The most successful people in the world don’t always start out that way. Many of the world’s richest and most influential people have learned lessons about money and life that are worth imparting. Every view of money is different, even when you stand at the top.
We asked a few of the leading names in revolutionizing the tech industry – and here’s what they had to share their experiences with handling big businesses, a few money lessons, and how it’s impacted their lives.

Peter Parker
Peter Parker (CEO, Parker Industries)

Parker Industries is one of the newest tech companies taking the world by storm. Its Webware smartwatch is a revolutionary little gadget, on par – if not better – than the Starkphones. CEO Peter Parker shared a few words with us when we swung by.
“My Uncle Ben used to say: ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. I like to think that it also meant the same with having great financial power. When Uncle Ben died, Aunt May and I struggled with having enough money. It was tough, but I caught a break thanks to Spider-Man and the Daily Bugle.”
He relates going from part-time photographer and student to his employment and eventual dismissal from Horizon Labs as important experiences that shaped the way he thinks about money. He relates that living paycheck to paycheck wasn’t any way to live at all.
“I was a kid from Queens who didn’t have much, but I put the work in and paid my dues. These days I pay it forward by helping to bolster New York’s superhuman confinement systems.”

Pepper Pots
Virgina “Pepper” Potts (CEO, Stark Industries)

Stark Industries’ CEO is one of the busiest people on the planet. Not only does she manage a multi-billion dollar business, but Pepper Potts is also a supporter of the arts and various charitable causes.
While people were quick to assume that she had no qualifications to become CEO, she quickly – and effectively – silenced all detractors. “Managing Tony Stark was great training, to be honest,” she laughs. “In all honesty, I was surprised when Tony made me CEO, but I’m grateful all the same. I think that’s one of the most important things – to be grateful for the opportunities you are handed in life.”
“At S.I., we believe in making sure that everyone who works with us is well-taken care of.” She refers to the fact that all employees at the company are given stock options and seminars on handling finances. “Tony and I want our people to be secure in every sense of the word.”

Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak (CEO, Palmer Technologies)

Her recent run-in with a terrorist organization and subsequent confinement to a wheelchair was “an experience she would rather forget.” Be that as it may, Palmer Tech CEO Felicity Smoak has become one of the leaders in developing clean, renewable energy.
“I was just the I.T. girl at Queen Consolidated. I was really good at what I did, but what did I know about running a company of my own?” Needless to say, she rose to the challenge.  “One of the things that challenged me the most was that I had to lay off much of my staff. I didn’t want to do it, so I took matters into my – and a terrific person’s hands.”
She’s referring to inventor and right hand Curtis Holt. With whom she hatched the change that turned Palmer Tech into the powerhouse that it is. The duo is busy developing leading technology that they plan to use to revitalize Star City. Among their “Technology of Tomorrow” is a biotech implant that has recently seen use in Felicity herself, enabling her to walk again.

Timothy Drake-Wayne and Damian Wayne
Timothy Drake-Wayne and Damian Wayne (Acting co-CEOs, Wayne Enterprise)

The youngest CEOs on our list are also the youngest of the Wayne brood. Tim and Damian are currently standing in for their father, Bruce, who’s currently recovering from injuries sustained while spelunking.
“I was raised to eventually take over Father’s company, trained by the best economists and businessmen that my mother could find.” Damian says, “It’s only natural that I stand in for him while he recovers.”
“Bruce taught us early on that while our names can open doors, it’s what we do that defines us. Damian and I wouldn’t be standing in for him if he wasn’t sure we could handle it.”
When asked about how they handle their money, Damian only gave a small smirk and said: “I’ve had stock options in multiple businesses since I was old enough to talk. That said; I believe that spending money serves very specific purposes in order for it to not be a waste.”
Tim said that while he also has investments in stocks and start-ups, he prefers some old-school accounting to keep track of his expenses as a student. He also had this to say: “When Bruce adopted me, it was very clear that I would have all the resources he could give, and I could do whatever I wanted. What better way to do that than learn all I can about Wayne Enterprise?”
Final Thoughts
The lessons of giving back, paying success forward, and being grateful for the chance to make a mark in the world you live in are completely priceless. This is a wholly fictional article that you might enjoy and perhaps to help you find some inspiration – or a few laughs. After all, it’s the day that pranks were meant to be played.