The Advantages Of The SMART Money MasterCards (Part 2)

July 16, 2013 | Posted by: Moneymax | Lifestyle

July 16, 2013

How does the term “hassle-free and cashless shopping” sound to you? We assume it must sounds very attractive, especially for shop-a-holics. However, before we start our shopping trips, we must ensure that the balances of our SMART Money accounts are sufficient. So, let us have a look at the ways to check our balances and reload our SMART Money MasterCards.
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Free Balance Inquiry of the SMART Money Accounts

The Balance Inquiry of a SMART Money account via the SMS, SMART/Talk ‘N Text menu, my.Smart and IVRS is free of charge.
By using the SMART SIM, SMART subscribers have to go to the SMART Menu and select the Buddy Balance to get their balance information via text while users of Talk ‘N Text have to go to the TALK N TEXT Menu and select the Balance Inquiry to check their balance.
Users can also dial 15177 using their SMART cellphones or (02) 845-7777 using their landlines and follow the voice prompt for balance inquiries. Another alternative which is also free of charge is by logging onto my.Smart to check the balance online. Registrations and linking of accounts are needed.

The Other Methods to Check Your Balances

There are also other alternatives to check your real-time balance. However, users will be charged P2.50 for utilizing any of the following services:

1. SMART Menu

  • Select SMART Money.
  • Select Balance.
  • Select your SMART Money account.
  • Enter your 6-digit W-PIN.
  • You will receive an SMS stating the details of your SMART Money account balance.


3. BancNet ATMs

4. MegaLink ATMs

5. ExpressNet ATMs

How To Reload The SMART Money Account?

There are several ways to reload your SMART Money Accounts:

  • Over-The-Counter

By visiting any Smart Store, Banco de Oro branch or Smart Money Center nationwide, users can simply ask the SMART or BDO personnel to reload funds into their SMART Money accounts. The only drawback of this alternative is users must pay a physical visit to the BDO banks or Smart Stores.

  •  Mobile Banking Service

If you really don’t wish to drive all the way to the SMART Store or BDO bank, here’s another way to reload your SMART Money accounts without leaving your home.

You can simply transfer funds from any of your MetroBank/ UnionBank/ EastWest Bank or BDO bank accounts to your SMART Money accounts using your mobile phones.

  • PasaPera

Friends and family are key in all of our lives. When we are in trouble, they are the ones to give us a helping hand. Trouble could refer to all kinds of unfortunate events.

For instance, your bank account is running out of money when you need to add funds to your SMART Money Card to make purchases or bill payments. Right now, with PasaPera which is the fund transfer service of SMART Money, your friends and family can also reload your SMART Money account for you.

  •  International Remittance

Distance is not a problem. Even when your friends and family are abroad, they are still able to reload your SMART Money account for you through 95,000 remittance partner agents all over the world.

Money Withdrawal from ATM Machines

Here’s another wonderful feature of the SMART Money MasterCards. It can also function just like an ATM card. Feel free to withdraw cash from over 9,000 BDO, BancNet, Megalink or ExpressNet ATMs nationwide. You can also use SMART Money in Cirrus ATMs abroad!
The fees charged upon users are as the following:

  • BDO ATMs: P5.00
  • BancNet, Megalink or ExpressNet ATMs : P 15.00
  • Cirrus ATMs: P200.00

In addition, if you wish to know more about the NFC Technology, please proceed to the Mobile Wallet Technology to gain better understandings of the applications of NFC technology on the mobile commerce and bank transactions.
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