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Do you know that 87% of the Philippine population[1] are mobile users? Mobile dominates not only the way we communicate but also the way we work. Businesses big and small strive with the help of mobile, allowing them to earn and engage with diverse markets.

With mobile comes connectivity. Filipinos on the go subscribe to mobile data so they can connect with their loved ones wherever they go. Individuals on postpaid typically have a mobile data plan on their subscription, while those on prepaid subscribe to a variety of affordable data plans offered by their provider.

Whether you’re on postpaid or prepaid, what’s important is that you don’t exceed your mobile data limit to prevent high subscription costs. If you can’t track that yourself, below are nine apps that can help you do the job.


Google is one with us when it comes to saving mobile data. In November last year, the company introduced Datally[2], an app designed for smartphone users who want to limit their mobile data use. Datally allows you to track your data usage and identify which apps are using the most. It also has a Wi-Fi finder that can show you the nearest Wi-Fi spots.

YouTube Go

Addicted to YouTube but worried about the data it consumes? Download YouTube Go, another data-saving app from Google LLC. Users can control their mobile data usage by previewing videos before watching them and by choosing how many MBs it should consume. You can also download and share videos, even with a limited subscription.

Price: Free | Download for Android[3]
Mobile Data Saving Apps |

Globe Switch

Globe subscribers are in for a treat when they download Globe Switch. Apart from informing users of their mobile data usage, the app also offers great deals and discounts through its “Hot Deals” feature. Users can also subscribe to mobile data packages according to their needs and budget.

Price: Free | Download for Android[4]


DataEye is an all-around application for individuals who are always on mobile data. Its user-friendly interface allows you to manage your mobile data traffic and see where most of your data go. Another great feature of the app is the battery saver, which allows you to prolong your battery’s life by disabling unwanted apps.

Price: Free | Download for Android[5]

Mobile Data Saving Apps |

My Data Manager

If you want to track not only your mobile data usage but also your Wi-Fi and roaming habits, My Data Manager is the app for you. This incredibly convenient tool notifies users when they’re about to reach their data limit, allowing them to save on postpaid bills. It also has a ‘View History’ feature to ensure that you’re on the right mobile data plan.
Price: Free | Download for Android[6] | Download for iOS[7]

Facebook Lite

Facebook may be simple and easy-to-use but it is one of the many mobile apps that consume a lot of data. Lessen your data usage while on the platform with the help of Facebook Lite. Developed by Facebook themselves (we’re looking at you, Zuckerberg), this app has the same old classic features minus the heavy mobile data consumption.
Price: Free | Download for Android[8]
Mobile Data Saving Apps |

Messenger Lite

Well of course, what is Facebook without its other half? Messenger Lite isn’t only light on mobile data consumption but also on storage space (the app can eat almost 1gb of memory.) The app doesn’t have additional features such as Games and My Day but it has all the basic features, including calls, messaging, and stickers.
Price: Free | Download for Android[9]

Twitter Lite

Twitter, like Facebook and Messenger, also has its lite version appropriately called Twitter Lite. With an install size of just 3MB, you get to see the latest updates of your contacts, including photos and videos. Twitter Lite also loads quickly on 2G and 3G networks, consuming lesser mobile data than its original version.
Price: Free | Download for Android[10]
Mobile Data Saving Apps |

Skype Lite

Where did all these lite applications come from? Of course, bigtime messaging platform, Skype, won’t let themselves miss out on this wonderful trend. Skype Lite is just like the regular Skype app except that it has a data usage tracker to help you reduce your mobile data consumption. It also allows users to share photos, emoticons, and files (up to 300mb) as well as enjoy free Skype calls.

Do you have any of these mobile data apps on your smartphone? Maybe there are other data-saving apps that we’ve missed? Share your thoughts and tips on the comment box below!

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