They say that no matter how unattractive the house is, as long as there’s a family in it, it’s already home – but who wants to say ‘No’ to a beautiful house? We know there’s always an itch in you to change something in your house – even for no reason. With a little budget and meticulous research, you can make your dream place possible. Start with these steps:

Living Room

Make your sofa set the centerpiece of the room. Instead of buying expensive jars and tables, invest on a good sofa and enhance it with throw pillows with different sizes and covers.  Create an artsy look by hanging pieces of affordable frames of varying sizes with your favorite portraits. Adorn your windows with vibrant curtains that will make your space in proper and natural lighting. Choose colors on your paint to transform your space to a modern look. If you have more on your budget, buy a carpet.

Bath Room

Spruce up your bathroom sink by placing a trendy fabric around the pedestal sink so as not to expose much of the plumbing. Put a small plant on it – choose plants that grow well on moist areas like lilies and ferns. If you also like it, embellishing a shower curtain can give your bath room its own personality.

Kitchen and Dining Room

If you have a small kitchen, go for hanging racks and open shelves to be space-saving. Dress up the chairs to give a homey, personalized look without blowing your cash.


Spice up your bedroom walls with wallpapers so you won’t have a hard time and money designing it, so choose a design that best ensemble your personality. Characterize your headboard by putting things that best describe you. Put pictures, art pieces or a chalkboard. For additional impact on visuals, put mirrors as they will also make your room look bigger. But the most inexpensive way to update your bedroom to a new look is to change your sheets.

With proper research on design and comparison of all products that you see, level up your home without breaking the bank. What have you done so far to achieve a good feel and look to your new haven?

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