Got Bills to Pay? Here’s Your Guide to Bills Payment Centers in the Philippines

Published: February 26, 2019 | Updated: September 23, 2020 | Posted by: Venus Zoleta | Personal Finance

Bills Payment Centers in the Philippines | Moneymax

Hate rushing between different banks or offices to pay your bills? Or maybe you loathe dealing with overdue bills and disconnection notices?

Good thing, bills payment centers are accessible to Filipinos who need to settle their utility, government, and credit card bills all at the same time. These one-stop bills payment facilities are located in malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, and commercial buildings in cities and even in remote towns. They also provide other financial services such as money remittance, money exchange, e-loading, and airline ticketing.

Sure, paying bills online is the faster option. But some people still prefer to pay their bills in cash or check over-the-counter. Are you an expat, a newly independent young professional, or a regular folk who’s recently moved to a new place? Here are the things to know about the largest bills payment centers in the Philippines.

Bayad Center Bills Payment Service

Bills Payment Center - Bayad Center

Photo from BAYAD CENTER Facebook page

Bayad Center is the largest bills payment center in the Philippines with more than 12,000 branches in malls, supermarkets, rural banks, pawnshops, and select Ministop branches nationwide.

The company has recently launched a mobile app to make bills payment more convenient for its customers. The Bayad Center Mobile app allows you to pay bills anytime and anywhere using your smartphone. But if you prefer to pay over-the-counter rather than online, the mobile app is still useful because it can send you a reminder for your due dates and show you the nearest branches.

Bayad Center Operating Hours

Bayad Center office hours vary per location. Most branches are open on Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm. Others are open as early as 7 am on weekdays. Some locations also operate on weekends and holidays. Bayad Center branches in malls usually operate from 10 am to 6 pm seven days a week.

Payment Modes Accepted

All Bayad Center offices accept cash payments. Some branches also allow payments via check or credit card.

Payments Accepted at Bayad Center

  • Electricity: Meralco (accepts late payments without disconnection notice), BENECO, VECO, ILECO I, etc.
  • Water: Manila Water, Maynilad, San Jose del Monte Water, Sta. Maria Water, etc.
  • Landline: Bayan Phone, Globelines, PLDT, etc.
  • Mobile postpaid: Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular
  • Cable TV: Cablelink, Cignal, Global Destiny, Sky Cable, etc.
  • Internet: Converge ICT, Globe Broadband,  PLDT My DSL, Smart Bro, Sun Broadband, etc.
  • Credit card: BPI, Equicom, Metrobank, RCBC, and UnionBank
  • Government: Pag-IBIG Fund, PhilHealth, SSS, etc.

How to Pay Bills at Bayad Center

  1. Visit any Bayad Center branch and inform the cashier that you’ll be making a bills payment.
  2. Present your bill or statement of account. If you don’t have it, the cashier will give you a Bayad Center Transaction Form. Fill it out and make sure to double-check the Biller, Account Number, ID Number (for government bills), and Payment Details. Provide a contact number, too.
  3. Submit your accomplished Transaction Form and payment. Wait for your receipt.

Cebuana Lhuillier Bills Payment Service

Bills Payment Center - Cebuana Lhuillier

Screenshot from Cebuana Lhuillier YouTube channel

Regular pawning and money remittance customers of Cebuana Lhuillier can also easily pay their bills at one of its 4,000 branches nationwide.

Cebuana Lhuillier Operating Hours

All Cebuana branches are open seven days a week. Their business hours vary per location, with some opening as early as 7 am or closing as late as 9 pm.

The pawnshop has six branches that are open 24 hours daily in Makati City; Imus, Cavite; Angeles City, Pampanga; and Olongapo City, Zambales.

Payments Accepted at Cebuana Lhuillier

  • Telecommunications, internet, and cable: Cignal, Converge ICT, Globe, Globelines, PLDT, Smart Bro, Sun Cellular, etc.
  • Credit cards: BPI and Metrobank
  • Utilities: Meralco, BENECO, VECO, etc.

How to Pay Bills at Cebuana Lhuillier

  1. Go to any Cebuana Lhuillier branch.
  2. Fill out the Pera Padala Transaction Form.
  3. Submit the form together with your statement of account and payment.

ECPay Bills Payment at 7-Eleven and Other Outlets

Bills Payment Center - ECPay 7-Eleven

ECPay is an electronic payment service provider with more than 9,000 bills payment centers in convenience stores, supermarkets, malls, pawnshops, money remittance centers, and rural banks all over the Philippines, including the following:

  • 7-Eleven (24/7 bills payment service)
  • San Mig Food Ave.
  • Shopwise
  • Wellcome
  • Petron
  • Select Tambunting Pawnshops
  • RD Pawnshops
  • Gaisano malls

Payments Accepted at ECPay Partner Outlets

  • Cable and internet: Cablelink, Cignal, Converge ICT, Smart Bro, SKY Cable, etc.
  • Credit cards: Asia United Bank, BPI, and Metrobank
  • Power: PELCO1, PELCO II, PRESCO, Tarlac II Cooperative, VECO, etc.
  • Telecommunications: ABS-CBN Mobile, Bayantel, Globe, Globelines, PLDT, Smart, Sun Cellular, etc.
  • Water: Manila Water, Maynilad, PrimeWater, Sta. Maria Water, etc.

How to Pay Bills at ECPay Outlets

  1. Present your bill or statement of account. If it isn’t available, fill out a payment slip.
  2. Hand over the slip along with your cash payment to the cashier.
  3. Wait for your transaction slip.

SM Bills Payment Centers

Bills Payment Center - SM Bills Payment

Facebook photo by Jam Manalo

Paying bills at an SM mall is a very convenient option for busy professionals who can do so only after office hours.
You can pay your bills at any SM Bills Payment counter located in the following:

  • SM Business Services Center
  • The SM Store Customer Service
  • SM Supermarket
  • SM Hypermarket
  • Savemore

SM Bills Payment Center Operating Hours

The bills payment counters at SM malls open daily (including weekends and holidays) at 10 am. The cut-off time is 8 pm.

Payment Modes Accepted

All SM Bills Payment counters accept cash and check payments, depending on the biller. For example, Cignal TV allows check payments, while BPI requires only cash for paying credit card bills.

Payments Accepted at SM

  • Credit cards: BDO, BPI, Citibank, EastWest Bank, HSBC, Metrobank, PNB, Security Bank, etc.
  • Government: Pag-IBIG Fund, PhilHealth, SSS, etc.
  • Utilities: Meralco (accepts late payments without disconnection notice), ILECO 1, PECO, Manila Water, Maynilad, etc.
  • Telecoms: Globe, PLDT, Smart, Sun Cellular, etc.
  • Cable and internet: Cablelink, Cignal, Destiny Cable, SKY Cable, etc.

How to Pay Bills at SM Malls

  1. Go to the nearest SM Bills Payment counter. If you’ll transact at the SM Business Services Center, get your queue number from the automated numbering machine and wait for your turn.
  2. Ask the cashier for two copies of the BPS Validation Slip. Fill them out, making sure to add your contact number and signature.
  3. Submit your bill or statement of account along with your slip and payment.
  4. Wait for your acknowledgment receipt.

Robinsons Business Center

Bills Payment Center - Robinsons Business Center

Photo from Robinsons Business Center Facebook page

Besides SM, mall-goers may choose to pay bills conveniently at a Robinsons mall. Located in all Robinsons Department Stores nationwide, the Robinsons Business Center accepts bills payments daily from 10 am to 7 pm.

Payments Accepted at Robinsons Business Center

  • Cable TV: Cignal, Cablelink, SKY Cable, etc.
  • Cellular phone: Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular
  • Credit cards: BPI, Citibank, Equicom, Metrobank, and RCBC
  • Government: Pag-IBIG Fund, Philhealth, SSS, etc.
  • Internet: Bayan Broadband, Globe Broadband, PLDT My DSL, SKY Broadband, Smart Bro, Sun Broadband, etc.
  • Telephone: Globelines, PLDT, etc.
  • Electricity: Meralco (accepts both current and overdue bills), ILECO1, VECO, etc.
  • Water: Manila Water, Maynilad, San Jose Del Monte Water, Sta. Maria Water, etc.

Final Thoughts

Some of these bills payment centers post payments in real time, while others take three working days after the payment date. To ensure timely posting and avoid missing your due dates, make sure to pay your bills at least three working days before your due date.

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