Online Shopping Safety Features of SMART Money

July 16, 2013 | Posted by: Moneymax | Lifestyle

July 16, 2013

Online shopping saves considerable time and effort, and also presents you with a wide array of options. At the same time, it really saves you from a lot of troubles, especially in the festive seasons. However, one must be careful with the risks associated with shopping online. The lock/unlock safety features of the SMART Money Card are exactly what we need to shop online safely.
Smart Money Card

The Security Features of the SMART Money

With its award-winning lock/unlock feature, you can shop online without worrying about online fraud. You are certainly the only person that can access your account because you will be asked to input your personal PIN every time you use your SMART Money. What’s even better is that you will receive text notifications every time you perform a transaction.

The Unlock/Lock Security Features

The Smart Money Mastercard has a lock/unlock feature that prevents your account from making online purchases when it is locked. Thus, you have to unlock your account whenever you want to make online purchases. The account will automatically be locked after 10 minutes.

Being Safe and Sound

With the use of your mobile phone, you are the only one who can authorize online transactions using your Smart Money account. When making an online purchase with SMART Money, you will be convinced and reassured that your account is well-protected and secured due to the following reasons:

  1. You can set the amount of money you place in your SMART Money account equivalent to the exact amount of your online purchases.
  2. Every SMART Money account comes with a security feature which allows users to lock and unlock their accounts specifically for internet transactions. They will be prompted for the WPIN to unlock their accounts.
  3. Every user will receive a SMS notification for his/her every transaction.

All of the above features are obviously not available via your regular credit or debit cards. This is the exact reason that makes the SMART Money Mastercards outstanding and unique among the thousands credit cards in The Philippines!

How to Unlock the SMART Money Accounts?

Before you proceed with your payments or click on the confirmation button, for safety purposes you have to “unlock” your SMART Money accounts using your mobile phones. This will give you a 30-minute window to allow a maximum of 2 online transactions.
To unlock your Smart accounts, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the SMART Menu, select ‘SMART Money’.
  2. Select “Internet Txn”. (If this option is not available, please update your SMART Money menu.)
  3. Select “Unlock”.
  4. Select from your list of SMART Money MasterCard accounts to pick the one you would like to unlock.
  5. A flash message will appear on your screen to confirm your choice.
  6. A SMS notification of successful unlock transaction will be sent to your phone.

The unlocking fee is P2.50 per unlock and it will be deducted from your prepaid or postpaid accounts. Meanwhile, the “Lock” feature is free.

Things to Remember

For safety purposes, the security system automatically locks the account after 30 minutes the account is unlocked even if the online transactions are unsuccessful. Besides, only maximum two online transactions are allowed per unlock request.
There is no restriction on the frequencies of online transaction per day. However, only a maximum purchase amount of P50,000 per card is allowed in a day. Meanwhile, for dollar-denominated transactions, the amount will be converted in PESO value and may varies depending on the foreign exchange rates.

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