It is, again, the time of the year when anyone – regardless of age – gets a kick out of wearing their favorite costumes, playing tricks on unassuming passers-by or handing out treats to little ones! Halloween parties abound – at home with the clan, in the neighborhood, or in the office!

Have you been tasked to plan a spontaneous Halloween party for your team?

Since it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, let’s take note of these insights from Nina Canoy, the owner of All in the Details Manila, on how to plan your Halloween Party an event like a pro:

Stick with a theme.

How to Throw a Corporate Halloween Party
A Halloween Party without a theme is ordinary. And since it’s the only day of the year when you are allowed to dress up as someone else, Nina suggests that you might as well convince your colleagues to go all out. Send out themed invitations or even e-invites with a call to action (i.e. Best in Costume wins a prize) to get your guests excited to play dress up! Here are her suggested party themes for your party.

  • Ghosts & Goblins Gothic Gathering
  • Witches & Wizards Ball
  • Walking Dead
  • Twilight
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Plants vs. Zombies


Save time and money.

Halloween Party Theme
“Ideally, three to six months of planning is recommended for any event or party to fall into place as envisioned. There will always be something brought to the table and new ideas will sprout at every pre-event meeting. So if you’re just starting to plan by now, you are most probably time-pressed to make things pretty. Spare from the stress and hire someone who will help you with all the details. The best time- and the money-saving tip is to “select an event stylist who understands your aesthetical and budgetary needs and allow them to do their job.”

Be in constant communication.

Halloween Party Theme
Make sure to always communicate and cross-communicate with your point persons: your colleagues, suppliers, and the attendees. “Communication is key to a successful event. Whenever a client shares their vision with the designer/stylist, they are opening themselves up to interpretation. Our job at All in the Details Manila is to collaborate closely with our clients to be able to design and craft the party of their dreams.”

Be open for little extras.

Halloween Party Theme
Photobooth? Food carts? Dessert bars? Think of something that will make your event stand out and memorable for your guests. Consider the child-friendly venue, entertainment, food, and overall ambiance.

Know that it’s “All in the Details”.

Halloween Party Theme
“Details matter because it enhances the ambiance of the party. Having a beautifully crafted dessert spread or table centerpiece is a starting point of conversation. The guests will feel they were especially thought of.” Nina recommends taking note of the following details:

  • Entertainment – What do you want your attendees to do during the whole party? Thinking of games? Prepare prizes and giveaways. Planning to hire performers and a host? Think of appropriate performances for the event. Keep your guests happily busy.
  • Number of guests – Keep tabs on your RSVP list and finalize your event’s number of attendees with your suppliers and caterer.
  • Party time – Note that your suppliers need at least three to four hours to set up.
  • Contracts and agreements – Read the fine print of suppliers’ contracts. Organize your contracts and agreements in folders dedicated to each supplier to help you manage all the party’s logistics seamlessly. Highlight the working hours and surcharges that will be incurred in case the event goes beyond its limit.

How far have you gotten in organizing your Halloween party?

About All in the Details Manila
All in the Details specializes in styling parties with charming and whimsical details and setting up unique dessert buffets for christenings, birthdays, and other special occasions and milestones. It has been around since 2011 and was born out of necessity of the owner, Nina Canoy, to be able to create beautifully-styled and memorable parties for her own daughters.

Check out their Facebook page: or email:

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