3 Cheap Yet Romantic Date Ideas

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May 20, 2014

Being sweet doesn’t mean being broke.
Sometimes we try too hard just to impress that special someone. If you could just have a date with her to the moon, even if the clouds don’t let you. We wonder: does a light budget sacrifice the romance? Surely not. Here’s a story:
Money isn’t everything, so as they say but, working eight hours a day in a Third World (but emerging) country basically entitles me to a decent-but-not-excellent salary. My obligations, both personal and financial, are a never-ending pile, and I am only left with a small sum of cash for other priorities. By priorities, I mean depositing money in my savings account or spending quality time with my loved ones. All of these, however, still involve shelling out money, and I really don’t have much.
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Being in a relationship comes with expectations that we need to fulfill. Commitment comes with physical and emotional attachment; and whether we like it or not, your finances can be of real expense, too. I hate to break it out loud, but these expectations can get really crazy – crazy expensive. Sounds familiar?
Don’t drown yourself in frustration because I found some ways on how to surprise my partner without breaking the bank.

#1. Free Movie Passes

We watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier for FREE. My partner thought we weren’t going to watch the movie that weekend because I cannot afford to pay for tickets. Hold your thoughts. We alternately pay for dates, and I was responsible to pay for that weekend. And, I was ashamed that I couldn’t even afford to buy two movie tickets for us. Yes, desperate times will come to you as it did to me.
I got the free movie passes from a membership card, and all I did was exchange our previous tickets. If you watch movies every weekend, then you should ask a staff member from your favorite cinema if they have the same membership card. It’s like a frequent moviegoer’s card with perks. I’m glad I paid P150 for it several weeks ago.

#2. Affordable Fun Run

“Fun runs” are trending because it’s a good source of raising funds for important causes. Almost everyone I know is eager to participate and make their own part, beating their own records and all these health stuff.
For sure, I thought of a nice (and healthy) way of being with her for P300 for a 3K-“run”. We’re not there to win the race, but to be together and experience a unique activity and support a worthy cause. We woke up at around 4am, have cheap breakfast and making superb conversations while running – sometimes, walking. I’m looking forward for more fun activities like this.

#3. Discounted Hotel Room

Some people think credit cards are evil. Well, It could be, but it really depends on how you use it. In my case, I recently found out that I can use my credit card for our dates – romantic dinner, travels, name it. Every time I use my credit card to whatever I buy, I accumulate points every time. Last week, I just booked a room in one of the hotels here in Metro Manila using my credit card for 50% less than the original rate because of the points I acquired by using it.
What are other cheap dates you can suggest?
– Anonymous

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