loved one can remember these special memories. Prices vary depending on the size of the photo, the number of images, and the materials to be used for framing. You’ll also need to pay for the printing of the photos.

Got an Instax camera? Buy magnetic picture frames, slide in your photos, and stick them to your refrigerator so you can look at your favorite memories every day. You can also stick your photos to the wall. 

❤️ Date Night Bucket List

Price: Around ₱300; free if you make one yourself

If you and your S.O. find yourselves constantly wondering what to do on your next date, get a scratch-off date night bucket list―or create one yourself. Add items such as trying each other's hobbies together, going stargazing, recreating your first date, getting matching tattoos, and more. 

This simple Valentine's Day gift will help you create even more memorable moments together.

❤️ Home Service Mani and Pedi

Price: Around ₱780 

What do you give someone who hustles hard at work and at home? Here’s the straight answer: a long and relaxing manicure and pedicure session. Check out salons that offer home service, such as Buffed Nail Lounge.[6]

If you’re feeling generous, you can even include a one-hour foot massage. It's the perfect choice if you're looking for a pampering Valentine's gift.

❤️ Movie Night

simple valentine's day gifts - movie night

Price: ₱1,000 or less 

With online streaming sites, you can easily take your pick. If you’re not subscribed to any sites, you can buy or rent movies on YouTube, Apple TV, and others.

Movie rentals cost around ₱170 to ₱300 per movie. If you want to buy the movie so you can watch it again anytime, prepare to spend more or less ₱600 per movie. 

Plan to spend the entire Valentine’s Day watching movies together? Pick three to four movies; create a romantic atmosphere with fairy lights, candles, flowers, and cozy blankets; and prepare delicious home-cooked meals or snacks.

Final Thoughts

To enjoy an unforgettable day with your special someone, choose from this list of simple Valentine’s Day gifts in the Philippines. Although price is always a factor, you should also consider practicality and your partner’s personality. And don’t forget―it’s all about the gift's meaning, not its cost.

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