MRT in Manila
Commuting has been the best way to transport in and around the metro for small- to medium-wage earners. Commuting options are increasing nowadays to ease any possible problems of the commuters. Try to play around with the options and get the best and cheapest ways when traveling. Here are money-saving tips for all your dedicated commuting public:

1. Walk, walk, walk.

There’s no thriftier way than walking. If you’re just minutes away from where you’ll go and you’re early, take a walk – it’s free and healthy. After all the health (and wealth) reasons, boost your vitamin D. It only happens when you’re touched by the healthy morning sun.

2. Take the train.

Yes, these trains are jam-packed every day. But, factors such as traffic, time and money saved can make you ride everyday, like most commuters in the Metro. The maximum amount you pay is just PHP15 on the farthest station. Plus, you can still have your last ride when you buy and MRT/LRT Stored Value Card worth PHP100, even if it only has PHP1 left.

3. Avoid Rush Hours

Don’t ruin your day with the long queues and start your day on a positive note. Sleep tight, wake up early, go to work earlier than usual and for sure, you will save time and money by avoiding things that will stress you out the whole day. It may not be a ghost-town-like feel, but for sure, avoiding these rush hours is a big help.

4. Arrange Items in your Bag

Make sure that the most important things in your bag are placed in the bottom part – wallets, cellphones and gadgets. While your purse and other not-so-important things should be in the more accessible part. This will prevent you from any unfortunate events such as snatching and attraction from bad people. Also, make sure that you don’t bring out important and expensive things from your bag if you’re in a crowded place.

5. Ask a Friend

If you have a friend who owns a car and who lives and works near you, ask if you can hitch for a ride. Or if that doesn’t work, you can ask them to drop you on a more accessible place for commute. It’s a more convenient and comfortable way to go, plus it comes cheaper for the both of you if you share expenses.

6. Shuttle Service and Car Pooling

Carpooling services are widespread as well as shuttle services by some UV Express. Riding these transportation is also convenient because they can avoid the heavy traffic jams, thus, arriving in your destination faster and more comfortable than jeepneys and buses, but cheaper than taxis.

7. Always Have your “Barya” Ready

Loose change can save you time and can help you prevent from paying more, especially if you ride taxis and when you’re in a rush. If you have the barya, you can always pay for the exact payment. It also prevents you from stressing out yourself from getting a change every time you need it.

8. Avoid Cabs

As much as possible, do not take a cab. If you take a taxi to and from your destinations everyday, that’s approximately PHP200 per day. In 20 days, that’s PHP4,000. If you commute, you will only spend less than PHP100 per day which is less than PHP2000 in 20 days. Take note of the difference.
Commuting is the most reasonable way to do when you need to go around Metro Manila. It has the highest value of money, but you have take a lot of precautions when you go out.
What is your daily ritual when you commute? Share with us in the comments box!