Tips for Redecorating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Published: March 22, 2016 | Updated: July 16, 2020 | Posted by: Bea Bongat | Lifestyle

Tips for Redecorating Your Kitchen on a Budget
Redecorating your kitchen is quite the task, but by keeping a few basics in mind, you can have one you’ll always enjoy being in without breaking the bank

When it comes to disposable income, most experts recommend investing over simply saving or outright spending. Yet, you may not believe your disposable income is enough to make a significant investment, so you still only spend it. What you may not realize is, something as simple as redecorating can already be a good investment.

As Lamudi Philippines put in its Real Estate Report for 2015, “Philippine property prices have been increasing since the early 2000s when the country emerged from the Asian financial crisis. Although recovery was quite slow, especially in the first few years after the crisis, the sector experienced faster growth over the last eight years.”

While your home would likely still see an increase in value as time goes on, the aforementioned home improvement is a manner to accelerate this increase. And with the kitchen arguably being the most visited room of any home, it is the ideal place to improve first, even if on a budget.

Focus on the color story

Paint is a classic makeover option that can greatly change the dynamic of your kitchen, but is the fraction of the cost of a full-on renovation. While standard white makes your kitchen look, well, standard, the right color can even make it the centerpiece of your home.

If you feel like changing the color of the entire kitchen is too bold a step, or still too costly, you can settle on livening up the look of the cabinets and drawers instead. Experts recommend neutral or subdued colors like green, brown, or beige, and even black, as these are versatile and go with different materials and finishes.

To further save on your upgrade, if the parts of your kitchen which you want to change color require no other work apart from painting, then you can opt to do the painting yourself.


Painting in bold colors alone already evokes more character than the normal kitchen.

Leave the tiles and the floors to the pros

If there are aspects to the redecoration of your kitchen that you best leave to professionals, it is the installation of new tiles or the refinishing of your floors. This is because not only are these quite laborious, they also involve a significant amount of investment. It would be costlier for you to embark on an amateur job, then still end up needing it repaired or done professionally after anyway.

From there, you can play with color and décor through the curtains you use, the chairs you furnish with, the lighting you use, and the plates, silverware, and other items you equip your kitchen with. Mass-produced items tend to all look similar, so be bold and explore thrift or antique shops and stores with older supplies to get unique items that are also much more affordable.

Get as much storage as possible

Whether the kitchen is in a condominium unit or traditional house and lot, storage is one of its paramount characteristics. From ingredients to utensils, there is just so much that belongs in a kitchen, and it works much better if they are all conveniently located in the room.

So when you have the resources, the kitchen upgrade you should prioritize is the improvement of your storage. If you already have cabinets, make sure their interior and exteriors are refinished. If you need additional space, the strategic installation of additional shelves will also help you make the most of the space.

A creative way to establish a little more space is to remove cabinet doors altogether. This is particularly clever if you don’t want the installation of glass door fronts cutting into your budget but still want to change the look of your storage. Unscrewing the standard doors only takes some tools, time, and effort, and filling and painting the resulting holes is not extensively costly.


Installing corner shelves is not just a great way to redecorate your kitchen, but also produce more storage space without actually expanding the area.

Add a nice centerpiece

For most kitchens, the centerpiece is often the refrigerator, stove, and dining table (for smaller spaces where kitchen and dining are often connected to be one and the same). Save for the dining table, these are centerpieces mostly because of their function, but not always for their aesthetics.

To bring your kitchen to life, you can invest on an additional centerpiece that brings the room to life and makes it an even more memorable room. As good lighting is often recommended to make a room look brighter and larger, décor like a chandelier can bring charm and comfort to the space, whilst also be a surprising touch that increases your home’s overall value and appeal.

This need not be expensive, as ornaments like chandeliers can be purchased at thrift shops, garage sales, and best of all, auctions of commercial establishments that are closing down or remodeling. The last is ideal because the furniture and décor they auction off are high commercial quality, often well taken care of, and can be acquired for steal prices.

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